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Aug 13

Rows & Rows & Rows

I wanted to give you a quick update on my sock yarn binky. I’ve been working on it here and there and I’ve made some progress. I’m really happy with the way it’s looking! I like it SO much better than the original sock yarn binky I was working on. It was a log cabin style which just didn’t suit the scrappy multi-colored yarn. This rectangular granny square pattern is much prettier, and honestly, more fun to work on as well. This thing is still going to take me forever to finish, but that’s to be expected when you make an entire afghan with fingering weight yarn. As you can see, there are about a zillion ends to weave in, so that will take me another 378563498 years to finish. 🙂

I have another scrap afghan going right now as well. It’s also crochet, but it’s worsted weight yarn. I’ll post some pictures of that one pretty soon, too.

Here’s a couple of pics – first the whole thing, and then a nice close-up. I hope you’re having a wonderful week. XOXO

Sock Yarn Binky

 Sock Yarn Binky


Jan 04

Oy With the Poodles Already!

The last couple of weeks have been sort of eventful, so here’s a catch up of the haps. After Friday 12/21, I was off work until after the first of the year, as was Mike. We started our vacation off with a bang – The Peaches were in town, so we got to spend some time with them, which is always a pleasure. Peach Pit is still a complete jerk (yet somehow lovable) and Peach Fuzz is still adorable & sweet. I sure wish those kids still lived around here so I could see them more often. Anyway, the old gang hit the town and we had a ball. Also, I wore a dress! That’s pretty big news! I only took one picture the entire night, but it’s a DOOZY. Peach Pit is so pasty white that I think the flash scared him.

 Peach Pit

We spent Christmas Eve at our house with my family, and it was nice. We ate, opened presents, ate dessert, and then chit chatted for quite a while. It was a very nice afternoon. Christmas Day was spent in Grand Rapids with Mike’s family, and that was really nice, too. It was a madhouse with a zillion people, but a really great madhouse. The kids got walkie talkies so that was fun!

The day after Christmas I woke up and my throat was sore – I felt like I swallowed broken glass. I shook it off fairly quickly though, and Mike & I ran a few errands. My throat never felt great, but I managed. Well, things went rapidly downhill from there! I got worse and worse and ended up spending the rest of the week and the weekend either in bed or on the couch. I was MISERABLE! It was completely horrible to spend my vacation sick. I was able to catch up on all my DVR’d shows, though, which is the only plus. I am still a couple of Vampire Diaries behind, and I haven’t watched any of this season’s Gossip Girl yet, but what the hay, it was cancelled anyway so I’ve got all the time in the world now, right? I also got sucked into a Gilmore Girls re-watch, and man oh man, do I love the hell out of that show. I think the entire series is up there with Veronica Mars season 1 for best show ever ever ever of all time. I managed to get some work done on my sock yarn binky as well. It’s coming along nicely.  

So, I rang in the new year with Mike at home – we watched the ball drop, and I drank about 3 sips of a beer before deciding I couldn’t finish it and dumping it. So yeah, I was THAT SICK. Mike did drag me out of the house on New Year’s Day – it was our last vacation day so we went out for lunch and made a quick trip to Target for some supplies, but we headed home right afterward because I was still feeling pretty pooptastic. I DID score this amazing furry hat/scarf combo that has ears AND a hot pink lining. I am definitely wearing it to the Winter Beer Festival next month. I know this is an awful pic, but I was wicked sick and the lighting was bad, and you will just have to deal:

 new hat

I am not even 2 months past my foot surgery to correct the bunion, but Mike & I have decided we want to be runners, so we are going to start the Couch to 5K program next week. I am not 100% sold on the idea that I will ever be a “runner” but I think it’ll be fun to try. I honestly have no idea how my foot will do, but hey, I’m going to give this a whirl and see where it takes me. Everone I know who runs has said that they never thought they would be a runner or enjoy running and then they ended up being in love with it. Maybe that’s me! I have a sneaking suspicion that it IS NOT, but we shall see. And again, there is the whole question of my foot – I am not sure that it’s even up for it. I’ll know more next week when I try the program for the first time. I’ll give you a full report.

I think that’s it for now. I hope your 2013 is freaking epic.


