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Dec 19

Holiday Madness

Things have been so crazy lately. Things are always crazy, but we are spilling over into insane this last week!

I was in New Jersey at my company’s headquarters for most of last week. It was a stellar trip – I honestly believe that I have the best boss on the planet. I didn’t make it into NYC to see the tree at Rockefeller Center, so I’m a little bummed. My extremely generous boss told me that he couldn’t get away to take me, but he offered to hire a driver to take me to the city for the afternoon. While that was a very sweet offer, I didn’t want to go alone. I’m sure I’ll see it next year, though.

I got home on Friday, and I was exhausted from the trip, but there was no time to waste – my niece’s wedding was the very next day, and Christmas was a little more than a week away. Where had the time gone? Was I finished with my shopping? NO. Mike’s entire family is planning on spending Christmas Day at my house, and did I have any idea what we would eat, where we would all sit, etc? NO. Do I still have 2 handknit holiday gifts languishing on the needles? YES. Since I’ve been home I’ve been scrambling to get all these little details figured out.

Oh, and the wedding! It turned out very nice. My niece is too young to get married – I still see her as the tiny little girl she used to be. She seemed very happy, though, and she looked beautiful. I wish these 2 the very best.

 Alexis & Joshua

Also, here’s our holiday card for this year. I drew a family portrait, and then had them printed on postcards. The drawing is ink and colored pencil, and the background and text was added digitally. I also sent 8 of these out via Postcrossing to people around the world. Most of them have already been delivered and I got some really sweet notes in return. Anyway, if you don’t hear from me again before Christmas (which is likely since I’m swamped!!), I hope your holiday is extra joyous and merry. The very best to you and yours this holiday and in the new year. Kisses!!

 Holiday Card 2011


Sep 08


OK, first off, I’m loving this fall-ish weather! Sunny but chilly, which is pretty perfect for me. Today is gray and rainy, but I happen to also love rain, so I’m ok with that too. I’m going to a hard cider festival this weekend, so I hope it’s at least a teensy bit chilly so I’ll be in a cider-y kind of mood. 🙂

I got a new phone over the weekend. I was so ready to get rid of that POS Palm Pre! I really really wanted a Blackberry, but they are way too expensive, so I ended up with an HTC Evo 4G. Downside – It’s HUGE. Seriously, it’s a dude phone. My dainty girl paws can barely manage to hold on to this thing. Upsides – it’s got a great camera (front facing too!), and it can stream Netflix. I’m not sure I’ll get a ton of use out of that, but it’s available to me.

The other day, we had a bit of excitement when I saw a possum walking through our backyard. His fur was kind of jacked up and he was limping along. He’d walk a few steps and then lie down in the grass for a bit, then walk a few more steps. I know possums will play dead, but he looked sick. I called animal control and they sent an officer out to look at him. Unfortunately, before the officer got here, Mr. Possum crawled under the shed. Since the officer couldn’t get to him, she told us to keep an eye out and to call them again if we saw him. I haven’t seen him since. I really hope that the little guy makes it, and I definitely don’t want him to die under my shed. I’d never seen a possum that close up before, and he was pretty cute.

Sleep Graph

One of the things I did with my fancy pants new brick phone is to download a sleep tracker app. This does a couple of things that interest me. First, it will wake you up when your sleep is at the lightest, instead of waking you up at a preset time when you are deeply asleep. Secondly, it graphs your sleep, and also helps you keep track of how much sleep you are getting. As soon as you wake up it asks you to rate your sleep and add optional comments. I have problems sleeping so I’m excited that this might help. Anyway, hgere’s my graph from last night. The bottom of the chart is where sleep is the deepest, the middle is REM sleep where you are dreaming, and the peaks are the periods of light sleep or waking. The stars at the upper right are my rating. Last night was my first time using it, but so far, it’s awesome. I woke up when the alarm went off with no problems, and I didn’t feel super groggy. Anyway, I’m on a 14 day trial, and then if I decide to pull the trigger it’s $1.49.

US 1270070Another one of my postcards was received – this one went to China. I used watercolor and ink.

ETA: If you are interested in trying a sleep tracker app, the one I’m using is called Sleep-as-an-Droid from the Android Market, and there is also an iPhone app called SleepCycle that I’ve heard really good things about. Sweet Dreams!


Aug 29

Beer Pong Champion!

I mailed a bunch of postcards out last week to Postcrossers around the world. A couple of them were received over the weekend. This one is handmade, so I wanted to share it. It’s watercolor, ink, and colored pencil. This card went all the way to the Netherlands! It’s a self-portrait in case you couldn’t tell. 🙂

US 1270055

Another one was received as well, but it wasn’t handmade. I picked it up at the Gun Lake Casino a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty cool because it says “Greetings from the jackpot capital of Michigan” on the front. You can take a look at that one here. I have a few more handmade ones travelling out there, I’ll post pics of them when they arrive.

