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Mar 03

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

I want to share with you an amazing project that some people very near and dear to my heart have been working tirelessly to create – a new trading card game called 5Crests. Please watch this short video, and like, subscribe, share, etc. If you are in the greater Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids MI area and are interested in being an Alpha Tester for this exciting game (or if you know someone who would be), please get in touch with these guys via Twitter or Facebook and attend an event!

I’m really proud of these guys, and I can’t wait to see them succeed, so please be sure to check them out & spread the word! Thanks Everyone! XOXO

Facebook: www.facebook.com/5crests
Twitter: www.twitter.com/5crests
Web: www.5crests.com


Jul 19

My Life is Dope

Beer Prom 2014 was last weekend and it was the very best yet. It was a really great time with some of my all-time favorite people. We had an aggressive agenda, so we started early. Wallets were stolen, secrets were revealed, pizza was eaten, games were played, and beers were consumed. Huge ups and a zillion thank yous to Clovis, who offered to drive us all day and night to make sure we stayed safe. You are the best.

Here’s some of my favorite pics from the day, plus my artwork:

Confession Time: I’d Marry every single one of you. I never wanted Beer Prom to end.

I’m so sporty these days that I went to TWO baseball games this week. Cuss, Clovis & I went to see the Battle Creek Bombers on Wednesday night. We had party deck tickets so it was a blast! There was vaguely a baseball game going on in the background or something, but whatevs – FREE MILLER LITE. It was super fun, and there was even a rainbow!

Cuss & I


On Thursday night I hit the Growlers game in Kalamazoo with my hubby and my co-workers. We paid more attention to the game this time – the Growlers won, I hung out with Barlee, and I got a hat!!

Mikey & Me

Me & Barlee

Whew! Super busy week, but so much fun. My life really is pretty dope. 🙂

The other news this week is that I finished Volume 10 of my journal. This was a long one – 7 months, 225ish pages. I already chose Volume 11. I went for a smaller size (8.5 x 5.5) and a spiral bound as opposed to hardcover this time. This book will fit into my briefcase which will help so much in keeping things current. I’m excited for the change! Here’s one of my favorite drawings from the last few weeks, as well as the cover of this finished book.

Dylan & Ty

Volume 10

I hope that your life is as dope as mine. XOXO


Mar 20



I decided to try out this whole sportsy business and see if I like it. So I did a bracket!! I even created an ESPN account so this is for real. So far, I LOVE being sportsy because there are few things in life I enjoy more than trash talk. Anyway, the games are going to start soon, so take a look at what a winning bracket looks like real quick:




Dec 09

Perhaps Not So Disappointing

My team, The Constant Disappointments, FINALLY won 1st place in Team Trivia last night at Bell’s Brewery!! Here we are, celebrating our glory. There are 2 people missing, they left too quick. This is a pretty big deal since our best night prior was 3rd place. 🙂



Nov 11

Santa Claus, The Devil & Elvis

I had a busy weekend, but it was jam-packed with awesomeness! Friday afternoon I had a root canal, so it was a pretty low-key evening. Mike made soup for dinner and we watched Knight Rider.

Saturday morning we got up and headed downtown for the holiday parade. Mike & I are not typically parade goers, but our friend Jason LOVES Christmas and was totally stoked to see Santa, so we agreed to meet him at the Green Top for hot toddies. We had to park a zillion miles away, and we were worried that when we finally got to the Green Top, it would be jammed and we’d end up standing around all morning and not even being able to see the parade because of all the people. Boy, were we wrong! The Green Top only had about 6 people there, so we were able to get a great table right in front of the windows, and we had an amazing view of the parade. Plus it was toasty warm, and the coffee with Bailey’s was delightful. It was so worth the long walk and the hassles of the traffic. We had a blast watching the parade and catching up with up with our old pal, Jason.

On Sunday, we were up and at ’em again – this time we went to WIDR studios on WMU’s campus to meet a friend, The Devil Tom Black. The Devil gave us a tour of the studio, and we got to watch him in action just a bit!

