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Apr 03

Upward Spiralling

Things have been crazy busy around here! I’m somehow still trying to adjust to actually going to work a few days per week. It seems like it’s no big deal for everyone who does it 5 days out of the week, but for me it’s quite dramatic. There are days when things just feel so chaotic that I’m barely clinging to my sanity. It’s getting better though. I am adjusting slowly but surely.

The weather is nicer so I’m finally back to running outside again, which is just incredible. I didn’t realize how easy running on the treadmill is until I went back outside. My thighs are sore and my knees are slowly making the transition. It’s so worth it though. Running outside is so much better in so many ways. I’m trying to get my nutritional house back in order as well. I was in kind of a downward spiral for a while. Part of it was being too busy to plan and prepare proper meals which left us eating out quite a bit, but part of it was also laziness and just being tired. My mojo is back though, and I feel really good about everything. Taking control of this piece makes me feel more in control of all of the chaos, even though I’m sure it’s just an illusion. 🙂 This week’s run faces:

RunRun Face 3/31/14

I turned 37 a few weeks ago! There was a bit less fanfare than usual, which I was fine with. My sister made me a cake, though, which was great as always, and after work I met some of my very best friends downtown at Tibb’s for a beer and a chocolate stout cupcake with Jameson Irish whiskey frosting. Mike & I ordered corned beef and cabbage from Ample Pantry for dinner and it was pretty incredible. So that was a really great day. 🙂

Birthday CakeBirthday Beer

In other very exciting news, I got a haircut yesterday and had pink streaks added. I love love love them. this is some new stuff that covers even dark hair, but it’s temporary and washes out completely in 3-5 days. My stylist told me I could probably put this stuff in myself at home. I think I might be hooked, but I want to see how it lasts and be sure it washes out without any weirdness first.

Piiinnnkk 4/2/14

I was just about to end this post when I realized there’s no artwork here. I’m in kind of a funk in that area. I lost my confidence somewhere along the way. Even my daily journal is several days behind (which is unusual for me) and working on it sort of feels like a chore. Luckily, Sketchbook Skool starts tomorrow, which is just in time. Hopefully I can get my mojo back in that department as well. So anyway, I don’t have anything at the moment that I’m willing to show off, but hopefully, Sketchbook Skool will be so inspiring that you’ll be seeing something soon.


Oct 12

Baby Steps

Pace is improving!


Just a quick update on my running progress. Since I finished C25k, I’ve been continuing to run for 30 minutes at a time, but my focus has been on increasing the pace. My goal is to be able to run a 5k within the 30 minutes. I’m not there yet, but as you can see, I’m getting a bit faster all the time. This pace includes a 5 minute warm up walk and a 5 minute cool down walk, so I’m not really sure what my actual running pace is. I guess it doesn’t matter too much as long as I’m consistent.


Sep 03

Run Face

Run Face

Here’s a quick collage of all my post-running pics for the last few weeks. I finished the C25k program recently, so that’s exciting news! I am running for 30 minutes solid now, however, I’m still slow. I’m not even finishing a 5k in that time. My plan is to keep running the 30 minutes for now, and focusing on increasing the pace. You can see from my pics that there were a couple of really humid, miserable days. I’m looking forward to some nice crisp fall weather, that’s for sure.

And since nothing happens to me without becoming a cartoon, here’s me finishing the C25k program. 🙂

 I finished C25k!!

Have a great week! XOXO


Aug 05

Baby, Drawings, Exercise

First off, I want to welcome tiny & adorable Miss Lia Marie to the world. She’s just adorable, and mom, dad & Lia are all doing great! I got a chance to meet (and burp) her at only 4 days old!! Here’s a photo of Lia & I, as well as the drawing I did of the 2 of us.

Baby Lia & I

In other news, Mike & I set a goal for the month of July to get in at least 30 minutes of cardio every single day. It was tough! There were days when one or both of us were outside jogging in the dark because we had to get it in before the end of the day! We were really committed, though, and we managed to do it. I’m so proud of both of us!! I have been really working the C25k program, and I finished week 5 last week. Week 5 ends with a solid 20 minute jog, and I was really worried. Prior to that, my longest jog was only 8 minutes, so it seemed like a pretty big leap. I’m super psyched to say that I did it!! I am really happy. After finishing the 20 minute jog, I know I can finish this program with no worries. Here’s a drawing from my journal of Mike & I on July 31. We sure did enjoy taking a rest day on August 1st. 🙂

 Mike & I - Victory!


