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Jun 20


Here’s the second comic in the series. I hope you like it. ūüôā



Apr 09

DJ Jazzy Trish


Jul 23


Garage Sale!Last weekend, Mike & I had a garage sale. After living here for 3 years, we have accumulated quite a bit of crap that we don’t use and don’t need, so this was a perfect opportunity to make a few bucks off of it. We did the sale on Saturday only, so on Friday night we were up late getting everything together. One of the last things on our to do list was to take a hard look at our DVDs and decide which ones we wanted to sell. As we were downstairs doing that, we noticed a weird powder on the DVD boxes on the very bottom shelf of the wooden bookcase we store them on. Upon closer investigation, we realized it was water damage, and when we moved the bookcase, the carpet underneath was covered in mold.

We didn’t know what to do. It was midnight on a Friday, and we had zero ideas what we were supposed to do. So we decided to do nothing for the moment. We put the bookshelf back where it was, and finished setting up the garage sale. The garage sale went great, but I was stressed out all weekend about the mold and wondering what to do. First thing Monday morning, I called my insurance agent and told her the sitch. She gave me a couple of mold specialists to call and told me to keep her informed. The mold guy came over on Friday and checked things out. The problem was FAR worse than we originally thought. Not only was the area the bookcase was in a concern, but the other outside wall was damp as well. Basically, we needed professional mold removal and all of the carpet in the basement had to go. This guy had 2 even worse pieces of news – 1) the cost of the removal (not even including replacing the flooring and fixing the problem that caused it) was outrageous, and 2) he was 90% sure that our insurance wouldn’t cover any of it. Basically,¬†the issue is with the grading on the side of the house. It needs to be redone so that rainwater¬†flows away from the house and not towards it. In addition to that, Mike & I decided that we will also be digging out the¬†basement window boxes and replacing them with newer ones, as well as installing domes on top to keep water out of them. ¬†

Water DamageDecontamination Chamber

So on Saturday morning, the mold removal process began and all of our beautiful carpet was ripped into pieces and hauled away. We have a decontamination chamber in our basement still, with industrial strength dryers and fans and Hepa filters and such. It sounds like a tornado is going through there. The mold guy is coming back tomorrow to pick up all of his equipment. Mike cleaned out the gutters this weekend, which is a start, but this coming weekend we will be working on the grading and the window boxes.

Just to put the icing on the cake that was my weekend, I heard from my insurance agent today, and she confirmed that none of these costs will be covered. So any tiny little threads of hope I was still clinging to are officially dashed. Also, I think I’m the only person in West Michigan who is praying that it DOESN’T rain this week.


Feb 22

Kobayashi Maru

Live Long....Last Friday night, Mike & I went to Celebration Cinema to see Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. In case you know nothing about me at all, I’m a HUGE Trekkie, and this is probably my very favorite ST movie (at least with the original crew). I wore my uniform shirt (thanks, Dawn!) and everything!! I was so psyched! The movie was as awesome as I dreamed it would be on the big screen. I totally expected the theatre to be jam packed, but it wasn’t. At all. I was actually a little disappointed that more folks didn’t turn out.

I also really need to get this off my chest. Of the people in the theatre, there was a lack of “normal” Trekkies. I consider myself to be a normal person who happens to really dig on Star Trek. Am I the only one? Or am I really just deluding myself into thinking I’m normal and in reality, I’m a total weirdo like everyone else who was there? I mean, I even had the common sense to be a little embarrased to take my jacket off when I was out running errands before the movie because I knew the uniform shirt was a little much for everyday shopping.

When we got to Celebration and had our popcorn and drinks, we scurried over to where the rest of the Trekkies were waiting to get into the room. There were a few others in uniform shirts, but they were….weird. And I am not judging books by covers here, you guys. We walked over, they opened the door, and a dude in a gold shirt says to his friends in blue and red shirts “Security and Science first, Command brings up the rear.” Plus, he said it in a totally nerdy, lispy, I’ve-never-met-a-chick kind of way. And he wasn’t making a joke, he was dead serious about the order of things. This guy¬†would not be ashamed to¬†wear his uniform shirt to the grocery store. And after hearing that, I have to say, I was a little ashamed to take off my jacket again.¬†This time because I didn’t really want to be lumped into the same group with these dudes. WHERE ARE THE REST OF THE NORMAL TREKKIES? Are you out there? Are you real? Am I all alone out here?

Anyway, the movie was stellar (INTERstellar!!!! OMG, I do deserve to be lumped in with the nerd squad!), and I had a really fun time seeing it. I also just got the list of cult classic movies for Spring, and Star Trek IV: The Voyage home will be showing in April. Not one of my faves, but you know I’ll see it anyway. ūüôā


Aug 15

My Fist

I drew this over the weekend and I thought it turned out so cute, I had to share. I’ve never ever drawn a comic before so this is my first stab, but I’m thinking a publisher will be calling me any second. Seriously, though, Mike’s head is all weird in the 2nd panel, but otherwise, I’m pretty proud of it. ūüôā



Aug 01

Points of Interest

It’s been a while since I posted anything, so there’s quite a bit to catch up on. It’s all kind of random and unrelated, so bear with me.

