Jan 18

Crack Pipe

It’s been a tumultuous week around here. Last Sunday morning, hubby & I awoke to the sound of water dripping. In our sleepy haze it took us a few minutes to realize that water was dripping into our closet from the door frame. Huh, weird. Mike rushed upstairs to see what was going on. The guest room and guest bathroom were SOAKED. The carpet was squishy and the ceramic tile had half an inch of standing water. While he was up there, I went downstairs to the basement. I was in a total panic when I stepped into the home theater to find the drop ceiling had collapsed and water was gushing out into the room and all over the furniture. What a mess! Mike got the water shut off so the gushing stopped, and we were able to walk around and sort of assess the damage. We had water on all 3 floors, and in nearly every room of the house. The only place that was completely dry was Mike’s man cave upstairs. The room was dry, but we later learned that the pipe that had frozen and cracked was actually in the attic behind the guest bathroom sink. The only access to the attic is through the man cave, so even that room wasn’t completely immune.

Here’s my drawing of me when I went into the basement, and also a photo of the tiny little cracked pipe that caused this whole mess.


The Culprit

We were lucky enough to get a plumber here very quickly who repaired the pipe and turned our water back on. We were also lucky enough to get a crew here in the afternoon who were obviously experts at water extraction, and they worked into the evening to try to get things dry. Mike & I holed up in the man cave with the cats and tried to relax. My poor Buffy – she’s such a neurotic little diva anyway, and I think this whole thing was harder on her than any of us. We did all we could do to try to keep her calm and reassured, including putting one of those pheromone collars on her. Nemo is ultra resilient so he just rolled with it. I wasn’t quite so lucky. After a few days of incredibly loud fans and dehumidifiers, I was having a very difficult time keeping it together. It’s hard enough to try to sleep with the cacophony of equipment, but this is also where I work. So I was sort of trapped here 24/7 under pretty crappy conditions. We all got through it, though, and by Friday, the crew removed all of the fans and equipment and we are officially dry! The next phase in the process will be dealing with contractors to replace lots of drywall, trim, carpet & pad, and paint. We still have a LONG way to go, but I think the worst is behind us.

On that note, here is some random artwork I’ve done recently that I thought I’d share. This is a quick selfie I did in pencil with a bit of watercolor.

Self Portrait

A quick drawing I did at my desk while I was working. I like to doodle when I’m on hold. Ink & highlighters because I used what I had on hand. 🙂

Purple Haired Girl

Also, my 365 sketch project is going well and I’m really enjoying it. Click this link to take a look at my progress: http://trishsworld.tumblr.com/.

In other news, the TWELFTH anniversary of this blog is rapidly approaching. I’m honestly a bit stunned to realize that so much time has passed! It’s still about a month out, but I’m thinking about it now because it’s time to renew my domain for another year or more. I remember sitting in our tiny closet of an apartment in Climax all those years ago teaching myself to code from an “HTML for Dummies!” book or something similar. And I had to think long and hard about investing $20 per year to have my own domain. Things have changed lots with all of the super easy blog building websites and I haven’t had to write any code for a long time now. I sort of miss it in some ways. Anyway, I’m rambling! I’ll take this walk down memory lane another time. 🙂

One last thing I want to mention – some really great friends of mine have started the new year with a bang, and they’ve decided to chronicle their journey via a blog – They’ve made a few posts so far, and it’s a pretty interesting read, so I encourage you to take a look! Click this link to see what the fuss is all about: http://bandthec.weebly.com/.

This post is sort of all over the place, but that’s a pretty perfect reflection of my life this week . As I mentioned in my last post, my word for the year is Adventure, and I’ve certainly had that in spades. 🙂

Until next time! XOXO