Jun 26

Sock Yarn Binky Version 2.0

I’ve been working on my sock yarn binky. After that horrific log cabin fiasco, I decided to try crochet this time around. I’m doing the rectangular granny square pattern, which I love and have done a few times before. This baby has a long way to go, but I’m really pleased with it so far. I don’t think it’s ugly this time! But, hey, I’ve been wrong before. 🙂

 Sock Yarn Binky 2.0Sock Yarn Binky 2.0

For those interested, this is all fingering weight yarn scraps and I’m using a size 1/B hook.


Aug 16

Fugly Frog

I’m seriously considering frogging my sock yarn binky. In fact, I already ripped some of it out. Yes, I know, it’s at leat 40% done, which was a TON of time and work. Click here to see the latest pics, although it’s gotten quite a bit larger since those were taken.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been working on this thing for well over a year, adding bits of sock yarn here and there. The other night, I was working on it, and Mike came around, so I paused. I unfurled the mass of sock yarns and said, “Hey, check out my binky. What do you think?” He said “Ummm, it’s eclectic.” ECLECTIC? I know what that means – ASS UGLY. How did I not realize that this thing is hideous?? I think I was so close to it, and working on it so diligently – focusing on the additions and the new bits instead of the entire monstrosity. Somehow I missed the fact that it’s super fugly, and now that I’ve noticed, it’s all I can see.

So anyway, it’s hitting the frog pond. I’m thinking about a crochet sock yarn binky – it will be just stripes. I’m definitely swatching this time because I don’t want this to happen again. By the way, TYVM internets, for letting me post pictures of that mess for the last year and never even bothering to leave an anonymous comment to let me know that perhaps my time was better spent on other projects.


Jun 28

Binky Update

I just wanted to post a quick update on my sock yarn binky project. This one is an old timer – I started it in April 2010! It’s getting pretty big – at 31 x 34 inches, it’s big enough to keep my lap nice and warm while I’m working on it. It’s very easy and relaxing to knit, and I am happy with the way it’s turning out. So colorful and cheery.
Binky 179/365

I still have lots of scraps left, but not enough to finish it I don’t think. So I guess I need to get my butt in gear on some fingering weight projects!! I have a fingering weight scarf on the needles now, so that will help. Plus, it’s a beautiful colorway that is orange, peach and a bit of blue. I also have a pair of grey socks on the needles that I need to finish. This is going to take me another couple of years probably, so I’m sure I’ll scrounge up enough sock yarn bits in the meantime. I also already have plans for another sock yarn binky when I finish this one, but it will be crochet.


Oct 01

Office Space

I thought you might enjoy a peek at my desk since it’s where I’m spending a ton of time right now. I totally have a corner office, natch. I’m rocking 2 monitors because I’m super cool, and also because Mike said it was more awesome to have 2. You can also see my French press and my kitty cat coffee mug with mug warmer. To the right of the monitor on the left, you can see Rainbow Dash. I like to comb her hot pink mane during boring conference calls. On the left of that same monitor is my stuffed monkey that makes monkey sounds when you squeeze him. Whenever people are rude to me on the phone, the monkey squawks at them. And I can’t forget to mention my “That’s What She Said” mousepad. A classic. The second pic is the toy lineup on the other side of my desk. I do love me some toys. I have Gargamel & Azriel, Tinkerbell, Domokun, Jean-Luc, a couple of Hello Kitties, a Borg baddie, and so much more. I love my little Star Wars trio too. So anyway, this is where all the work magic happens.

I also thought it was high time I posted a new pic of the sock yarn binky. It’s getting so big! The short end is right around 35 inches!! I’m debating if I should just keep knitting on this piece, or start a new piece all together and then sew them together. Opinions are totally welcome. I feel like there are pros & cons either way. Anyway, I think it’s pretty sweet so far, and it’s fun to work on. It’s perfect for TV knitting because it’s all garter stitch so there is zero counting or thinking.


Sep 29

Wake me up When September Ends

OK, I know it’s been forever and you are DYING to know what’s going on with me. Well, buckle up kiddies. It’s been a crazy month.

First my mom had surgery on her spinal cord near the base of her neck. Everything went great, but she was in pretty rough shape. They sent her home after just a few days in the hospital so I stayed with her for a while because she needed so much help. She’s doing lots better and is doing most things on her own now. Yay for a speedy recovery!

After I took care of mama, it was time for me to start my new job! I was whisked off to New Jersey for a few days of training last week. It went great! I’m really excited, and things are going great so far. I can’t tell you how happy I am to be gainfully employed. And on top of that, I get to continue working from home, which is more than I expected. It’s amazing how things work out sometimes.