In other news, it was a busy weekend! At least, Saturday was busy anyway. I went to my girlfriend Lorrie’s baby shower in the early afternoon. It turned out really nice and she got some great gifts. I think she liked the baby blanket and sleep sack I made, so I was happy about that. As soon as I was finished with the shower, I went home, changed my clothes really quick, and we were off again. This time we had a housewarming party. Our friend Shawn has done a TON of work on his new house and it looks really beautiful. I’m so happy for him! I was very excited to find that beer pong was all set up for this party. I’ve never played beer pong, and I had no idea what it was all about. My buddy Mike taught me the rules and agreed to be my partner. We got smoked our first game, which isn’t really a big shock, but in our second game, we killed em’! It turns out, I’m kind of awesome at beer pong. I actually really liked it and can’t wait to play again! I think what I like most about it is that it’s really all about trash talking. And I happen to be awesome at trash talking, so it’s really a perfect fit for me. I’m trying to convince Mike to play Diet Coke Pong with me, but he seems reluctant. I’ll work on it, though. Maybe Lemonade Pong?


Aug 24

I Wanna Touch You

There’s really not too much going around here lately. I’ve been feeling quite the surge of creativity, so I’ve been drawing, painting, knitting and crocheting quite a bit. As far as yarny stuff, I’m hip-deep in baby projects right now for a couple of upcoming showers. I’m working on baby blankets, sleep sacks and baby washcloths. I’ve also made a few hand painted postcards that I mailed out on Monday. I can’t post them here yet, I want to wait until the recipients get them first.

Unfortunately, all of this creativity has not re-sparked my interest in my 365 photo project. I got my camera back, and I really thought being without it was the issue, but as it turns out, it wasn’t.  I’m super sad that I made it this far only to lose momentum for the project as a whole. But at the same time, I don’t want to force myself because I’ll just end up with a ton of crappy photos. I went back to my original post back in December 2010 announcing this project and read through it. I had a few goals. These are directly lifted from that post.

  • Learn a little more about photography – I love photographs and I enjoy taking pictures a lot. I’d like to make the pics I do take come out a little better. I don’t have a fancy camera, nor do I feel I need one. I just want to take good pictures. Hopefully better ones than I took this year.
  • Get better at photo editing – There are a couple of tools that I use pretty consistently, but I want to be able to learn and do more with them, and maybe even use some other tools as well.
  • Have a cool photo album of my 2011 – I’m excited about how a photo a day will look after an entire year and 365 photos are done.
  • Have fun!!

I would say that I easily met all of these goals except, of course, the 2011 photo album. But I’m pretty OK with that. Also, just for clarity’s sake – I’m not completely giving up on this, I’m just not going to force myself to do it. I will continue to post pictures throughout the year at the photo blog, but it most likely won’t be every day. I guess I just really need to learn the lesson that when I take something really fun and put to much structure and deadlines and expectations around it, it really isn’t that much fun anymore.

So that’s it for now. I hope you’re having the best week ever. 🙂


Jun 20


On Friday, Mike & I went to the dentist. His teeth are awesome, but I have a wicked cavity! Apparently, one of my 20+ year old fillings broke without me even knowing it, and then bacteria got underneath and made a huge gross cavity. I have to go back this week and get it all drilled away and then have a temporary crown put on. I get the real one in a month. I’m really not looking forward to all of this. I’m not a dentist scaredy cat like some people are, I just hate having to get a crown and deal with all of this. Plus, it sure ain’t cheap, which also irritates me. Grrr. It’s extra frustrating because if I hadn’t put off going to the dentist, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad as it is. I’ve never had a crown before – does anyone have one? I sincerely hope it’s not a huge pain in the butt! I heard they can break off and then have to be replaced. Since it already costs about a million dollars, I don’t look forward to spending another million if the stupid thing breaks.

We had a busy weekend with a birthday party on Saturday, and then Father’s Day yesterday. Both were really nice, and we had a good time. I even managed to sneak in a quick swim/workout on Saturday morning! Anytime I can get to the pool I try to do it. I love to swim, it’s so much fun and so relaxing.

Unfortunately, I left my camera in Grand Rapids at Mike’s parent’s place yesterday, and I’m not sure when I can get it back. Probably not for a couple of weeks at least. I had a couple of my 365 photos on it, so I guess those photos will have to be posted very very late. I have plenty of other choices for cameras, so the rest of my photo project won’t be impacted, besides those 2 MIA photos. That’s a bummer, but there isn’t much I can do about it right this second.

