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Aug 10

Beer as Green as my Hair

I was profiled (along with my journals!) for the Summer issue of MiBrew magazine! The digital version of the magazine just became available today, & you can find it at the link below. My profile starts on page 24.



Feb 08

Speed Painting

Here’s a video of me painting a whimsical blue haired girl in my art journal. This journal is an altered book – an old textbook to be precise. For this portrait, I used a few different mediums – Inktense pencils, chalk pastel, and a wash of acrylic paint for the background at the very end. I hope you enjoy watching this, and please subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more.

Here’s the finished portrait up close.

Blue Haired Girl


Oct 30

Another One Bites the Dust

I finished my 14th daily journal this week! I did the last drawings in it on Sunday or Monday, but I got all the pages scanned and archived in the last couple of days. It’s officially joined my bookshelf with the other 13 volumes:

Daily Journals

I usually do a lot more with the covers, but my summer was so busy I never really had much of a chance with this book – just a couple of stickers. Spiral and coil bound books are always fun because it gives me a chance to attach things – some tulle, a ribbon from a wedding favor, and a few other odds and ends.

Journal 14 - Cover

Here’s one of the very last pages in the book – a sticker and ephemera collage from last weekend’s fall beer fest in Detroit. I like how this turned out. It’s random and overlapping and feels fun and chaotic which is a perfect representation of the day. 🙂

Fall Beer Fest Collage

I’ve already started my next book (Volume 15!!) and all of the blank pages are very inspiring. I’m looking forward to filling them up with my memories and my stories. I love to change things up, so this book is larger than I’ve used in a while, which will be fun.

Have a fab weekend and a super spooky and fun Halloween!


Aug 27

The Funk of 40,000 Years

I’m in a funk, dudes. I’ve lost my creative mojo and I can’t seem to figure out where it went, or more importantly, how to get it back. I’m still drawing every day. I’m keeping up my 365 Sketch Project, and I’m keeping up on my regular daily visual journal. But my heart isn’t in it. I don’t feel the same zeal for either project at the moment.

For about the last month or so, I go to my studio lair when I have time and I sit there. I flip through stacks of papers and paints and fondle my paint brushes and daydream and watch art videos and sit there some more until I eventually emerge a couple of hours later with little to nothing accomplished. I WANT to create and I WANT to be creative, but somehow my muse eludes me. Actually, I NEED to create. Art is my emotional outlet, and without it, I feel sort of lost and rudderless.

Inspiration is an interesting little beastie. There are times when I have so many ideas that my hands can’t even work fast enough and I have to write down scraps of thoughts and plans for things I want to do so I won’t forget. And then there are times like this where the idea snippets are still floating all around me but my imagination just can’t seem to find a spark in any of them.

I’m not sure what to do. The weather has been chilly the last couple of days, and I’ve been thinking about sweaters and boots and steamy mugs of hot cocoa, so I think maybe I’ll paw through my yarn stash and start knitting  up a scarf. Or maybe even some of my crazy funky technicolor patchwork mittens? I think this pair was my all-time favorite – Mittasaurus Rex. 🙂

Mittasuarus Rex Mittens

If you have any brilliant ideas or suggestions for how to find inspiration and get my creative groove back, I’m all ears. I hope that you’re having a great week! XOXO


Feb 21


I finished my 12th journal today! This one lasted quite a long time – I’ve had it since late September. Here’s what the cover looks like:

Book 12

I’m so happy with this cover because it reminds me of some really great times I had. I also chose my next book today – it’s a Canson Mix Media spiral bound XL journal and it’s a new size for me – 7 x 10. I’m so excited to try it out – it’s exactly what I wanted – smaller than the 8.5 x 11 I just finished, but not all the way down to A5. It has really nice, heavy paper too, with just a bit of tooth.

Anyway, #12 is officially done & dusted! Here it is on the shelf with the rest of my books. There are so many! I’m going to run out of shelf space and then what the heck will I do? 😉

All my Journals


Feb 20

Catch Me, I’m Falling

Happy Friday, everyone! I’m exhausted today. It’s been a long, stressful week and my excitement for the weekend is palpable. Here’s this week’s Friday Five – enjoy!