 WIDR's The Devil Tom Black

After our radio experience, we were famished, so we hit Nina’s Café on West Main for the first time ever. I got the Elvis Waffle – a Belgian waffle covered in peanut butter, bananas, chocolate syrup, and maple syrup. It was pretty freaking incredible. I’ve never eaten at Nina’s before this, and I feel like I want to move in. 🙂

 Elvis Waffle

On Sunday evening I went to Bell’s Brewery for Trivia with my homies. For the first time ever, we actually placed in the top 3 and won a prize! It was really awesome and the perfect capper to an amazing weekend. I hope your weekend was as much fun as mine was!! XOXO


Jun 26

Chariots of Fire

I’ve been working on being healthier since the start of the year. I quit smoking in March of 2012, and then I gained about 25 pounds during the rest of last year. In January, I decided to try to do better and be better. I wanted to lose weight, but I wanted to be a healthier person more. I knew that they went hand in hand anyway, so I decided to focus on being healthy – eating better, smaller portions, more fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, etc. My sister had already lost 50 pounds (YAY!) using a site/app called MyFitnessPal, so I decided to try it. I got Mike on board too, which has made a HUGE difference.

Fast forward to today – I’ve lost a total of 29 pounds as of this week. 29 pounds in 6 months!

Has it been easy? No. Some days are tough. I’m an emotional eater, so when I get stressed out or sad, I have to really fight with myself not to eat frosting or peanut butter right out of the jar. I’ve had to learn new coping skills!! Now I hit the elliptical instead or go for a long walk. But those days are so few and far between. 90% of the time, this is easy. It’s all about budgeting, planning ahead, and getting the exercise in. I still eat cheeseburgers, I still drink beer, I still eat cake and cookies and brownies and candy. I just enjoy those things in moderation, and balance them with healthy foods and exercise. Could I lose more weight and faster if I didn’t eat those things at all? Maybe. Actually, probably is more like it. But I don’t mind. I’ve lost 29 pounds in 6 months eating foods I love, so you won’t hear me complain very often.

As far as exercise, Mike & I are super lucky to be members at an amazing gym that has LITERALLY everything. Here’s something I know about myself – exercise has to be somewhat fun or I’m not going to do it. Not for the long term anyway. To fix this, I mix things up A LOT. I do all kinds of different things!! I have an elliptical and a rebounder at home, but those are honestly my last resorts and I use them when I’m super pressed for time, or in the winter if the weather is crap and I don’t want to go to the gym. I also walk, jog (!), swim, play racquetball & basketball, stair climb, row, stationary bike, jump rope, and whatever else I can come up with that sounds fun.

Did I say jog???? Yep, I sure did. Are you picturing me running with the Chariots of Fire music playing? I hope so, because that’s totes what it looks like. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to jog! If you know me or you’ve been lurking here for a while you know I have some messed up footsies. I had my bunion surgically corrected last November, but my feet are flat and I also have some issues with Plantar Fasciitis. I really wanted to give running a try, so I started the C25k training program this past February. My foot just wasn’t ready after the bunion surgery only 3 months before, so I decided to hold off. I decided to try it again at the start of last week, and it’s going great so far. I’m in my second week now, although I’m still doing the week 1 workout because I want to make this as gentle as possible for my feet. I’m enjoying it for now! I did invest in really good running shoes that address the flat foot problem, and they’ve been a huge help.

Besides that, I try to make better choices at restaurants, and eat out less in general. We also bought a 1/2 share from a CSA this year, so we are eating lots more veggies, and that’s been really great. So that’s it. Just eating better and generally being more active. Here’s a progress pic, and the newer picture was actually a few weeks ago, so I’ve probably lost about 3 pounds since then. I guess it’s really a 26 pound progress pic. Also, am I the geekiest person in the history of geeky people or what?? The first 2 pics I came up with are me with Darth Vader and me with Brent Spiner. Go figure. 🙂

 29 pounds lost!


Jun 13

Trek Dreams

Mike & I went to the Official Star Trek Convention in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. It was AMAZING. I’ve heard about these things going on forever and I’ve always thought it would be cool to go to one, but I never really thought I would. I am a Next Gen girl all the way, and when I heard that the entire main cast was going to be at this convention, AND that they were doing a reunion show with all of them on stage at once, AND it was all happening only a few hours away from my house?? I knew this was it.