In other news, a couple of my handmade postcards have been received, so I thought I’d share. First, a drawing of Harold. On the back of the card, I explained that Harold is my wild bunny pet that lives in my backyard and I feed him carrots. This card went to Georgia. Next, a card I sent to a lady in Finland. Her profile said she loves to bake, so I drew her a muffin! I sent a few other cards out as well, but they weren’t handmade. I also received another card from Croatia, which is very cool, and the 3rd one here.

Postcard to GeorgiaPostcard to FinlandPostcard from Croatia


Jun 10

Don’t Cry Out Loud

As an anniversary gift to ourselves, Mike & I signed up for 3 months of personal training. Our first session with our trainer, Tom, was on Wednesday this week. I was so scared! We had a 15 minute fitness evaluation last Friday, and it was brutal. I was very nervous about doing this Tom guy’s bidding for a full hour! Honestly, it wasn’t that bad, the evaluation was far worse for some reason. The worst part about it for me was that I got really really dizzy a few times, to the point where I actually thought I might fall down. I discussed it with Tom, and he thinks I’m not eating enough. I’ve been eating 1200 calories per day and he told me that’s fine on rest days, but on days when I train I need to eat more like 1500. So that’s something I can look forward to on workout days – more eats!! So Mike & I are locked into this once per week for 12 weeks. If this doesn’t change my body, I’m pretty sure it’s hopeless. I’m definitely feeling some soreness, especially today, but it’s not as bad as I expected. Sitting on the toilet makes me squeal a little thanks to 765458 squat lunges, and my hips are quite sore, but it’s very tolerable. I did go back to the gym yesterday and sit in the hot tub and sauna for a while and that helped immensely. So I’m trying not to cry out when I make sudden movements – so far, so good.

Anniversary 156/365Speaking of our anniversary, it was on Sunday, and we celebrated 7 years of wedded (mostly) bliss. Mike woke up early and made me brekkie, a peanut butter waffle with berries on top that made a smiley face. BEST BREKKIE EVER. What a sweet hubby. 🙂

Other than that, there isn’t much excitement here this week. We are all packed and leaving this afternoon for Chicago via Amtrak. We are meeting the Peaches there, which is very exciting! I haven’t seen Peach Pit & Peach Fuzz in a while and I miss those kids. I’m geeked to take the train, too. It’s been a few years and it’s always fun.

Postcard from FinlandI did get another postcard this week via Postcrossing, and I think it’s my favorite so far! It’s from an 11 year old girl from Finland, and on the back she talked about her 4 cats and her bunny and how much she liked this card. The text means “Enjoy your day!”. I also sent out 5 more cards this week, a couple of which are handmade, but I won’t post the pics here until they are received. That could take a while because they were going all over the place. I’m loving Postcrossing, it’s so fun to get mail in general, and from around the world is even cooler. 🙂


Jun 07

Mail Love

I’ve gotten some really cool mail so far this week! I hope the trend continues! Yesterday I recieved a package from Derwent, the UK pencil and art supply manufacturer. I had bought a set of the Derwent Metallic water soluble colored pencils a few weeks ago, and I wasn’t happy with the way they worked so I contacted Derwent for help. They actually took my problem to the Derwent pencil labs and did tests, even emailing me a scan of the results!! They came to the conclusion that my pencils may be faulty, so they offered to send me a new set, as well as a Derwent Black Book. The Black Book is a sketchbook filled with black paper. It’s a new item and not even available in the US yet. I got the replacement pencils and the Black Book yesterday. I haven’t had time to try either, but I’m super psyched to as soon as I have a chance.

Postcard from TennesseeToday I got another postcard via Postcossing. This one came from Tennessee, and as you can see, it’s a beautiful card. I need to get some more cards sent out, but I haven’t had a chance to make any cards recently. Maybe this week I can get to it.


Jun 03

I’m Worldwide

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a service called Postcrossing. You sign up, and the site gives you random addresses for people in other countries. All you have to do is send them a postcard. Once it’s recieved, you will get a postcard from another stranger somewhere in the world. I decided to try making my own postcards, and here are the first 3 I sent out:

PC to Belarus

To Belarus

Postcard to Latvia

To Latvia

PC to China

To China

PC from Australia

From Australia

Obviously, I didn’t make that 3rd one. That particular person’s profile said that she liked cities and buildings, so I sent her this card from our recent trip to NYC. I enjoyed making the cards myself, and I can’t wait to make and send even more. The elephant is my first received postcard. I got it late last week from Australia.

So far, I’m really enjoying postcrossing. I think I’ll post the cards I receive here, and also maybe some of the cool ones I send out. I made it clear on my profile that I like beers from around the world, so hopefully I can get some beer cards!