Jun 26

Chariots of Fire

I’ve been working on being healthier since the start of the year. I quit smoking in March of 2012, and then I gained about 25 pounds during the rest of last year. In January, I decided to try to do better and be better. I wanted to lose weight, but I wanted to be a healthier person more. I knew that they went hand in hand anyway, so I decided to focus on being healthy – eating better, smaller portions, more fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, etc. My sister had already lost 50 pounds (YAY!) using a site/app called MyFitnessPal, so I decided to try it. I got Mike on board too, which has made a HUGE difference.

Fast forward to today – I’ve lost a total of 29 pounds as of this week. 29 pounds in 6 months!

Has it been easy? No. Some days are tough. I’m an emotional eater, so when I get stressed out or sad, I have to really fight with myself not to eat frosting or peanut butter right out of the jar. I’ve had to learn new coping skills!! Now I hit the elliptical instead or go for a long walk. But those days are so few and far between. 90% of the time, this is easy. It’s all about budgeting, planning ahead, and getting the exercise in. I still eat cheeseburgers, I still drink beer, I still eat cake and cookies and brownies and candy. I just enjoy those things in moderation, and balance them with healthy foods and exercise. Could I lose more weight and faster if I didn’t eat those things at all? Maybe. Actually, probably is more like it. But I don’t mind. I’ve lost 29 pounds in 6 months eating foods I love, so you won’t hear me complain very often.

As far as exercise, Mike & I are super lucky to be members at an amazing gym that has LITERALLY everything. Here’s something I know about myself – exercise has to be somewhat fun or I’m not going to do it. Not for the long term anyway. To fix this, I mix things up A LOT. I do all kinds of different things!! I have an elliptical and a rebounder at home, but those are honestly my last resorts and I use them when I’m super pressed for time, or in the winter if the weather is crap and I don’t want to go to the gym. I also walk, jog (!), swim, play racquetball & basketball, stair climb, row, stationary bike, jump rope, and whatever else I can come up with that sounds fun.

Did I say jog???? Yep, I sure did. Are you picturing me running with the Chariots of Fire music playing? I hope so, because that’s totes what it looks like. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to jog! If you know me or you’ve been lurking here for a while you know I have some messed up footsies. I had my bunion surgically corrected last November, but my feet are flat and I also have some issues with Plantar Fasciitis. I really wanted to give running a try, so I started the C25k training program this past February. My foot just wasn’t ready after the bunion surgery only 3 months before, so I decided to hold off. I decided to try it again at the start of last week, and it’s going great so far. I’m in my second week now, although I’m still doing the week 1 workout because I want to make this as gentle as possible for my feet. I’m enjoying it for now! I did invest in really good running shoes that address the flat foot problem, and they’ve been a huge help.

Besides that, I try to make better choices at restaurants, and eat out less in general. We also bought a 1/2 share from a CSA this year, so we are eating lots more veggies, and that’s been really great. So that’s it. Just eating better and generally being more active. Here’s a progress pic, and the newer picture was actually a few weeks ago, so I’ve probably lost about 3 pounds since then. I guess it’s really a 26 pound progress pic. Also, am I the geekiest person in the history of geeky people or what?? The first 2 pics I came up with are me with Darth Vader and me with Brent Spiner. Go figure. 🙂

 29 pounds lost!


Mar 04

Beer Festival Recap

The winter beer fest was super fun, as always. The pretzel scarves worked out perfectly, and a good time was had by all. My very favorite beer was an Andes Mint Milk Stout by a new brewery called Our Brewing out of Holland. It was just the right amount of mint, and very creamy. YUM. I had about a zillion other really good beers too, and only a very few really gross ones. All in all, a successful day!

