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Feb 13

Giant Thark

The Peaches were in town visiting this weekend, so we decided to have a little Crappy Movie Sunday reunion. They had to leave Sunday morning, so we decided to start the crappy movie on Saturday at midnight. What movie should we watch? We hit up Netflix and after a few minutes of deliberation, we decided on Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus. It’s kind of the King of crappy movies, and it stars Debbie Deborah Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas. Star STUDDED. I really didn’t know what to expect, and then maybe 20 or so minutes into the movie, this scene happened. Apparently, it was ALL OVER the internet when this movie came out, but I never saw it. I was the only person in the room who had no idea this was about to happen, so it was quite a shock. I was laughing so hard I literally had tears running down my face. This will give you just a little taste of what this movie is like.


So, yeah. I just can’t shake my love for this movie. I get lost in the Giant Octopus’s eyes.


Jul 26

It Rhymes With Really

The Crappy Movie Sunday gang was here yesterday, and we watched Gigli. I don’t know what to say except that it was really really bad. I usually can find something to enjoy about a bad movie, but this had NOTHING redeeming. NOTHING. Look, if Christopher Walken & Al Pacino can’t save a movie, it’s beyond hope. Anyway, we posted our version of a review over at the Crappy Movie Sunday Blog. Go ahead, take a look.


Jul 12

Hotter Than You

Mike & I went out for our usual Friday lunch last week, but we went to the new place downtown, Casa Bolero. I was super excited to try the tableside guacamole. Let me tell you, it was delicious, and well worth the $8. It tasted so fresh and just full of nom sauce. For my entree, I chose a wild mushroom quesadilla and it was superb. They actually have a whole quesadilla section on the menu with 6 or 8 different kinds. YUM.

After the nomriffic lunch we went to the Rave to see Toy Story 3. GREAT movie, dudes. Like the first 2 before it, this movie really delivered. There were some great new characters. Lotso the bear was a great villain. Plus, Barbie & Ken!! There were so great. I loved Ken’s little fashion show for Barbie. The movie was all around awesome, and the ending was so touching – Mike & I cried like two little girls. It was a great movie, and if you haven’t seen it, do so. Skip the 3D, though – I don’t think it really added anything to the story at all, plus it gives me a wicked headache.

Saturday, Dawn, Rachel & I finally went to see Eclipse. While my expectations were understandably low based on the previous 2 movies in the saga, I was still hopeful. So hopeful that I was really scared my hopes would be dashed and I would be disappointed again, only even worse this time. My fears were unfounded!! Eclipse was my favorite of all of the books, and I think they FINALLY got it right. Don’t get me wrong, if I could turn back time (If I could find a way! I’d take back those words that have hurt you….oops. Sorry) I would recast the hell out of all 3 of these movies. Since that is not possible at this juncture, I will say that everything outside of that worked for me in this movie. I was super nervous that my favorite scene from the book would be foiled, but I think they played it off just right. It had the perfect tone and accomplished what the book did. Things I wasn’t crazy about: The new Victoria’s hair, Jacob wearing a shirt WAY too often, and a few other little tiny details that nobody else would probably notice or care about. Subtle things I LOVED: Edward saying “Doesn’t he own a shirt?” referring to Jacob’s abs of fury, and Jacob saying to Edward “We both know I’m hotter than you.” WORD.

Ok, speaking of recasting the hell out of the saga, this guy is my pick for Edward. Justin Hartley, also known as the Green Arrow. This guy would make RPattz look like a bumbling fool. Well, RPattz kind of does that on his own. Anyway, here’s a sample. Type this guy’s name into a Google image search to see even more (READ: shirtless). Jacob is awesome & gets to stay as is. Also, Bella should be someone else. Anyone else, really.

On Sunday, I went over to the SPCA for my volunteer orientation. It was very cool. It’s kind of heartbreaking to see all of the animals caged up and desperate for adoption. And on the other hand, it’s sobering to realize that without this organization, these animals wouldn’t be here at all. I am really excited to get involved and help out in any way that I can. I plan to focus on the cats in Kitty City, but one of my personal goals is to get a little more comfortable with dogs as well. I don’t dislike them, I’m just a little scared of bigger dogs because I don’t have any experience with them. So hopefully I can change that.

