Dec 31

I Open at the Close

2014 is ending, and so is my 365 Photo Project for the year. It was so much fun! I feel super accomplished for having stuck with it, although I did miss a day in November. It was getting SO difficult to find a decent subject when I was housebound after surgery. 🙁 If you’re interested in a quick review of the Year of Trish in photos, click this link.

For 2015 I’m planning to do a 365 Sketch project. I got this great daily sketch book for Christmas that has 365 blank pages waiting to be filled with doodles, so it seems like the perfect situation. Right this minute, I’m planning to use the same Tumblr account just to make things easy, but I may change my mind. Either way, I’m excited to get started, and I hope that you’ll follow along!

Here’s a nice little pair of bookends for you – my first and last photos for 2014.

365 - 1/1/14


Smooches to you, my favorite people of all time, not just 2014. I hope that your new year brings everything that you’ve dreamed of and more. As for me, I’m ringing in 2015 my favorite way – In my PJ’s, drinking delightful beers, and hanging out at home. XOXO

EDIT: I’ve decided to use a different Tumblr for the 365 Sketch Project! You can follow along here: