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Jun 01

Monks in the Teleporter

Noah came over to spend the night with us on Saturday. We had a blast. First we took him to see Shrek Forever After, during which I plied him with candy and popcorn. It was a cute movie. We all enjoyed it, but I don’t think it was as good as some of the other Shrek movies. I did like the tubby Puss in Boots, though. After the movie we grabbed some dinner at Friday’s, then came home to play Star Wars Monopoly. While we were eating Noah said, “Aunt Kitty, I should let you know that I’m kind of a shark at this game. I beat my mom once.” The kid cracks me up! When he plays at home with his mom and dad, they just play for an hour or so, then just count the money and whoever has the most is declared the winner. Since he knows that you have to have a lot of money to win, he won’t buy anything. He doesn’t get the “spend money to make money” concept at all. He ended up winning Jabba’s Palace (which is the Park Place of Star Wars) because we were playing special Star Wars rules where you can win an available property. He never bought another thing, and yet when it was time to count the money, he managed to have the most (wink wink). He was extremely proud of his victory over his Aunt Kitty, Uncle Mike, and George. We had a great time!

On Sunday, we had the gang over for Crappy Movie Sunday of course. This week we never really got around to planning for a movie, so Clovis brought a stack of kung fu movis over with him. We chose a movie called Chocolate that turned out to be sad, depressing, gory, and also a little absurd. We all had a great time watching it, though. After the movie we had some snackies and beers, discussed the concept of shame and how it impacts our daily lives, then we played the telephone game. The telephone game is pretty much a guaranteed good time, and we all loved it.

Yesterdy, we had my family over for a Memorial Day BBQ. It was a totally sucky and rainy day, but Mike is a trooper and stood outside grilling while holding an umbrella the whole time. We had some delicious eats, and we all enjoyed chatting and hanging out together. I made a yummy strawberry shortcake, and then I kept the strawberry tops and made fresh strawberry juice, which was really really tasty. Anyway, despite the weather, it was a great day, and a great holiday weekend.

Quick knitting update: I finished a pair of socks the other day. I think the socks theselves turned out great, but man is it some ugly sock yarn. I bought it on clearance, and I knew it wasn’t my favorite color combination, but it’s even uglier than I anticipated. I call these Toxic Sock Syndrome.

As for the sock yarn binky, there hasn’t been much progres. It’s just large enough that I don’t want to work on it when it’s hot, so I haven’t done a whole lot with it recently.


Apr 06

Bunny Foo Foo

Sorry I didn’t manage to get this up yesterday like I planned, but better late than never, right?

On Wednesday last week I was hanging around on the patio and basking in the lovely weather, when I got a call from my BFF-OMG Amber. She had just rolled in to town from Florida. What a lovely surprise! I knew that she and my BFF Becky had plans to come visit, but I had no idea it would be that particular day. I guess that’s what I get for neglecting Facebook. Anyway, they were here!! They settled in a bit and then came over to hang out with me on my patio. SO great to see them. We hung out for a bit, then decided to hit Center Ice for dinner & drinks. We also ran into some other friends, so our little posse grew!  I even got everyone to relocate to Gallagher’s so I could knock a couple of brews off of my list! Fun fun fun!

The girls were here to clean out their MI house so they could get it on the market. George & I headed over there on Thursday to try to help them out. They had some rather large, heavy pieces that needed moved, as well as lots of small miscellaneous stuff. There was plenty to be done and we ended up helping them on Friday and Saturday as well. They were able to get everything done and the house is now for sale, so that is AWESOME. Except for the fact that they are definitely Florida residents now. Man, I miss those chicks. Anyway, we were so happy to get to spend time with them while they were here, and I hope to see them again soon!

As they were going through everything, Mike & I just happened to score some awesome stuff that they didn’t want anymore. First, a water cooler that does hot & cold (although the hot isn’t working right now and we are trying to figure out why), a super sweet floor lamp, a new leather office chair for Mikey, a BOMB upright carpet shampooer, and an art/drafting table with stool and light. The water cooler is so awesome. I have always wanted one. Even if we are never able to get the hot working, it is still the greatest. We even took an empty 5 gallon jug to Harding’s across the street and they refill for only $1.95. Quite a bargain! I also tried out the shampooer yesterday and it is really nice. It is very easy to use, feels lightweight, and makes the floor look totally sweet.  

On Easter Sunday we headed up to Grand Rapids to hang out with Mike’s family. The weather was so nice, and I am glad we got to do the Easter egg hunt. I got paired with Mr. Jesse, which means I was in charge of hiding his eggs and then helping him find them. He did awesome, he was only a little stumped by 2 of my egg hiding places – other wise I think I underestimated him. It was really fun! I am pretty sure that all the kids had a blast, along with all of the adults. If you missed the slideshow, pics are here.

Yesterday the UPS man brought my new juicer! It is so shiny. I can’t wait to try it out this afternoon. I might actually do fruit juice to christen it. I typically do veggie juices exclusively. But I have some lovely strawberries and apples that I think will taste super yummy. We’ll see.