After orientation we hosted Crappy Movie Sunday. This week’s feature was Snakes on a Plane. We really did things up with flower leis and fake snakes. Of course, we had an awesome time. I am working on the blog post, and it’ll be up in a few days over at Crappy Movie Sunday.

I’m really really excited that Mike & I are going out of town for a few days! We are heading up north to stay at a cottage on Lake Michigan. I truly can’t wait!! It’s going to be so fun to get out of here for a bit.


Jul 01

Cut Your Hair! Take Off Your Shirt!

The war between us and Monkey Tail rages on. The chipmunks have also decided to get in on the battle, and they have allied themselves with Monkey Tail, which is no surprise. Last week the suet cake ran out because Monkey Tail and the chipmunks are huge pigs and ate all of it. So of course, I was reluctant to replenish it. On Friday morning, a chipmunk perched himself on top of the Suet holder, stared into the bedroom window and made angry chirping sounds at us for 10 full minutes. When we next saw him, he had chewed a hole in the top of the tube feeder, and was INSIDE the tube, his back feet clinging to the top, and his greedy little paws and mouth were feasting on the seed. This was pretty much the last straw. We shooed him away and took the whole feeder away.

We are planning a multi-pronged attack angaint the criiters. First, we bought a squirrel dome that will go over the feeder to keep fat critters off of it. We are also going to lube the pole with vegetable oil or maybe Vaseline so tiny paws will have a hard time scaling it. We also mixed cayenne pepper in with the bird seed. I read online that squirrels hate cayenne, but that birds can’t taste it. We are going to get our new (hopefully) squirrel-proof feeder set up this weekend. I’ll keep you posted on the results.

Everything else has been pretty good. George was gone camping last weekend, so Mike & I had the house to ourselves, and didn’t really do a whole lot. On Saturday my mom & I went out garage sale scouting, and my big find was a beer drinking board game called Chug-A-Lug from the early 80’s. The box cover photo is priceless and it even says “Beverages Not Included” just so there’s no confusion. I’m pretty sure this was a steal for 50 cents. Can’t wait to give it a whirl soon. We also went to Milham Park for the big craft show. Truthfully, it was a little disappointing. I didn’t see too much of interest, and all I bought was some fudge and some jerky for Mike.

We did have Crappy Movie Sunday, and this week we watched Twilight. It turned into a spirited debate of why Twilight’s vamps aren’t “real” vamps because Stepenie Meyer didn’t go along with the established vampire lore. The dudes are just really mad that Edward glitters in the sun and they don’t. Dawn & I tried to stand behind the actual story and the books (not necessarily the movie, which we know is crap), but the dudes are adamant that Twilight is lame and all vamps are made way lamer because of it’s existence. Or something. Jacob didn’t even take his shirt off in this movie, so I don’t know why the boys were feeling so threatened anyway. PS – can’t wait for Eclipse! It looks like it might actually be good! Dawn & I are going to see it next weekend in an effort to avoid the (other) screaming fangirls. We really want to be the only screaming fangirls, and that just won’t be possible on opening weekend.


Jun 06

I Own a Wheelbarrow

I don’t know if I mentioned it here or not, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of drawing and painting for the last couple of months. My BFF Amber gave me an art table a few months ago, and I decided to give it a go since I have some time on my hands. I started out with crayons and colored pencils, then I started experimenting with a little watercolor set I’ve had for years. I really enjoy watercolor because you can create light and shade with a single color by varying the amount of water that you add. I also recently picked up a cheap set of oil pastels, but I didn’t have a lot of luck with them because I didn’t know what I was doing. I was determined to invest the time in working with them, so I spent some time this weekend watching online videos about how to use them and blend them together. Since then my pastel drawings have done a 180 – I’m so much more comfortable using them now and I’m so much happier with the results. I also found a set of chalk pastels on clearance, so I am getting the hang of those too. I don’t consider myself a great artist by any stretch, but I love working with these different mediums. I have always enjoyed creating things, so this is sort of a natural extension I guess. I have a ton of pages that I considered scanning and including here, but I am jus not there yet. I definitely don’t feel ready to put anything I’ve done up to this point “out there”. Not yet anyway. The bottom line is, I’m really enjoying it.