I left for NJ on Sunday last week, but we had a mini-crisis before I left. On Saturday morning around 8 AM, Mike & I awoke to a very loud boom. It was like what thunder would sound like if it cranked the volume to the max and then smacked you upside the head. We looked around and saw that the power was still on, so we figured it was no big deal. Heh. If only. Mike got up around 9 and realized that a big elm tree in the back yard had been hit with lightning. Wowza, it was kind of crazy. Bark was all over the yard and on  the roof, and the tree roots were blown out of the ground. Pics:

We were impressed that our power didn’t go out. That is, until further investigation revealed the real damage. Both of the flat screen TVs were busted, as well as all of the home theatre equipment, the Tivo, The Wii, all of the routery switchy whatnots that make the internet go, and the garage door opener. So yeah, that kind of sucked. And since I was leaving the next day, poor Mike got stuck dealing with most of it. We are slowly getting things fixed or replaced here and there and getting back to a normal state. We got our TV downstairs fixed this past weekend, so that is a HUGE blessing. Thank goodness for insurance, man. The tree will have to be chopped down, too, but we aren’t sure when that is going to happen yet. Perhaps we can celebrate the event with a bonfire?

The other big new thing is that Chewie’s transmission went out right before my mom’s surgery. I knew I was going to have to get another car, but I was so busy I didn’t have time to even look for one. Luckily, a good friend who is car smart totally came through for me. He stumbled onto a car that was perfect for me and a great bargain PLUS he took Chewie off my hands as part of the deal! While I was in NJ, Mike was able to make the exchange and get the insurance and title stuff all taken care off. Now, my sexy new car just needs a name. I’m totally taking suggestions. What do you think??

Ok, hobbies – I started a new book series called The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. It’s good so far, I’m about 1/3 of the way through the 2nd of 3 books. I’ve been drawing and painting whenever I have the chance. I haven’t been knitting a ton, but I have a few projects that I’ve been working on here & there – a pair of socks, the sock yarn binky, and also a scarf. Oh, and of COURSE, with the lightining knocking everything out I’m way behind on all the new TV!! I did watch the pilot of The Event in my hotel room, and I really dug it. But that is all I’ve seen so far, and you know how it kills me to say that.

On top of all of that stuff, I somehow managed to acquire bronchitis! I’ve been sick as a dog since I got back from NJ, but I’m finally starting to feel somewhat human today. The antibiotics are kicking in. Yay!!

So I hope your September has been less eventful than mine. I think I need to take November off. 🙂


Jun 01

Monks in the Teleporter

Noah came over to spend the night with us on Saturday. We had a blast. First we took him to see Shrek Forever After, during which I plied him with candy and popcorn. It was a cute movie. We all enjoyed it, but I don’t think it was as good as some of the other Shrek movies. I did like the tubby Puss in Boots, though. After the movie we grabbed some dinner at Friday’s, then came home to play Star Wars Monopoly. While we were eating Noah said, “Aunt Kitty, I should let you know that I’m kind of a shark at this game. I beat my mom once.” The kid cracks me up! When he plays at home with his mom and dad, they just play for an hour or so, then just count the money and whoever has the most is declared the winner. Since he knows that you have to have a lot of money to win, he won’t buy anything. He doesn’t get the “spend money to make money” concept at all. He ended up winning Jabba’s Palace (which is the Park Place of Star Wars) because we were playing special Star Wars rules where you can win an available property. He never bought another thing, and yet when it was time to count the money, he managed to have the most (wink wink). He was extremely proud of his victory over his Aunt Kitty, Uncle Mike, and George. We had a great time!

On Sunday, we had the gang over for Crappy Movie Sunday of course. This week we never really got around to planning for a movie, so Clovis brought a stack of kung fu movis over with him. We chose a movie called Chocolate that turned out to be sad, depressing, gory, and also a little absurd. We all had a great time watching it, though. After the movie we had some snackies and beers, discussed the concept of shame and how it impacts our daily lives, then we played the telephone game. The telephone game is pretty much a guaranteed good time, and we all loved it.

Yesterdy, we had my family over for a Memorial Day BBQ. It was a totally sucky and rainy day, but Mike is a trooper and stood outside grilling while holding an umbrella the whole time. We had some delicious eats, and we all enjoyed chatting and hanging out together. I made a yummy strawberry shortcake, and then I kept the strawberry tops and made fresh strawberry juice, which was really really tasty. Anyway, despite the weather, it was a great day, and a great holiday weekend.

