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Aug 17

Family Photos

I took some family Polaroids recently, so I thought I’d share them with you. Pretty sweet, huh?

BuffyNemo YawnsMikeMe!












May 31

You’re Schmoopy

Last week, Mike went to Minnesota for work. He was gone for 9 days, so it was pretty lengthy. Anyway, the week before he left, I made little cards for him to open every day while he was gone, and then the morning of his flight, I snuck them into his suitcase. There were all sorts of things – a crossword puzzle with clues about us and our lives, a maze with a picture of the cats and I at the end, polaroids of Nemo, Buffy, and I, and more. Every day while he was gone, Mike opened the envelope for that day and then sent me a photo of the completed puzzle or of whatever was in the envelope. So here are all of the pictures that Mike sent to me, collage style. His camera settings are whack so all of the pics are super low res. Sorry about that, but it’s his fault. And yes, I know, we’re nerds. 🙂

PicMonkey Collage


Nov 03

My 2012 Planner

As I’ve mentioned recently, I have been thinking about what will work for me as a planner for the new year. I was starting to stress as I watched the pages in my current planner dwindle as we reach the end of 2011! I am pretty sure I have found a solution that will totally rock.

I was shopping at a local bargain book store over the summer and I came across this really cool journal. The cover is lavender fabric, and it’s really thick and filled with delicious creamy lined paper. I got it for only $5, so it was a steal! I tossed it onto the pile of blank sketchbooks and journals I have and didn’t really think too much about it. Then, a few weeks ago as I was brainstorming my planning options for 2012, I took that book off the pile. It has LOTS of pages, so I did a quick count – it has enough pages for a page a day, which is what I was hoping for, plus it has some spare pages for quick notes as well. Perfect!! I made a few quick modifications. First, I added a pocket to the inside front cover. This is a must for me – I have to have a place to tuck lists, coupons, bills that need to be paid, etc. I also added a plastic slot to the inside cover so I can put photos in and change them out whenever I feel like it. I’m als considering adding an envelope to the inside back cover to hold stickers and whatever else. 

So basically, I went through the book and added the dates to the top of each page, so this thing is ready to roll. I am really excited because I’ll have a whole page for each day!! More room for drawings and sketches and lists and ideas and stickers and plans and dreams. Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures – first the front and then the inside cover mods. As usual, click to see the larger images.

Planner 2012Planner 2012

So, that’s it for now. I have high hopes that this will be the greatest planner in history. Have a fantastic weekend!


Dec 28

Holiday Cheer

Our Christmas was really really great! We spent Christmas Eve at home with my mom, my sister and her family. I made a prime rib (poorly) and we hung out together all afternoon. Noah made out like a bandit, as all 8 year olds should. We had a great time. Here’s the highlights:

FamilyFamily ( Read more )


Dec 22

Flames & Photos

I am so in love with my fireplace it’s ridiculous. Mike came in the house the other day and caught me standing in front of it and smiling like a goon. I can’t help myself. I’d have fires going all the time when I’m awake if it was feasible. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted a fireplace. Now I have one, and it has totally lived up to expectations. Mike told me that he keeps expecting the newness to wear off and for me to get bored with it, but I don’t see it happening.

So I got some of those fancy colorlog deals that make the flames pretty colors for your viewing pleasure. The flames are pretty, but otherwise, these are not what I expected. First, you can’t burn anything else with it – it’s this colorlog and nothing else. It makes a decent fire, but it doesn’t get as warm as regular wood, so that’s a pretty big drawback. It sort of reminds me of the gas fireplace – it looks good, but that’s about it. You don’t even get the same smell as a wood fire. What is this colorlog made out of anyway? I think I’m scared to find out. Anyway, they are nice for ambience, but for general firebuilding, I’ll stick with good old wood.

I did say they were pretty, though, right?


In other news, I’m eagerly preparing for my Photo Project. I have a lot of weird cameras, and I got them all out and went through them yesterday. I have this sweet camera that uses 110 film, but I can’t figure out where to get it developed. I took it to Walgreen’s yesterday and they said no chain store is going to have the eqipment for it anymore, and I might have to mail it somewhere. That’s a bummer. I also have a Lomo Actionsampler camera. This camera is really unique – it takes 4 photos in quick succession, and when developed, the 4 photos are all on one print. Take a look at the actionsampler Flickr group to see some examples. I got this camera a few years ago and I shot a roll of film, but when I took it to be developed, they wouldn’t do it for some reason. I kept the roll for a long time, and finally took it in again yesterday. I should have told the guy it was a little different, but I didn’t think about it. He came back and gave me the negatives and told me he didn’t develop it, and it was the weirdest thing he’d ever seen – the pictures were wallet sized. I unfurled the negatives and held them up to the light. I could see people and shapes. I asked him to develop them anyway. He insisted that the quality was really bad and the colors were weird. I told him I really wanted it anyway. I am supposed to pick them up today, and I’m pretty excited to see what I got. If there’s anything amazing (or even just mildly amusing) I’ll be sure to share it with you. I’m quite sure I’ll be using my 2 digital cameras 90% of the time for this project, unless I can get my paws on some film for my Polaroid cameras, which would be amazing. I have a few shots left with my Polaroid iZone, and then it permanently bites the dust. Ugggh, that makes me so sad. I’m definitely considering old-school-real-film cameras, but that will be more difficult (no digital preview! gasp!) and it will take time for development, making my pictures really late. We’ll see what happens.


Apr 07

Polaroid Comeback

I heard recently that Polaroid film is making a comeback, thanks to the people at The Impossible Project. They started selling black & white film a few weeks ago, but I haven’t been able to get my paws on any….yet. Color film is supposed to be available sometime this summer.

I freaking love Polaroid. Instant cameras & film are the coolest. I could not be more geeked to hear this. I have had 2 Polaroid cameras for a while. I have a pink & gray one that I bought shortly before the film disappeared. Not new, of course. It’s totally retro, I’m thinking 80’s. How could I resist a sassy pink camera? It actually still has the last pack of film I could get my hands on in it, with a few shots left that I’ve been saving for a VERY special occasion. I also have a glittery blue i-Zone camera. This is probably the coolest camera I’ve ever owned. It takes a tiny photo – 1.5 x 1 inches – and the little photo has a sticky back. I bought this camera in the late 90’s when it came out, and I had a blast with it. I still have one pack of sticker film left (12 pics!!)for this baby, and again, I’m waiting for something incredible to happen so I can take tiny photos of it. The film is long expired, of course, as I’m sure the film in my pink camera is. But it’s all I’ve got!! Here is a sample of just a few i-Zone photos I’ve taken. These are just some of my favorites that I’ve scanned. I have lots more.

Mike & I happened to pop into Goodwill last night to kick around and see what was shaking, and I managed to find an awesome forest green Polaroid camera for $6!! It is definitely newer than Pinky – I’d say late 90’s as a shot in the dark. It’s super cute and I can’t freaking wait to get my mitts on some Polaroid film to make it go!!

I’ve scoured the internet to find out if they will also be making film for the i-Zone, but couldn’t find an anwer. I emailed the Impossible folks, but it may be a while before I hear anything back. But, really, here’s hoping. For now, the fact that they are making the 600 film makes me giddy. 🙂

Here are my cameras, left to right: Pinky, Glitzy (i-Zone), and new to my pack, Evergreen (this photo doesn’t really show off her super cute green color, but take my word for it). Also, my last pack of sticky i-Zone film.