Another exciting thing that’s going on is that I am going to garden. I have zero experience, but I asked a lot of questions and I think I have everything I need. So tomorrow is the big day & I will actually be planting things in the ground and hoping like hell that they survive more than a week. For those interested, I will be planting orange & yellow Celosia in the front window box, pink & white Astilbe in the large planter at the corner of the backyard, and hot pink Impatiens for the window boxes on the shed. Mike even got me a wheelbarrow to haul my soil and tools around the yard. So I own a wheelbarrow and I am going to plant things. I am so hoping this doesn’t turn out badly. I have a long list of things I want to accomplish tomorrow and they all relate to the outdoors, which is typically not my thing. Wish me luck, dudes.

Yesterday was Mike & I’s 6th wedding anniversary. We went out for dinner at this place down the street called Zooroona. It’s a Middle Eastern restaraunt and the atmosphere was so cool. But it didn’t hold a candle to the food – it was AMAZING. If you dig Middle Eastern food at all, this is the place to go. We ended up getting a 2 person sampler platter and we were very happy with everything we got. I usually don’t care for lamb, but the lamb & beef kebab turned out to be my very favorite thing that we got. We had a great time together and a great meal. After dinner we just ran around and shopped a little. We had a fun date and a stellar anniversary.

Today was Crappy Movie Sunday, natch, and this week we watched Tank Girl. I had seen a little of it years ago, but stopped watching because it was terrible. I was lured in by being promised that Ice-T was in it. I am a big fan of the T. But, wow, even T couldn’t save this trainwreck of a film. Not only was I sad that he was involved in such a disgrace, but he was a Mangaroo on top of that!!

Ok, as for TV, I’m plugging away at Lost, but season 5 is really tough for me. I really think this is the worst part of the show so far. I really don’t think it bodes well that every season I have thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse, and yet I am shocked to find that it has. I’m still hopeful for a great payoff in the end, but I’m really not holding my breath. Mike & I are still watching Buffy too, and we are about a third of the way through season 3. We still have a LONG way to go, but we are really enjoying it. I’m considering watching Dark Shadows on Netflix, too, but there are SO MANY episodes! I’m not sure I’m ready for the time commitment it will take. A season is about 40 episodes, and there are 20 seasons!! I’m still mulling this one over, I don’t know if I can handle all that. Anyone seen it? If you have an opinion about it either way, I’d love to hear it. And I’m talking about the original BTW, from 1966, not the 80s redo.


Jun 01

Monks in the Teleporter

Noah came over to spend the night with us on Saturday. We had a blast. First we took him to see Shrek Forever After, during which I plied him with candy and popcorn. It was a cute movie. We all enjoyed it, but I don’t think it was as good as some of the other Shrek movies. I did like the tubby Puss in Boots, though. After the movie we grabbed some dinner at Friday’s, then came home to play Star Wars Monopoly. While we were eating Noah said, “Aunt Kitty, I should let you know that I’m kind of a shark at this game. I beat my mom once.” The kid cracks me up! When he plays at home with his mom and dad, they just play for an hour or so, then just count the money and whoever has the most is declared the winner. Since he knows that you have to have a lot of money to win, he won’t buy anything. He doesn’t get the “spend money to make money” concept at all. He ended up winning Jabba’s Palace (which is the Park Place of Star Wars) because we were playing special Star Wars rules where you can win an available property. He never bought another thing, and yet when it was time to count the money, he managed to have the most (wink wink). He was extremely proud of his victory over his Aunt Kitty, Uncle Mike, and George. We had a great time!

On Sunday, we had the gang over for Crappy Movie Sunday of course. This week we never really got around to planning for a movie, so Clovis brought a stack of kung fu movis over with him. We chose a movie called Chocolate that turned out to be sad, depressing, gory, and also a little absurd. We all had a great time watching it, though. After the movie we had some snackies and beers, discussed the concept of shame and how it impacts our daily lives, then we played the telephone game. The telephone game is pretty much a guaranteed good time, and we all loved it.

Yesterdy, we had my family over for a Memorial Day BBQ. It was a totally sucky and rainy day, but Mike is a trooper and stood outside grilling while holding an umbrella the whole time. We had some delicious eats, and we all enjoyed chatting and hanging out together. I made a yummy strawberry shortcake, and then I kept the strawberry tops and made fresh strawberry juice, which was really really tasty. Anyway, despite the weather, it was a great day, and a great holiday weekend.