  • When did you last trip and fall?

The last time I remember was January 2014. I slid on a patch of ice walking into my office building. Luckily, I wasn’t hurt with the exceptions of a skinned knee and my pride. Of course, I drew a picture of it. 🙂

Digger. :(


  • What’s a fond memory you have of this past autumn?

So many to choose from! Last fall I went to Myrtle Beach, Louisville, 3 beer festivals, the Willy Wonka Party, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Huey Lewis & the News, and a killer Halloween party. My favorite fall event was my day in Traverse City, though. I spent the morning shopping and exploring all by myself and the afternoon and evening with some great friends. Read all about it here: http://www.trishsworld.com/blog/2014/10/traverse-adventure/

  • What’s a nice waterfall you’ve visited?

I haven’t been to very many, but I’m pretty sure that Niagara Falls takes the cake. It was truly incredible. I’d really like to get to Tahquamenon Falls in the UP one of these days, though.


  • What are your thoughts on Jimmy Fallon as host of The Tonight Show?

I don’t watch late night TV; I never really have. From the internet clips I’ve seen here and there, he seems very funny, though. I liked him on SNL. I’m maybe a little partial to Conan since he actually talks about me on his show. 😉

  • Who has most recently fallen out of your favor?

I can think of a couple of examples, but I wouldn’t call anyone out in a public forum like this. I’m too sweet. 🙂

A couple of other quick notes – This blog turned TWELVE YEARS OLD this week. I’m sort of in shock. It’s been quite a ride. Happy Blogiversary to ME!

I’ve been reading lately! I’m enjoying it, and it’s been fun to discover some new and interesting books.  I’ve also gotten back into knitting! My creative passions have always gone in these weird, unpredictable cycles, and beautiful, soft, colorful fibers are pushing themselves to the forefront lately. I’ve had a few crochet projects on the hooks for a while – long term afghans that I work on occasionally while I watch telly. I’ve picked up the pace on those as well, so maybe I’ll even have something finished to show off here in the near future! As usual, I feel like there isn’t enough time in the day for me to create all of the things I want to create and to act on all of the ideas that float around in my brain. I want to write, paint, draw, blog, vlog, knit, crochet, bookbind, needle felt, and a million other things. 🙂

I hope that you have an amazing and relaxing weekend. XOXO


Jan 28

A Walk in the Park

I read an article today, and it really stuck with me. So much that I wanted to share it AND write about it. The article is here: http://m.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2015/01/the-value-of-remembering-ordinary-moments/384510/

As I’m sure everyone who reads this blog knows, I’m an avid journal keeper. I’m a visual journaler, so I add drawings and doodles to my writing, but I write every day. This article discusses how interesting it can be to remember the moments that seem mundane, and I can’t agree enough. I think sometimes we spend so much time trying to get from place to place and accomplish goals and attend events and finish tasks and so on and so on, that we forgot the simple things that bring us joy in the moment. As you work hard and endure stress to become the person you want to be, it can be so rewarding to remember how you got there when you do. In 30 years you’ll remember the pride you felt at finally finishing grad school, but will you remember that beautiful spring day that you took a walk in the park with a friend?

I was really struck by the author saying that he kept a small token to remember each day – a movie ticket or a scrap of wrapping paper from a gift. This made me chuckle a bit because I am such a hoarder of small objects like this. I’ve been journaling for several years, but I’ve been keeping small “scraps” for much longer. I have tickets from almost every single movie, concert and show my husband and I have ever seen together since the day we met, and that’s been almost 19 years now. And yes, I kept bits of wrapping paper from Christmas this year and stuck them into my journal. I keep an envelope in the back of every book and I stuff all of the little bits of things in there. The other day we finally took the caution tape off of our dining room light – it’s pretty low and the constant stream of workers who’ve been here drying and repairing our house needed to avoid hitting their heads. My husband pulled it down and came and asked me if I wanted it – he knows me all to well.