Mar 15

Cozy Tea

I know these are suckwad pics, they were quickies with my phone in awful lighting. Anyway, I bought this BA little tea pot for Mike last week for him to make tea at work. His tea gets cold before the second cup, so I told him to bring it home and I’d make him a cozy to keep the tea warm. Viola! And I even used some of the leftover yarn from his Sackboy. I thought it would be kind of neat to needle felt a leaf on there, but I ran out of time. I might have him bring it home again this weekend.

Oh, and I decided to call about the juicer. I sort of look at it this way – if a car has a recall, it doesn’t matter if you are the first or the 10th owner, they are still obligated to repair it. And they didn;t ask me ANY questions at all except for the codes at the bottom of the unit. They are sending me a letter which will offer me a cash refund or a replacement juicer and I can choose. It should be here in a few days. I asked what I should do with the juicer and she said DO NOT use it, discard it.


Mar 13

Total Recall

Thursday night we went to Gallagher’s with some friends. It was awesome and I knocked out some more beers from the list. Check out the link to the right if you want to see what I’ve had so far. And don’t forget to send me some suggestions!

Friday was my super awesome spa day with my mom! First I had a facial while she had a massage, then we got manicures together. After that, she got highlights and her hair styled, and I got a cut, style and deep conditioning treatment. Then we both had our makeup done. It was so so much fun. I wish I was super loaded and we could it all the time. When I got home from the spa, I had 2 packages waiting – one was my new crock pot, and it is so cool, I can’t wait to try it out.  The second was a giant box of St. Patrick’s Day/Birthday cookies from my good friends Brian and Holly in Las Vegas. These are so cute, and trust me, they taste even better than they look! 

Later that evening, Mike & I decided to rent some movies, so we watched Quantum of Solace. It was an OK movie, but Casino Royale was far better. It was a good day. Actually, a GREAT day. I even got  call about a job and it sounds like I’ll have an interview in a couple of weeks.

This morning I got up and met up with my mom & sister. We were so excited to go check out the brand new Goodwill down the street from my house. They were having a big grand opening deal. Anyway, we got there and it was a ZOO. There was hardly anywhere to park, and once we got inside, you could barely get around the store it was so crowded! I went to furniture right away because I have been looking for a small chair for my office. I found the perfect one! I couldn’t find a price tag on it, so I went off to find and employee to help me. Five minutes later, I drag a guy over there, and suddenly, it has a SOLD tag on it. Uggh. I was so frustrated! I’ve been looking for a couple of months and I thought this one was perfect!! Oh well, apparently it wasn’t. I did manage to find a couple of other bargains though – my very own juicer for $6.99, and 3 balls of Plymouth Galway Highland Heather yarn for $1 each. Those are regularly about $6-ish each, so this was a steal!

I got home and took my new juicer apart, and thoroughly washed all the pieces. Once they were dry, I plugged it in to see how it works. It was GREAT. Not as good as the one I borrowed from my sister in law, but amazingly good for $7. For example, Missy’s juicer will do a carrot like it ain’t no thing, and this one will kind of slow down a little and you can tell it is having to work a little harder to juice the carrot, but it still does just fine. Overall, I was really impressed and happy with it. After I drank my delicious carrot-tomato with a splash of cucumber and green pepper juice, I took the juicer apart again and washed all the pieces again. It is easier to clean than the borrowed juicer, so I definitely like that.

After I cleaned it, I decided to look online and see if I could find the manual for this model. I found out lots of interesting things. This juicer was sold between 1990 and 1995. Oh, and in 2001 all of these models were recalled due to a defect that can cause the lid to break and the slicer blade to come flying out of the machine. Hmmm, that’s an interesting tidbit. The recall even states that you should unplug the juicer and never use it again. There is a contact number, but I’m really not sure how to proceed. Should I call and try to get a new juicer? I feel sort of skeevy about that since I wasn’t the original owner. I am thinking that the defect is probably one in a million so maybe I’ll just continue using it. Of course, I would definitely be the one in a million that ends up with my throat slit from a runaway juicer. I’m still not sure what I should do. I need to think about it.


Mar 10

Forbidden Forest

As I mentioned, my crock pot lid shattered on Sunday, ruining my dinner, and also my crock. On Monday morning, I called Rival’s customer service department to see if I could buy a new lid. I had looked around online and wasn’t able to find the right one. The girl I talked to asked me a few questions, and then asked me for some codes on the bottom of the crock. Then she gave me the bad news: the model I have is no longer being manufactured, so no lids are available. Also, my warranty was expired. I was bummed. Then she said, ” What I can do is offer you a brand new crock pot at no charge.” Ummm, wah? That is NOT what I was expecting at all! My crock was a 5 quart programmable. All she had was a 5.5 quart. I told her I’d rather go smaller than larger, so she offered me a 4 quart, but cautioned me that it wasn’t programmable and she was very apologetic. Wow, she was apologizing for giving me something for free that was not as good as my 6 year old one that was outside of warranty. I happily accepted the 4 quart un-programmable, and I couldn’t be happier!! Rival’s customer service rules. I was more than pleased by this outcome, I was blown away. The girl I talked to was probably the nicest customer service rep I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with too. If you need a small appliance, you should totally choose Rival.