We got the tickets for this several months ago, so I’ve been anxiously awaiting this for quite a while. To help me deal with the anticipation, I worked on what I would wear to the con. First, I knew I wanted to make a skirt, so I planned and imagined and came up with something that I’m really happy with. I also decided to make a pair of TNG shoes. Yes, shoes. I bought the shoes at a thrift store, and then I covered them in bits of TNG comic books. They were a big hit, to say the least. Nana Visitor (Major Kira from DS9) was fascinated with them, and so was Arlene Martel (T’Pring in TOS episode Amok Time). Here’s a picture of me in my outfit, and a close-up of the shoes.

 Star Trek Convention Day 1Star Trek Shoe

Day 0 – We arrived at the hotel/convention center on Thursday night. We pre-registered, got our convention badges, and then went to the vendors area and looked around a bit while they were setting up. I was surprised at how small the vendor area was – only 10 or 12 booths. I was so excited I knew I wouldn’t sleep, so we hit the hotel gym at 12:30 for a quick workout. I passed a dude in the hallway on the way back to my room who was wearing a Star Trek bathrobe. YES! These are my people!

I played Star Trek Trivia!Day1 – Friday. Today went by in a flash. Here are the highlights. Jeffrey Combs onstage (Weyoun & Brunt on DS9, Shran in ENT) was very cool & funny. He is just approachable and nice. We got his autograph and he was chatty. We met Ethan Phillips (Neelix on VOY plus a million other things) and he is also very sweet and funny. I chatted with Arlene Martel who was T”pring in one of my favorite Star Trek episodes EVER, TOS Amok Time. Again, so sweet, she loved my shoes & skirt. We got autographs from Vaughn Armstrong (Admiral Forrest ENT), and Casey Biggs (Damar DS9). I played a Star Trek Yes or No Trivia Game, but I didn’t win. I was eliminated on a question about the original airdate of the first episode of TNG. Boo! Crazy fun day, we snuck out in the evening and grabbed McDonald’s for dinner because that’s all we had time for. That night, we went to the Star Trek Rat Pack show – Max Grodenchik (Rom DS9) and all the other guys we met today (Ethan, Casey, Jeffrey & Vaughn), dress up in tuxes and then perform rat pack style. It was pretty cheesy, but really fun. We enjoyed it.

Day 2 – Saturday. THE BIG DAY. I was so nervous when I woke up that I hit the gym to work off some stress. I was only on the elliptical for 12 minutes because I was short on time, but I think I burned 600 calories. Today was a blur. We got our picture taken with Sir Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard TNG). This was in the morning, and when we walked into the room and he was there, I thought I would faint! Very exciting. HE TOUCHED ME, and he was so nice. And damn, he’s still a fox. Oh yeah, Mike was also there, I think. 🙂 In the afternoon, I bought a print of my favorite photo of the TNG cast – it’s black & white, and they all look beautiful. I was able to get it signed by every single member of the main cast, and Jonathan Frakes (Riker TNG) even wrote “To Trish” on it. It’s amazing, definitely getting framed and going on my wall. We also had our picture taken with the entire cast!! Check all of that off the bucket list, folks. That night was the TNG cast reunion show, and it was great. All 7 of them on stage together! Really fun. Mike was even able to ask them all a question, so he asked them about their nicknames for each other.  After that, we attended the Star Trek Karaoke Party, which was hosted by Nana Visitor (Major Kira DS9) and Rene Auberjonois (Odo DS9 and a million other things). It was the most fun we had at the convention. It was a great chance to mingle and chat with other fans. The rest of the convention is very structured and you are moving from event to event and there isn’t much time to just be social, so this was great. Here are some pictures, drawings, and even a video of the karaoke party! And yes,that’s Mike, my karaoke superstar singing 2 songs. 🙂

Done And Done

Mike, Sir Patrick Stewart, & me!