Anyway, I feel really strongly about journaling and memory keeping in general. If you’re interested and think it’s something that you want to do, I’d love to help. I’m not an expert but I can certainly help you get started and figure out what works for you. I think lots of people find it intimidating, but if I can do it, anyone can. I think there’s also an expectation that it’s very time consuming. I spend about 20 minutes per day working on my pages – sometimes more sometimes less, but 20 minutes is probably average. That includes the artwork. I show my artwork much more than I do my actual journal writing, but it’s not because it’s super private. It’s actually because I’m embarrassed by how boring it is. I don’t write anything revolutionary, trust me. But one of my favorite things to do is to go back and read through my old books. It’s so much fun to remember these seemingly insignificant moments and also to see how far I’ve come. Journal keeping has literally changed my life.

Here’s part of my wrapping paper collage from this past Christmas. 🙂

Wrapping Paper 2014


Dec 29

Merry Chrichmas, Darling

I had a fantastic holiday, and I hope that you did, too. I gave an received some incredible gifts, but more importantly, I spent time with my family and had a blast. I want to tell you about one gift I received that happened to be my favorite. My little nephew, Manny, was so excited to present me with this beautiful glittery red box with a bow. The tag said “To Chrich”. Seriously, so adorbs.

To Chrich

I opened the box and inside were photocopied pages from a How to Draw Animals book. There were step by step instructions for a kitty cat, a polar bear, and many others. I thanked him profusely, and he told me he just knew I would like them. What a sweet little boy. He made me get all teary!

The real point of this post though is just to share some art that I’ve been working on. Here are a couple of things from my daily journal. First, my 11 year old nephew got an XBOX for Christmas – he was pretty excited to say the least. 🙂 This is ink & water soluble crayon.

Noah's Gift

I got a new purple furry jacket, as well as a Hello Kitty hat, so I drew myself wearing both. Watercolor.


I also got this new paint that I’ve been wanting. It’s a brand called Pebeo out of France, and it’s cool because once you paint with it, a chemical reaction makes these really incredible patterns and swirls. The set I got is the Prisme Fantasy, and it makes a sort of honeycomb pattern. It’s quite beautiful and very fun to use.

New Paint!

I’ve also been having a blast playing around in my 2nd Yearbook Journal for the last couple of months. This is where I typically go to splash paint around, try new techniques, and just to create for the sake of creating. Sometimes the pages turn out beautiful, sometimes not so much! Either way, it’s a place for me to play as well as stretch myself and test out new media. So here are a couple of recent pages that I’ve done there.

Happy Holiday


So that’s about it for now. We’re getting close to 2015, and one of my favorite things to do at the close of a year is drink a good beer and read through all of my journals for the year. It’s the best way I know of to reflect on a year and to make plans and dreams for a new one. I sincerely hope that 2014 has been everything that you wanted it to be. If it wasn’t, take those shortcomings into 2015 with a positive attitude and a renewed intensity. I hope that all of your dreams come true and that you laugh every single day. XOXO


Nov 16

The Game is Afoot

I had surgery on Tuesday and it went very well. I didn’t have a general anesthetic, and apparently I kept waking up and asking questions, but I only vaguely remember it. I do remember at the end as I was coming around, I kept saying “My foot is hot. Why is my foot so hot?” They would explain that it was the plaster they were putting on and then 3 seconds later I’d ask the same questions again. 🙂

I’m pleased to report that I had almost no pain at all, in fact I only took Tylenol once, and nothing any stronger. I had X-rays on Friday and everything looks perfect, plus I got a real cast. I can’t put any weight on my foot until this next Saturday, but overall things are good. I’m pretty bored and sick of sitting around, but I’ve been really spoiled by The Best Husband Ever and some really really great friends. I’ve also been doing lots of drawing, which has been fun. Here are a few doodles from my daily journal.




I guess that’s it for now. Back to drawing and watching all of Netflix. I started watching Scandal – it’s really quite good. XOXO


Oct 11

The Joke is on Me

Just some quick artwork. A couple of drawings from my daily journal:


14 month old Lia. This turned out ok, but she looks older in my drawing. Still trying to figure out kid features. This is water soluble pencil and just a tiny bit of ink for the eyes.



I was working on my perspective game here, and I’m pretty happy with the result. This is chalk pastel and ink.



I’ve been working in my Yearbook Journal today. This was done with acrylic paints, collage, tape, drawing inks, and a bunch of other stuff.