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Mar 22

Pink Kitty Cat

My friend Suzee from AppleHead Threads is an amazing seamstress, and she was blogging recently about a family friend that had passed away. The family gave Suzee some of their loved ones old flannel shirts and asked her to make some memorial items from the fabric. She ended up making some really great stuff that I know the family must have appreciated SO MUCH. The thing that caught my eye (naturally!) were some stuffed cats that she made. They are just adorable! Once I saw them, I asked Suzee if she could make me a flannel cat, too. SAhe agreed, and my kitty cat arrived lte last week. I am so in love with her! Of course, Suzee bought flannel for my kitty, and she found this cute pink & black plaid. I hope some day I can sew HALF as well as she does. Here’s a pic – I actually swiped it from Suzee because I’ve been too busy to take my own photo.

 Flannel Kitty!

SO CUTE, right?? I’m still trying to pick out a name for her, so I’m open to suggestions. You can find AppleHead Threads on the web here and here.

Thanks again, Suzee!! She’s puuuurrrrfect! 🙂


Mar 09

Crazy Cat Lady

It’s been another crazy week! Buffy is still in seclusion, which sucks bigtime. Plus, on top of the baby aspirin we’ve been giving her, the doctor also prescribed an antiobiotic this week. We are now giving her aspirin every 3rd day, and a liquid antibiotic twice per day. Poor kid! I think she’s starting to hate the sight of me. 🙁

Speaking of Buffy, I finished my painting last weekend! I’m pretty pleased with it. Now I just need to figure out where to hang it since it’s HUGE. I did start a new painting in class this past week. Since there are only 4 classes left (3 now!), I chose a very small canvas – only 8×10. I’m painting an allium, which is a beautiful Dr. Suess looking purple flower. You can see my reference photo by clicking here. It’s nice to work on such a small canvas size – I feel much less nervous that I will make a mistake or screw something up. My Buffy painting is really big – 26×28 I think. Anyway, here’s a slideshow of the Buffy painting from start to finish. If you want to just see the final painting, click here.


I also want to tell you about the AMAZING new handmade cover I got for my Nook. My friend Suzee custom made it for me, and she did such a great job! I told her I like pink, purple and cats, and asked her to include a pocket on the front to hold my booklight. Viola!! Check this thing out! It’s so adorable, and absolutely perfect!! Click to see larger photos, and be sure to check out Suzee’s Etsy shop – Applehead Threads. You won’t be sorry!

New Nook Cover!New Nook Cover!

Toodles, kids! I hope your weekend is the best!


Oct 03

Original Sin

When I went to the hard cider festival a few weekends ago, I scored these really cool posters from a NY based company called Original Sin Hard Cider. I love the art style on these, and even though they were giving these away, I had to really bat my eyes at the guy to convince him to give me 2 of them. The I <3 NY one is amazing, and I couldn’t leave without the Jane Wiedlin one as well. Anyway, I was pretty sure I wanted to make them into sketchbooks, and I finally got around to it this weekend. They turned out perfect. I have finally, officially gotten the hang of using the wire binding machine. I am so so happy with how these turned out. I was thinking I’d list one of them on Etsy, but A) I don’t think I can part with either of them, and B) I feel sort of skeevy doing that since this art work is amazing and someone else spent a lot of time making it. For me to sell these and make $$ off of that artwork feels dirty.

These are quite heavy stock, 9×12, and I filled them with really nice quality, unlined white paper.

Anyway, here’s pics, click for larger.


SketchbookSin 274/365


Aug 09


Here’s a BRAND new scarf, now available at Fuzzy Paws Knits. This is hot off the needles!!

Purplicious 221/365


Aug 03

Shameless Plug

Just FYI, I added a few things to my Fuzzy Paws Knits shop today. Nothing new at the moment, but please take a look if you have a minute. I do have some brand spanking new stuff coming relatively soon, so stay tuned. And remember, the link is always on the sidebar, too. Also, just in case you don’t know, Fuzzy Paws Knits is on Twitter – @fuzzypaws.


Apr 01

Knives Chau

Versus 90/365I bought a binding machine from a chick on Craig’s List recently. It’s a wire binder, so it makes spiral bound books. I have been researching and reading and learning all about binding and how it works. I made a couple of practice books that are less than perfect, but I learned some very important lessons from them. I’m still not happy with the paper cutter I have, but overall, I finally have a real prototype book that worked out exactly how I wanted it. I am going to give this one to Clovis as a gift, and since he’s an artist, I filled it with a really nice quality multi-media paper. Anyway, my intention is to make more of these up and sell them on Etsy. I have about 200 or so of these DVD backer cards laying around with different movie/TV show artwork. If you are interested in a particular movie or TV notebook, comment or email me. I am sure we can work out a super cheap friend price. I have lots of cards, so let me know what you’re looking for. I haven’t decided on a price yet, so I’m open to suggestions on that front as well.


Apr 18


Harold came over the other night! Mike & I saw him so we thre some carrots and some asparagus into the yard. Harold loves him some carrots. I actually got some decent photos! Can you believe it? In the second one he’s cleaning his face to get the carrot off. So cute.

I also want to show off a couple of stuffies. These cuties are both for sale at Fuzzy Paws Knits for $5 each. First, Arturo. He likes reading, chocolate chip cookies, and rainy days. Dislikes clowns, brussels sprouts, and math. Then we have Miss Mimi. Mimi likes flowers, cheesecke, and shopping. She dislikes bees, spinach, and homework. There are more pics of both of them in the shop. 🙂


Nov 10

Time is Running Out!

I have my big annual show coming up in less than 2 weeks, and I am taking every single finished knit that I have in hopes of selling EVERYTHING. If there is something that you’ve seen here that you are interested in, or if there is something at Fuzzy Paws Knits that you think you might want, now is the time! I am hoping to return from the show with nothing, so if you don’t let me know you want something soon, it could be gone. Take a look here too, lots of this stuff is still available.


Nov 02

Clyde & Arturo

Here are 2 new Stuffies that I made. Arturo is the green googly eyed one, and Clyde is the fuzzy blue one. These are not available at Fuzzy Paws Knits yet, but might be soon. Mishap, let me know about these guys!


Oct 23

When it Rains, it Pours

Mike woke me up around 5 this morning (he was getting ready for bed) because he noticed that the wall underneath our bedroom window was all wet. He pulled off the trim to get a closer look, and there is a gap between the drywall and the window frame. Which is so not cool. So as soon as it dries, we will have to try to seal it with caulk or something, but for now, we have a washcloth wedged in there to wick the moisture. Then later this morning, Mike noticed that the living room ceiling’s paint is all bubbly and weird in one corner. So there is more water getting in!! Ugggh. Between the woodpeckers and these leaks, owning a home is severly trying my patience this week. Not to mention the leaves piling up in the backyard which means there is definitely raking happening in my near future.

Otherwise, there isn’t too much going on. Mike is off today so we are having a lunch date. Which I really need to go get dressed for. I don’t think my Good Luck Bear PJs will make a very good impression at any lunch establishment. I also have some knitted stuff I really want to get pics of to list on Etsy and show off here, but I need some decent sunlight to get good photos, so clearly that will have to wait. OK, off to get de-Care Beared. More later.