Quick knitting update: I finished a pair of socks the other day. I think the socks theselves turned out great, but man is it some ugly sock yarn. I bought it on clearance, and I knew it wasn’t my favorite color combination, but it’s even uglier than I anticipated. I call these Toxic Sock Syndrome.

As for the sock yarn binky, there hasn’t been much progres. It’s just large enough that I don’t want to work on it when it’s hot, so I haven’t done a whole lot with it recently.


May 24

That Was Just A Dream

It’s been a while, and I know, I’m totally lame. I’ve actually been pretty busy for a jobless waif!

Houseboating last weekend was awesome as always! I didn’t take many pics because the landscape really hasn’t changed, plus it was rainy and/or overcast for most of the trip this time. The weather has been better, but trust me, none of us cared. We made the best of it and still had a ball. Shawn & I finally decided that we are equals when it comes to drunken Scattergories. So the grudge match is finally over and we can all rest easy. Pics are over at my Flickr, and here’s a video that I LOVE. Casey & Mike are singing along with 90’s on 9 and it’s so great. You’ll love it. Click here: Just a Dream. NSFW because Mikey says a naughty at the end. I know, I’m disappointed, too. 🙁 I would have loved to embed it BTW, but Flickr and WordPress can’t seem to play nice. I am having some kind of ongoing issue with uploading stuff to WordPress. Super frustrating! Grrrr.

The week went by super fast since we didn’t get home until late Monday night, then Mike had Tuesday off. That left me only 2 days to get all of my usual stuff done before Friday!! So I was pretty busy with chores & such. We had another busy weekend, too. Sunday we had the latest edition of Crappy Movie Sunday – the dance classic Breakin’. Our rehash will be on the CMS blog in a day or 2. After the movie we grilled some yummy ribs (that Clovis made) and some burgers. It was quite a fiesta! We had a full house and tons of yummy eats. After we ate, the whole gang, except for Mike & I, headed downstairs to watch the big Lost finale. I’m not caught up yet and Mike has no interest, so we went to the man cave and had a romantic date watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We’re about halfway through season 2 and it’s really starting to get good. As for Lost, I’m about 2/3 of the way through season 3. Man, is it a crazy and intense show.

My friend Dawn has convinced me that I need to sign up for Netflix so I can get all the sweet TV shows streaming. You know I love television, so it was pretty easy to sway me. As soon as I finish season 3 of Lost, I am going to sign up for the 2 week trial thingy and get rolling on season 4. I can’t wait to get a look at hat my options will be!! I’m really really excited about this.


May 10

Blue Moon

We had a busy weekend, but it was good. I was so tired when I went to bed last night I didn’t even read first, I just collapsed.

Friday afternoon we went to Noah’s school for a music program. It was very cool. They sang a song about a bull and acted out different parts with song and they played intruments, and they had a fun little parade. It was really awesome, and we were very impressed by the kid’s music skills. Here’s some pictures.


On Saturday, we took my mom out for a mother’s day dinner. She picked Red Lobster, so we took her there. We had a great time and we gorged ourselves on cheesy biscuits and seafood. We had a great time and I hope she did too. Since I’ve been doing so much artwork lately, I made her a pretty watercolor painting of a vase of flowers in a little glass frame. I think it turned out pretty nice and she seemed to like it too.

On Sunday we went to Grand Rapid for Mother’s Day with Mike’s family, which was also nice. We went to Frederick Meijer gardens, which I love anyway because I like flowers and sculpture, but there is a new exhibit of blown glass sculptures by Dal Chihuly. I LOVED it to say the least. It was amazing and beautiful. I took some amazing photos, here are a few of my favorites.

These are just my favorites, there are so many more at my Flickr page, link is on the right. The second photo is a new piece called Blue Moon, and it was my favorite. I took several photos, and none of them do it justice. I just couldn’t seem to get a good photo from where I was. It is so amazing in person. If you get a chance to visit the gardens before this exhibit ends, you really should. It’s so worth it. I definitely would go back. One thing I found interesting is that for the larger sculptures made up of thousands of pieces of glass, the pieces arrive individually, and then it takes a team of 90 three weeks to put them all together to prepare for the exhibit. Incredible. I loved the blown glass reeds, as pictured in the third photo here, the tall blue pieces. There were lots of these around the gardens in all different colors and I think they are so cool.