Here’s Jessica, Dawn & I wandering the festival. It was bitterly cold, but we don’t look like we care too much. 🙂

 The Ladies of Craft Beer

 That’s pretty much all the excitement we’ve had around here lately. We are working on some house projects, so my nephew Ryan will be here this week to paint what will soon be the craft room. I chose lime green and bright blue paint for the walls, so I’m pretty excited about that. We also made some chages in the laundry room to make it more useful as a mud room as well – we added hooks for coats, got a larger rug, and a plastic tray for boots and shoes. It looks great, and I’m happy to have coats hanging up and not in the dining room anymore.

Mike & I are still working very hard at exercising regularly and eating well. So far so good. As of today, I’ve lost 14.5 pounds and he has lost 14. In fact, we had to get him new work pants this weekend because the old ones were basically falling off!! Mike is also doing the C25K plan and he seems to be enjoying the running. I exercise regularly, but I do all kinds of different things because I get bored with the same stuff. I walk, swim, play racquetball, and mix in all the different cardio machines as well. I like variety. I’ve even been trying some of the streaming workouts on Amazon Prime. They’re great when the weather is crappy or I don’t have time to get to the gym. As far as eating, it’s going well. I’ve found some AMAZING low calorie recipes. I’ve considered posting some of our favorite healthy recipes here – if you read this blog and would be interested in recipes, leave a comment and let me know.

That’s about it, kiddies. Have a great week!!! XOXO


Jan 25

Cherries in a Bucket

This week was Mike’s birthday, so we got together with some friends last weekend to celebrate. Mike rarely drinks, and when he does, he is a champion sipper – he can nurse a drink for a good long time. The birthday party was a 90’s theme, and Mike decided to party like it was 1999! He bought a mason jar full of some sort of cherry flavored moonshine. It even had a ton of cherries floating around at the bottom. It smelled like rubbing alcohol, but apparently, Mike reeeallly liked it. He spent the entire evening drinking moonshine straight out of the jar, and occasionally switching off to mixed vodka drinks in a red solo cup that he had named Bocephus. There were some Goldschlager shots in there somewhere too (this was a 90s party after all). Mike had a great time at the party! Predictably, he paid the price for that fun later in the night, but I don’t think he has any regrets. Here’s my interpretation of the evening, from my journal:

 FUN FUN FUNThe Price of Fun

In other news, I decided that the C25K plan isn’t right for me at the moment. I just don’t think my foot is ready for it – it was hurting it pretty badly. I wasn’t in love with the running anyway, but I think I could have stuck it out longer and given it more of a chance if my foot had been less painful. I definitely want to give this a try again. Maybe in the spring when I could actually run outside. I just need more time. It’s only been 10 weeks since the bunion surgery after all.

In addition to the attempts at running, Mike & I are trying really hard to eat better and exercise regularly. He is still doing the C25K, and actually enjoying it, so GO MIKEY! I’m back to doing my regular workouts – elliptical, arc trainer, racquetball, swimming, and more. I like variety – it keeps me interested. So far, I’ve lost 6.5 pounds, so things are going well. Since I quit smoking last March, I put on 25 pounds! I’m trying to shed that weight plus quite a bit more. It’s so much easier with Mikey on board, I can’t even tell you.

Happy Birthday to Mikey, Johnny V, my little neice Renea, and my sister Kassie this week! XOXO


Jan 14

Running & Crawling

Mike & I started the Couch to 5K program last week, and it’s….going. If you’re not familiar with the plan, it’s 3 days per week for 30 minutes each, and you are doing a combination of running and walking that turns into progressively more running and less walking each week. The first day, I got through it, but I had technical issues – I couldn’t get the C25K app to work and play my podcast at the same time, so I had to do the whole 30 minutes in silence. I got through it, but let me tell ya, 60 seconds of running feels like an hour when you do it in silence. Plus, with nothing for my mind to focus on, all I could think about was how much my foot hurt. It did hurt, but it wasn’t that bad – better than I expected even.

Day 2 was kind of a bust. Again with technical issues – I couldn’t get the app to work at all, so I lost my place and ended up just doing a brisk walk for 15 minutes then hitting the elliptical for another 15. On Day 3 (which was really my Day 2) everything finally came together and I got through the 30 minutes with a podcast AND the app working. It seemed so much faster with the podcast! I did sort of miss a day, but I had planned to do Week 1 for 2 weeks anyway, so I’m not worried about it. I may do every week twice. I’m not in a rush to complete the program, and I think it’ll be easier on my foot to take my time. I definitely don’t love running yet, but I don’t really hate it either. I’ll keep going with this for now.

