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Sep 11

Reasons I Love the Season

The weather today is a bit crisp and the sky is a dull gray, which happens to be my favorite kind of day (although it’s in a pretty close race with summer thunderstorms). I love fall. It’s most definitely my favorite time of the year and just thinking about it makes me smile. I know lots of people miss the heat and the sun of summer, but I don’t. Here are some of the reasons why autumn rocks my face off. BRB, gotta go wash my Harry Potter Snuggie.

  1. Hot cocoa
  2. Halloween
  3. Fires in the fireplace
  4. Pumpkin beers
  5. The amazing color palette of changing leaves
  6. Fantasy football (I’m super good at it)
  7. Sweaters & hoodies
  8. Great apples
  9. Skirts with tights and boots
  10. Falling asleep with the windows open
  11. Soups and stews
  12. Pajamas with feet
  13. Thick scarves and warm knit hats
  14. Spiced cider
  15. Raking (yeah, I actually enjoy it)
  16. Knitting and crochet
  17. Wool socks and fuzzy slippers

Fire Close-up

What’s your favorite season, and why?


Sep 06

Memory Palette

Memory Palette


I came across this idea via Summer Pierre – an amazing artist that I really admire. Crayons all by themselves take me back to childhood – even though I use much more sophisticated tools these days, I still love the look and feel of crayons on paper. This takes that nostalgia to another level. When I saw Summer’s palette, I was immediately in love! So here’s my version – the colorful memories of my childhood expressed via crayon.

Be sure to check out Summer’s palette by clicking here!


Jul 09

Only the Strong

I took a character strengths assessment test recently on a whim, and I found the results quite interesting. The test took about 10 minutes and was basically True or False questions about how you react in certain situations and how you believe others perceive you. So here are my top 5 character strengths in order:

1 – Humor
2 – Kindness
3 – Curiosity
4 – Love
5 – Creativity

I feel like these are pretty accurate, all things considered. The only surprise for me is that creativity is at 5 and not higher up!

If you’re interested in doing this assessment yourself, click here. I’d love to hear your results! The test gave me 24 total strengths, and here are the rest, in order: social intelligence, teamwork, forgiveness, honesty, prudence, fairness, judgement, leadership, perspective, appreciation of beauty and excellence, gratitude, zest, hope, love of learning, perseverance, bravery, humility, self-regulation.

Now I guess I need a character flaws assessment so I can have a total picture? Haha, just kidding, I know what’s wrong with me. 🙂

Just for giggles, here’s a quick drawing I did with oil pastels. I don’t use them very often but I like how this turned out. image


Aug 10


It’s a little late for the Friday Five since it’s Saturday (technically Sunday even), but I don’t care so why should you?

  • What does your storm preparedness stuff look like?  Well, let’s see…I have some candles and a lighter in the kitchen in case the power goes out. So it’s quite extensive and well thought out.
  • What kinds of storms make you the most uncomfortable?  I looooove thunderstorms. Especially at night, but anytime really. They’re so exciting and I find them somehow romantic. Thunderstorms don’t typically make me nervous, though, I’m just rambling. Ice storms make me very anxious because they make travel so treacherous. On the flipside, there are few things as beautiful as trees and roofs and streets and an entire world covered in a glaze of shiny shimmery ice. Life is crazy like that.
  • What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without electricity, and what were the circumstances?  I don’t remember a time that was anything more than a few hours, honestly. I’m a pretty lucky gal. KNOCK ON WOOD
  • What’s the worst damage a storm has done to your dwelling?  A few years ago a tree in our yard was struck by lightning. It actually blew the tree roots out of the ground and left scorch marks on the tree bark. In terms of physical damage to our house, there wasn’t any, except that the tree died and eventually had to be removed. That was sad because it was a big tree that provided lots of shade. However, the power surge killed thousands of dollars worth of electronics including all of our TVs and computers. What a pain in the butt that turned out to be.
  • What was the occasion for your last storming of the gates?  I rarely get riled up about anything, so I have no idea.

In other news, I feel like I’m barely clinging to sanity most days. Things just seem to be swirling and spiraling around me and I feel completely out of control. Hopefully I can get some purchase on something stable in the near future. I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.

Love & Kisses,



Apr 11

Won’t You Come See About Me?

I haven’t done the Friday Five in a while, but I like these questions, and it’s lunchtime, so let’s play!

    1. What field trips, one from elementary school and one from high school, do you remember most fondly? In elementary school I remember going to Greenfield Village in Detroit. The details are fuzzy but I remember watching the ladies dressed in period clothing churning butter, and I thought that was *so* cool. In high school I don’t even recall any field trips. I’m wondering if my school didn’t even do that sort of thing. The only thing that comes to mind is when my friends and I got a day off to deliver poinsettias at Christmas time for a charity and then the police were called and they were waiting for us at school and it was a whole big thing. But that wasn’t really a field trip. 
    2. How does your handwriting today differ from your handwriting in high school?I have no idea. I’m sure it’s changed, but I don’t remember what it was like back then. I probably used little hearts to dot my Is or something lame like that, though.
    3. What let’s-pretend game did you most enjoy when you were a child?I played with my Barbies a ton and I had the Barbie Dream Store, so those girls did a lot of pretend shopping. I also LOVED Fashion Plates, so I guess I pretended to be a fashion designer. 
    4. If you had to take the name of any one-named celebrity, whose would work best?I’d go by Adele, because I’d love to be as beautiful as she is and to also sing like an angel. 
    5. A brain, a princess, an athlete, a basket case, and a criminal: Which of these roles will you take, and which friends fill the rest?I think I’m probably a mash-up of a Princess and a Basket Case. As for my friends, I wouldn’t even dare to label them. Besides, they know who they are. 🙂


Apr 09

It’s Tearing Up My Heart

A couple of things to post here, first some pages from my planner. Backstreet Boys shoutout!!