Quick knitting update: I finished a pair of socks the other day. I think the socks theselves turned out great, but man is it some ugly sock yarn. I bought it on clearance, and I knew it wasn’t my favorite color combination, but it’s even uglier than I anticipated. I call these Toxic Sock Syndrome.

As for the sock yarn binky, there hasn’t been much progres. It’s just large enough that I don’t want to work on it when it’s hot, so I haven’t done a whole lot with it recently.


May 03

The Glow

First, an update on the sock yarn binky. It’s really coming along, and I must say, I like the way it’s turning out. It’s fun to work on too! I guess I was wrong about not having many solid colors. There were more than I expected. Anyway, Ta-da!!

Last week, I had my orientation for a volunteer position, and today I have my hands on training. I’ll be working at a volunteer run charity thrift store! I’m excited about it, and I think it’s going to be really fun. I am definitely going to do this at least one day a week, maybe even 2. I’ll get my schedule all firmed up after my training session this afternoon. I LOVE thrift shopping, so I think this is going to be awesome.

Crappy Movie Sunday continued yesterday with the latest installment – Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. The CMS blog is all up in your grill here (I also added it to my links over on the right). If you haven’t seen this movie, I’m really not sure what you’re waiting for. It’s a kung-fu classic with music from DeBarge, so if that doesn’t have you running to the video store to rent a copy, then you must be crazy. Oh, and don’t forget to follow Crappy Movie Sunday on Twitter for all the latest.

We are houseboating in Kentucky in less than 2 weeks, and I could NOT be any more excited than I am right now. I can’t wait!! I found out last week who is going, and that made me even more excited. It’s an awesome group and it will be a ball. Pls it will be totally sweet to get out of town for a bit and relax with my homies. YAY!!


Apr 13

The Lamentation of the Women

OK, I have a lot I want to cover today. First things first. Friday was The George’s 31st birthday! We got an early start at Gallagher’s on Thursday night, and had a few beers to ring in the big day. On Friday, Mike & took him to Red Robin, where he celebrated with a delightful sundae. You can see his excitement, right?

We also continued Crappy Movie Sunday this week with Conan the Barbarian. Dawn & I were less than thrilled, but Mike, George & Clovis thought it was delightful. It is definitely a guy movie. As Dawn put it, it’s “Twilight for dudes”. I guess so, but I can freely admit that Twilight (the movie) sucked. These guys can’t seem to come to terms with that reality about Conan.

I also took a break from Percy Jackson after I finished Book 3, and I decided to give the Sookie Stackhouse (TrueBlood) books a whirl. I have just started the third, and they are pretty good. I find Sookie just as annoying a character in the books as I did in the show (which I admittedly only watched the pilot episode of), but somehow in the books she is a tad bit more relate-able. Anyway, I am enjoying them, and I burned right through the first 2 books in just a couple of days.

I also came to the conclusion that I needed to use up the last pack of i-Zone film instead of hoarding it up. It’s been expired since 2006, and the quality will only go downhill. So I’ve taken a few shots, and plan to use them up very soon. You can see there is definitely already some loss of quality, so this was the right decision. Even though it breaks my heart. 🙁

They are so awesome, and I love this little camera! I will never get rid of it, just in case they decide to make film for it EVER again.

Last but not least, I started a new knitting project. I am making a Sock Yarn Binky. Basically, a blanket made from scrap sock yarn. For the non-knitters out there, this is a big deal because sock yarn is very thin, and you have to knit it with very small needles – so basically, I could be working on this for a long long time. Like years. I decided to do a log cabin style blanket because it will give me a chance to kind of free form this thing a little and really play with color and pattern. Also, I took the log cabin knitting class at Stitches Midwest last August, and haven’t had a real opportunity to put it into practice. Here’s a picture of what I have so far. I numbered the blocks so you can see where I started. Oddly enough, 3 of the 4 blocks so far are a solid color. This will not continue to be the case as almost all of the sock yarn scraps I have are some sort of self striping or self patterning colorway. It’s also important to note that I am only using machine washable sock yarns, because I think a blanket that needs to be hand washed is a little ridonkulous. So here’s the first pic, I will update whenever I feel there is decent progress.