After the gardens, we raced home for Crappy Movie Sunday. Last night’s feature was Purple Rain. We will have a rehash up on the blog in the next few days, so keep an eye out.

I finally finished season 2 of Lost, and I am just about to embark into totally unknown territory – season 3. I’m excited and also terrified. Wish me luck!

Oh, and houseboating is this weekend!! I could not be more excited!! I’m going to be on a boat!!! Definitely packing my flippy floppies and planning to ride a dolphin.


May 03

The Glow

First, an update on the sock yarn binky. It’s really coming along, and I must say, I like the way it’s turning out. It’s fun to work on too! I guess I was wrong about not having many solid colors. There were more than I expected. Anyway, Ta-da!!

Last week, I had my orientation for a volunteer position, and today I have my hands on training. I’ll be working at a volunteer run charity thrift store! I’m excited about it, and I think it’s going to be really fun. I am definitely going to do this at least one day a week, maybe even 2. I’ll get my schedule all firmed up after my training session this afternoon. I LOVE thrift shopping, so I think this is going to be awesome.

Crappy Movie Sunday continued yesterday with the latest installment – Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. The CMS blog is all up in your grill here (I also added it to my links over on the right). If you haven’t seen this movie, I’m really not sure what you’re waiting for. It’s a kung-fu classic with music from DeBarge, so if that doesn’t have you running to the video store to rent a copy, then you must be crazy. Oh, and don’t forget to follow Crappy Movie Sunday on Twitter for all the latest.

We are houseboating in Kentucky in less than 2 weeks, and I could NOT be any more excited than I am right now. I can’t wait!! I found out last week who is going, and that made me even more excited. It’s an awesome group and it will be a ball. Pls it will be totally sweet to get out of town for a bit and relax with my homies. YAY!!


Apr 13

The Lamentation of the Women

OK, I have a lot I want to cover today. First things first. Friday was The George’s 31st birthday! We got an early start at Gallagher’s on Thursday night, and had a few beers to ring in the big day. On Friday, Mike & took him to Red Robin, where he celebrated with a delightful sundae. You can see his excitement, right?

We also continued Crappy Movie Sunday this week with Conan the Barbarian. Dawn & I were less than thrilled, but Mike, George & Clovis thought it was delightful. It is definitely a guy movie. As Dawn put it, it’s “Twilight for dudes”. I guess so, but I can freely admit that Twilight (the movie) sucked. These guys can’t seem to come to terms with that reality about Conan.

I also took a break from Percy Jackson after I finished Book 3, and I decided to give the Sookie Stackhouse (TrueBlood) books a whirl. I have just started the third, and they are pretty good. I find Sookie just as annoying a character in the books as I did in the show (which I admittedly only watched the pilot episode of), but somehow in the books she is a tad bit more relate-able. Anyway, I am enjoying them, and I burned right through the first 2 books in just a couple of days.

I also came to the conclusion that I needed to use up the last pack of i-Zone film instead of hoarding it up. It’s been expired since 2006, and the quality will only go downhill. So I’ve taken a few shots, and plan to use them up very soon. You can see there is definitely already some loss of quality, so this was the right decision. Even though it breaks my heart. 🙁

They are so awesome, and I love this little camera! I will never get rid of it, just in case they decide to make film for it EVER again.

Last but not least, I started a new knitting project. I am making a Sock Yarn Binky. Basically, a blanket made from scrap sock yarn. For the non-knitters out there, this is a big deal because sock yarn is very thin, and you have to knit it with very small needles – so basically, I could be working on this for a long long time. Like years. I decided to do a log cabin style blanket because it will give me a chance to kind of free form this thing a little and really play with color and pattern. Also, I took the log cabin knitting class at Stitches Midwest last August, and haven’t had a real opportunity to put it into practice. Here’s a picture of what I have so far. I numbered the blocks so you can see where I started. Oddly enough, 3 of the 4 blocks so far are a solid color. This will not continue to be the case as almost all of the sock yarn scraps I have are some sort of self striping or self patterning colorway. It’s also important to note that I am only using machine washable sock yarns, because I think a blanket that needs to be hand washed is a little ridonkulous. So here’s the first pic, I will update whenever I feel there is decent progress.