Day 3 – Sunday. Not going to lie, we were beat. The main things today were getting autographs from Rene Auberjonois (Odo DS9) and Avery Brooks (Captain Sisko DS9). There were lots of other events going on, but nothing huge. Avery Brooks is crazy, that’s the main takeaway from Sunday. We left around 5:30 or so local time, and I was spent.

SO MUCH FUN. Would I do it again? I don’t know. I feel like I accomplished what I wanted out of it, so I don’t know. It would depend on who was going to be there and what the events were I suppose. I’m not opposed to it, that’s for sure. 🙂

If you want to see all of the pics on Flickr, here’s the link so you can look at your leisure. 🙂


Apr 22

Pinball Wizard

When I was in 5th grade, I lived with my grandparents. My grandmother worked part time at a local Laundromat, and every day after school I’d go over there and hang out until she finished work. There was a Ms. Pac Man pinball machine, and my grandma would give me a roll of quarters every day, and I played that thing for what seemed like hours. I loved it! I’ve loved pinball ever since.

Me & the Pinball GorillaThis past Friday night, Mike & I went to the Pinball at the Zoo Expo at the fairgrounds. I was pretty excited, as you can imagine. All the machines were set to free play, so I wandered around and played a bunch of different games. My favorites (Shocker!) were the Star Trek machines. There were 2 TOS machines, and a TNG machine. I got to try them all and they were SO COOL. One of them was for sale and oh, how I would love to have a Star Trek (or any!) pinball machine in my basement!! But alas, 2600 bones is a little more than I am willing to part with. 🙁

I also enjoyed looking at all the pieces and parts – there were lots of vendors there selling balls, flippers, playfields, and tons of little bits and pieces that can be used to repair, build, and/or modify pinball machines. It was cool! Here’s some more pics – mostly of the Star Trek machines, natch.

Star Trek Pinball

Me playing Star Trek Pinball

Star Trek Pinball 1978

 Star Trek Pinball


Feb 12

Jam Cat

I had a pretty eventful weekend! Friday night I went out with my mom & my sister to a ceramics night at a local studio. I’ve never done any ceramics before, so I had no idea what to expect or what we would actually be doing. It turned out to be really fun! We had a very good time chatting and laughing while we painted our projects. My mom made a really cool travel mug that has a lid, and my sister made a rectagular tray that she is planning to use as a fruit bowl. I picked a giant coffee mug that has a handle – surprise surprise. I had NO IDEA what I was going to do with it, so I foraged around in a bin full of stencils until I found this really cool branch type. Once I had that I decided to do neutrally brownish autumnal colors. I ended up painting my mug in tan, with the handle a darker brown. Uh oh…The cute branchy stencil I picked was too large to fit on my mug! I had to wing it, so I ended up freehanding the whole thing. I hope it doesn;t look awful once it’s fired! I also painted a cute little leaf on the inside bottom, and painted my name on the outside bottom. Here’s the pre-fired look. The colors will look quite a bit different after firing.

 Hand Painted Mug

 Hand Painted Mug - Bottom

I can’t wait to pick it up this Friday and see how it turned out! This was really fun, and I can’t wait to do it again sometime.

Marmalade Dog 2013On Saturday, Mike & I hooked up with a few friends and went over to WMU for the Marmalade Dog show. It’s a gaming convention that focuses mainly on table games and strategy games such as Warhammer, Magic, etc. There’s really not a whole lot in it for me usually, except there are some cool vendors. Last time I went I bought a cute fleece hat with ears on top. This time, I was not disappointed at all. I bought an AMAZING cameo that can be worn as a brooch or as a pendant, and it looks like THIS:

 Cat Cameo

It’s pretty much the greatest thing, like, ever. I love it. The rest of Marmalade Dog was pretty boring for me, but it’s fairly small so we didn’t stay for very long.

So that’s it for now. Hove a great rest of your week!! XOXO.


Apr 24

Photo Extravaganza

I don’t really have a lot to say at the moment. I’ve been kind of stressed out. Here are some recent photos to tide you over, though. Click for larger.

TNG Pinball!!

Buffy Yawns

April 16 & 17 2012