Speaking of small appliances, I have been continuing to make juice just about every day. I even made a cucumber toner for my face using real cucumber juice! It’s awesome. If you want the recipe, comment or email me. You don’t have to have a juicer either, you can do it with a blender.

Yesterday I met up with the ZPDK peeps for knitting and coffee. It was a blast! I had a great time, and I even managed to finish a sock, which is awesome. I loooove this colorway, this sock turned out so beautiful. I bought this sock yarn by the pound at Stitches Midwest in August. It’s a superwash merino, and I think I paid about $15 for around 250 grams. That’s enough for about 3 pairs of socks, so it was definitely a bargain. It could be a tad bit softer, but I think once I run them through the washer & dryer, they will be awesome. I call them Forbidden Forest, because the colors definitely look foresty and also, I heart HP. Anyway, here’s the first sock, still need to make the mate:

Also, I changed my theme, and I like this one a lot. Very crisp & clean. I am feeling pretty BA because I changed it all by myself! I hope you dig it too.


Mar 07

Dinner Destruction

On Friday afternoon, Mike & I decided on a whim to hit Battle Creek and go to Horrock’s. We hadn’t been there in years and it’s a pretty cool store. On the way, I finally got a chance to check out Your Local Yarn Shop on Columbia. Wow, it’s really big, nice, and they have a great selection. I didn’t get anything because I’m on a yarn diet, but they had a HUGE section of yarns that were all 75% off and I was sorely tempted. Anyway, back to Horrock’s. It’s so cool. They have such great produce, a big bulk section, great coffees, and a really nice beer selection. What more could you want? I also hit the upstairs book section and found a pressure cooker cookbook and a juicing book. Awesome! It was really fun.

Last night we met up with Mike’s boss and a friend of his at Gallagher’s. I converted another person to the Beer Society, so now there are even more people for me to have beers with!We had a nice time, and I got to try some more beers too. I got Mike’s boss to try #9, and of course, he loved it. Woot! One of the beers I had last night was Orange Blossom Ale. It’s brewed in Florida, and it was very tasty. Check the link on the right sidebar to see what I had and how I rated it. I am up to 19! Only 106 beers to go!! It’s still early in the game, so I am taking suggestions – what beers should I try? Comment or email me.

I got up this morning, made some coffee and a yummy brekkie of Trish McMuffins, and relaxed while Mikey slept in. After that I decided to get started on dinner which was a crock pot feast called Beef & Potato Casserole. I browned the meat, washed potatoes and peeled the carrots, then diced them up along with an onion. The recipe calls for tomato juice, so I even made fresh tomato juice with the juicer. I put everything in the crock and started it up. About 30 minutes later I heard a loud POP that sounded like a gunshot. I went into the kitchen and found this:

I have no idea how this happened, but my crock pot is ruined, along with my super fab dinner! How sad and disappointing. I am going to look online and see if I can find a replacement lid, because I’m pretty sure the crock itself is fine. Anyway, this is very frustrating. I guess we will be ordering sammiches or pizza or something for dinner. 🙁

I’ve been rocking the Wii Fit Plus for about a week now, and I am feeling the burn in my abs and thighs. I did these lunges a few times and everytime I tried to sit down I cried out a little. Not cool, but very cool at the same time. I am also trying to make friends with my elliptical machine. We were close for a while, but then we drifted apart. I am rocking the rebounder too. I am trying to vary it up to keep things interesting – so far, so good.


Mar 02

All Juiced Up

Mike’s Aunt Debbie is in town from Pennsylvania, so we had a family brunch on Sunday, which was nice. It’s always fun to see all the family and hang with the kids. I remembered my camera and got some great photos.

I think everyone had fun! Nehemiah is wearing a hard hat because Mike & I got the boys a Handy Manny work bench for Christmas, and they all love it – somehow Missy found them kid’s hard hats – so cute! While I was there, I found a book about making juice on Missy’s bookshelf. I have been looking around at juicers for a couple of weeks because I am interested in trying out making my own juice. They are expensive, though, so that had sort of put me off of buying a new one. I figured I’d look around thrift stores and garage sales and find a used one. Anyway, I asked Missy about the book and it turns out she has 2 juicers and rarely uses the older one. She loaned it to me and told me I could keep it for a while. I was super excited.

Yesterday, I busted out the juicer and decided to give it a go. George wanted to try the juice too, so I did 3 carrots and 3 granny smith apples, then I mixed it all together, added ice and took a tentative sip. It was DELISH. I mean really really good. I was surprised by how good. Later in the evening, I decided to do an all veggie juice. I did a couple of carrots, a roma tomato and some spinach. Again, surprisingly delicious. My plan is to have a veggie juice once a day. I need to get some celery and some cucumbers. Anyway, making juice is really easy, really fun, and SO GOOD. I need to figure out a creative way to use the fruit and veggie pulp though, I hate throwing it away. I added some fruit pulp to a smoothie I made, and I also read that you can use it for muffins, soups and tons of other stuff. I need to do a little more research.