This past Saturday was the kick-off for Kalamazoo Beer Week, so I wrangled Clovis & Lee into doing the Pub Crawl with me. We were whisked around town to several local bars on the Gallagher’s double decker bus. We had a blast! Here’s some amazing photos to prove it:

 Lee & I

Lee & I at our first stop after Gallagher’s – The Union. Poor lighting & a bit blurry, but you can see our big smiles!

 Bacon Apple Bourbon Martini!

Also at the Union, Clovis enjoyed a Bacon Apple Bourbon martini. Sure looks pretty!

 Thumbs Up!

The Pub Crawl bus was sponsored by Sam Adams, so Clovis is showing some love. 🙂

That’s it for me! I hope your weekend was amazing, and that this week is even better. Toodles!


Jan 04

Oy With the Poodles Already!

The last couple of weeks have been sort of eventful, so here’s a catch up of the haps. After Friday 12/21, I was off work until after the first of the year, as was Mike. We started our vacation off with a bang – The Peaches were in town, so we got to spend some time with them, which is always a pleasure. Peach Pit is still a complete jerk (yet somehow lovable) and Peach Fuzz is still adorable & sweet. I sure wish those kids still lived around here so I could see them more often. Anyway, the old gang hit the town and we had a ball. Also, I wore a dress! That’s pretty big news! I only took one picture the entire night, but it’s a DOOZY. Peach Pit is so pasty white that I think the flash scared him.

 Peach Pit

We spent Christmas Eve at our house with my family, and it was nice. We ate, opened presents, ate dessert, and then chit chatted for quite a while. It was a very nice afternoon. Christmas Day was spent in Grand Rapids with Mike’s family, and that was really nice, too. It was a madhouse with a zillion people, but a really great madhouse. The kids got walkie talkies so that was fun!

The day after Christmas I woke up and my throat was sore – I felt like I swallowed broken glass. I shook it off fairly quickly though, and Mike & I ran a few errands. My throat never felt great, but I managed. Well, things went rapidly downhill from there! I got worse and worse and ended up spending the rest of the week and the weekend either in bed or on the couch. I was MISERABLE! It was completely horrible to spend my vacation sick. I was able to catch up on all my DVR’d shows, though, which is the only plus. I am still a couple of Vampire Diaries behind, and I haven’t watched any of this season’s Gossip Girl yet, but what the hay, it was cancelled anyway so I’ve got all the time in the world now, right? I also got sucked into a Gilmore Girls re-watch, and man oh man, do I love the hell out of that show. I think the entire series is up there with Veronica Mars season 1 for best show ever ever ever of all time. I managed to get some work done on my sock yarn binky as well. It’s coming along nicely.  

So, I rang in the new year with Mike at home – we watched the ball drop, and I drank about 3 sips of a beer before deciding I couldn’t finish it and dumping it. So yeah, I was THAT SICK. Mike did drag me out of the house on New Year’s Day – it was our last vacation day so we went out for lunch and made a quick trip to Target for some supplies, but we headed home right afterward because I was still feeling pretty pooptastic. I DID score this amazing furry hat/scarf combo that has ears AND a hot pink lining. I am definitely wearing it to the Winter Beer Festival next month. I know this is an awful pic, but I was wicked sick and the lighting was bad, and you will just have to deal:

 new hat

I am not even 2 months past my foot surgery to correct the bunion, but Mike & I have decided we want to be runners, so we are going to start the Couch to 5K program next week. I am not 100% sold on the idea that I will ever be a “runner” but I think it’ll be fun to try. I honestly have no idea how my foot will do, but hey, I’m going to give this a whirl and see where it takes me. Everone I know who runs has said that they never thought they would be a runner or enjoy running and then they ended up being in love with it. Maybe that’s me! I have a sneaking suspicion that it IS NOT, but we shall see. And again, there is the whole question of my foot – I am not sure that it’s even up for it. I’ll know more next week when I try the program for the first time. I’ll give you a full report.

I think that’s it for now. I hope your 2013 is freaking epic.