Jan 01

New Year, New Journal

First of all, Happy New Year! I think lots of us were ready for a fresh start, or at least something that feels like one. Here’s my little family this morning celebrating 2017:


I’m starting a brand new journal for the new year. I usually just keep on trucking through whatever book I’m using but it just so happens that my current book only has a handful of pages left anyway. Since it’s a spiral bound book, I’ll just yank the blank pages out and move to another book. But what book?? I had a couple of things in mind to use that I thought I might get as gifts but I didn’t, and I didn’t really have a back up plan. So now it’s January 1st and I’m in a full on panic! More on that later. For now, here’s my current (well as of yesterday?) journal – #17 in this never ending series. I started this book on August 1st, 2016, so it’s been with me for a solid 6 months.


NOW WHAT??? I’m starting to hyperventilate because I don’t have a plan! I have some options. First, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a loose leaf journal for literally YEARS. Basically, I’d have my choice of paper every day – I could use any size, color, weight, etc, and then use a 3 hole punch to bind the pages into a regular old binder. I have everything I need right this second to make this happen. This feels exciting because I can use whatever suits me – a take out menu from the place I had lunch could be the day’s canvas. On a particularly boring day I could use a small piece of paper so I don’t have the pressure of filling a large page with literally nothing. I’d probably only do single sided pages for this which would also give me more flexibility in the materials and techniques I use – I’d never have to worry about markers or paints bleeding through to the back side and I could use staples or brads whenever I like. The downside here is that as exciting as this feels, it’s TERRIFYING for some reason. It seems crazy and scary to go along willy nilly with no idea what paper I’ll use and to not have an actual “book” with pre-determined pages. Part of me thinks that being scared is all the more reason to DO IT. I’ll never grow as an artist if I just keep doing what feels easy and comfortable, right?? So much easier said than done, though. I may still do this, and if I do, I’ll commit to at least 3 months so I can say that I’ve properly tried it. I think that’s enough time to experiment and either get comfortable or realize that it just isn’t for me.

I also have a spiral bound book I got at a thrift store. It’s brand new, and exactly the same size as the book I’m using now. It’s got a creamy, very toothy paper that’s pretty heavy – almost card stock. I did some media tests on the very last page and it’s nice. Very little bleeding and nice texture. But fairly boring and safe.

So as of writing this, I’m undecided and super stressed. What do you think?? Any suggestions or advice?



  1. Saxe says:

    Totally do a new page every day. I like your idea of using menus and different sizes of paper, whatever you feel like on that day. You can be/will be so creative. Looking forward to seeing your choices. Have fun! Happy New Year!

  2. Trish says:

    Thank you. I think I’m going to do it!! Scary but hopefully fun. 🙂