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Jan 03

Underground Lair

I did a quick video tour of my art studio AKA the underground lair. I hope you enjoy it!


Dec 30

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas was great – I certainly hope that your holiday was as well. We spent Christmas Eve at home alone. We opened our gifts and then watched Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas, which is our favorite holiday movie. Mike got me perfect gifts as usual – some new storage for my underground lair, as well as a SWEET label maker, and a copy of Wreck This Journal. For his gift, I took some of his old tees that were too big for him and made them into throw pillows for his new couch in the Man Cave. I think he really dug them. 🙂

Old Tees turned into throw pillows


Christmas morning we went over to my sister’s bright and early. We all had breakfast together and then opened presents. It was really cool and we all had a great time. My sister got us a popcorn maker!  Like a real kettle popper. We haven’t tried it yet because we’ve been busy, but we’re planning to today. We spent the afternoon with Mike’s family in Grand Rapids. There are LOTS more people and kids there so it is much more chaotic, but it’s equally as fun. We had a ball and it was great to spend time with everyone.

 Christmas Day 2013


It was a long day, but so worth it! We had an amazing time. I hope that you did, too. 🙂


Mar 22

Pink Kitty Cat

My friend Suzee from AppleHead Threads is an amazing seamstress, and she was blogging recently about a family friend that had passed away. The family gave Suzee some of their loved ones old flannel shirts and asked her to make some memorial items from the fabric. She ended up making some really great stuff that I know the family must have appreciated SO MUCH. The thing that caught my eye (naturally!) were some stuffed cats that she made. They are just adorable! Once I saw them, I asked Suzee if she could make me a flannel cat, too. SAhe agreed, and my kitty cat arrived lte last week. I am so in love with her! Of course, Suzee bought flannel for my kitty, and she found this cute pink & black plaid. I hope some day I can sew HALF as well as she does. Here’s a pic – I actually swiped it from Suzee because I’ve been too busy to take my own photo.

 Flannel Kitty!

SO CUTE, right?? I’m still trying to pick out a name for her, so I’m open to suggestions. You can find AppleHead Threads on the web here and here.

Thanks again, Suzee!! She’s puuuurrrrfect! 🙂


Nov 03

I’ve Got You Covered

I started this project several weeks ago, and I wasn’t really sure if or how to make it work, but I just went for it. I have all of these fabric and trim scraps, as well as enough sewing experience to be dangerous. I decided to sew a fabric cover for my journal. Or at least try. The base of the cover is made from Princess & the Frog fabric leftover from a skirt I made for my little neice. There are also scraps from the totebags I made, and some of the skirts I made for myself as well. One of the things I LOVE about this project is that when I look back at this book, the cover will remind me that I got back into sewing, and also remind me of lots of the little projects I made. Anyway, here’s the front cover:

 Front Cover

I went a little crazy on details here! The 4 is because this is the 4th volume of my journal. Since I am not an expert at sewing by any means, this was a great chance for me to experiment and try some new things. There are eyelets, a bit of beading, and even a lollipop iron on! I used leftover bias tape to finish all my edges, and I love the effect.

 Back Cover

The back cover is a bit more plain, but I did get a chance to try out some of the fancy embroidery stitches that my machine will do. Check out that cute little heart stitch! My sewing machine connects to a Nintendo Gameboy Color and you use it to choose and customize stitches. I’ve really never used it for anything outside of a zig zag before, so this was really cool.

Overall I’m happy with how this turned out. I don’t think it’s the most beautiful thing on the planet, but like my journal, it’s sort of a mish mash of memories, and I like that about it very much.


Aug 27

These are Totes Cool

Over the weekend, I sewed up a couple of totebags. I’m really happy with how they turned out. I found these great prints on clearance, so these were very inexpensive. I got enough fabric and trims to make 3 of these for about $10! The bright stripes one is for me, the black & gray is a gift for a friend.