April 1 & 2 2014

April 3 & 4 2014


Here’s a quick little video I took last week just for giggles. Nemo is scared of the vacuum, so he was snuggled on my lap so I could console him. 🙂


Nov 20

Plans, Dreams and Schemes

2013 is coming to a close, so naturally, that means it’s time for me to figure out my planner book for next year. I think I’ve come up with something that will work great.

 2014 Planner - Cover

Here’s the front cover. I bought the cartoony Catwoman vinyl sticker at Fanfare last year and I’ve been looking for the perfect place to use it ever since. As for the book, I bought it a couple of years ago at a bargain bookstore. It’s made by PaperChase, and it has different types of paper – lined, blank, and graph – sectioned off by paper pocket pages and plastic dividers that also have pockets. It isn’t designed to be a planner, but I sectioned off 2 days per page by hand and filled in the dates for the whole year.

 2014 Planner - Inside Cover

As usual, I made sure to add some family photos to the inside cover. You can also see the first page of dates here.

 2014 Planner - Inside

I like the different types of paper – it’ll keep things interesting. Here’s a graph paper page.

 2014 Planner - Pockets

And here’s one of the at least 3 or 4 pocket pages. These are nice thick cardstock with pockets on both sides. I already have it stuffed with list paper as you can see. This book also has a plastic zipper pouch included in the very back which will be perfect for holding my stickers. As you know, I LOVE  me some stickers.

So that’s what I’ve got. I’m pretty excited to start using it! It has more room than  my current book which means more drawing and doodling and stickers and fun. 🙂


Jul 22

I Bought New Shorts For This

On Saturday, 6 friends and I embarked on a journey that would change all of us forever. Or maybe we’d just all have a really fun time or something. Anyway, we called it BEER PROM and we set an aggressive itinerary to hit 7 breweries in Grand Rapids in one night. We had corsages made of hops, dreams in our hearts, and new shorts.

We got a later start than originally planned because of an unforeseen nail salon closure, but we didn’t let that stop us. We did have to cut one brewery, but sometimes, sacrifices have to be made, you know? Here’s the itinerary, and also a picture of the entire BEER PROM gang. There are lots more pictures at my Flickr page, so click the link in the box on the right side of the page to see more.

Beer Prom Itinerary

Beer Prom Gang

The highlights of this trip for me where that I finally got to see some of these great breweries that are so close to me. I had only been to 2 of these before, so it was great to finally visit these places. My favorite was Brewery Vivant. I’m not a fan of the beer there at all, but the building is amazing and the food is even better. I also really liked Grand Rapids Brewing Company. But really, rather than tell you how great this was and how much fun we had, I’ll show you! Here’s a video where my buddy (and fellow Prom-goer) John tells you about each stop we make and even recaps the entire evening for you!!

So in summation….it was a GREAT time! I think everyone really enjoyed this event, and I sincerely hope we can do it again next summer! I think Beer Prom is going to become a thing.


Feb 21

I’m Getting Thirsty

This Saturday is the Michigan Brewer’s Guild’s Winter Beer Festival in Grand Rapids. Dawn & I are doing the same thing we did last year – a bus trip from Kalamazoo to Grand Rapids. I’m pretty excited! As usual, it’s my job to work out pretzel necklaces. Last year, I did ribbon necklaces with bows and snowflakes hot glued on them. I felt like I needed to kick it up a notch, though. In summer, bows and ribbons and all that are fine, but for winter, it’s trickier. You’re all bundled up, so when you have a thick coat & scarf on, chestal area real estate is at a premium. Then, like a flash of genius it came to me. PRETZEL SCARVES. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone (drink 2 beers with 1 glass?)! You get warmth AND pretzel accessibility without all the added bulk. I dug through my fabric stash and found some leftover fleece that was just dying to become a pretzel containment device. So here’s what I came up with:

 Pretzel SCARF

Another amazing feature of the pretzel scarf is it’s eco-friendliness. These babies can be machine washed and re-strung with pretzels again and again and again. In case you can’t tell, I’m feeling pretty awesome about this project. If you’ll be at the fest, look out for me, Dawn, and our girl Jessica rocking the amazing PRETZEL SCARVES.

Just for giggles, I thought it’d be fun to share my journal page from last year’s fest. I hope you love it. Have a stellar weekend, my lovelies. Click to see larger.

 Winter Beer Fest 2012


Oct 18

One Year Ago Today

Here’s what I drew in my journal one year ago today. Pretty sweet, huh? It’s fun to look back – notice my pink weave! I sort of miss it.  🙂   Click to see the larger version.

 Best Things About Fall