My Aunt & Uncle from Texas were in town for a couple of weeks. It was nice to spend a little time with them since it’s been quite a while. They seem to be doing well, and they are enjoying being retired. While they were here, I took a day off work and went on a little day trip with the 2 of them, my mom and my Uncle Jack. We went to Shipshewana. I’ve been there several times, but I’ve never managed to hit the flea market before. It was pretty cool. I would have liked to look around a little more, but the rest of the group wanted to move on so we did. We had a fun day just kind of wandering around and checking out the sights.

I’m still working on my 365 Project, although I must say, I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm. I left my Fuji camera at Mike’s parent’s house on Father’s Day, and I am REALLY missing it. We also have a Sony which is an amazing camera that takes really great photos, but it’s just too big for everyday use in my opinion. It doesn’t fit in my purse, so that’s a huge drawback. Most of my photos lately have been taken with my phone, which sucks in so many ways. On top of that, I’m feeling uninspired. The past month or so, I find that I’m getting ready for bed and realize, “Crap, I didn’t take a picture!” Then I’m stuck coming up with something at the last second, which means it’s basically a throwaway pic so I can have something to post. I refuse to give up, though! I have made it more than halfway, and I WILL finish out the year. I just need to figure out a way to get re-inspired and make the Sony camera work for me one way or another. Maybe¬†I need to start carrying a larger purse or something. If anyone has a suggestion or idea that might help, please let me know.

As I mentioned before, I got a new car. It’s totally sweet. I’m really hoping I can practice enough to be a better driver. When we went to the Beer Fest, I drove Mike, Dawn, Clovis and myself almost all the way to Ypsilanti, and I could tell everyone was totally nervous and stressed out because I don’t drive that well. Mike says I was just projecting my own stress onto everyone else, but I’m not so sure. I did feel really nervous, though. I don’t feel nervous when I’m driving alone, but with passengers, suddenly I feel like I have something to prove and it adds an extra layer of stress. Anyway, now that I have a car again, I really want to drive enough that I feel comfortable in all situations – passengers or not. In the meantime, if you wanna ride with me, you’ll just have to deal. ūüôā

I recently finished reading I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. It was a good book, and I enjoyed it. The writing style is really weird – sort of clipped and not very descriptive, but after a couple of chapters I got used to it. I also just started reading The Lost Files: Six’s Legacy, which is a novella about one of the characters in I Am Number Four. It’s decent, but I’m not that far in yet. The next book is called The Power of Six, but it doesn’t come out until the end of August.

I know I’m totally late to the party, but Mike & I finally saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 yesterday. It was really really good. I cried several times, and as much as I enjoyed it, I am extremely sad to see this all coming to an end. At least I can always re-read the books whenever I want to. All in all, I was really pleased with the movie, and I think it was a really fitting end, as was the book.

I’ve been hitting the gym regularly, and Mike & I see the trainer once a week. It’s going well – we are definitely getting stronger. I made a bad boo boo last week, though. We met with the trainer on Wednesday evening and we did an arm workout that was pretty intense – lots of push-ups and pull-ups. The next day I was pretty sore, but for some bizarre-o reason I decided going to a boot camp class was a stellar idea. I went, and the first thing we did was a ton of arm stuff! I thought I was going to die, but I managed. The whole class was super intense, and even included sprinting and running outside in the heat while carrying a 10 pound weight! I made it through about 30 minutes of the 45 minute class, and I had to bail. I snuck in the back door of the gym while the teacher wasn’t looking! I actually think I could do the class again, but Thursday is not good for me since I train every Wednesday. I just can’t do 2 days back to back. For the rest of the weekend, I was pretty much useless.

I think that’s pretty much everything of interest that’s been going on. I can’t believe it’s already August. Where has the summer gone?


Feb 23

Weekend Getaway

This past weekend, Mike & I went to Traverse City with 2 other couples for a little weekend getaway action. We were originally supposed to be going to Cadillac to snowmobile, but we switched things around early in the week because there was no more snow. Traverse City turned out to be a really fun time, though.

We left on Friday morning with our good friends Marc & Heather. Another couple, Casey & Emily, were meeting us in TC. Once we got to the Grand Traverse Resort, we checked in and met up with Casey & Emily,¬†and had a few drinks at a couple of the bars at the resort. After that, we hot this bar in town called The Loading Dock. I convinced everyone to go there since they were having a Short’s Brewing event that night.¬†The Loading Dock turned out to be ok, we passed the time playing pool and hanging out. When we were ready to leave, we called for the resort bus. We convinced the driver to stop by McDonald’s so we could grab some cheeseburgers and nuggets. This turned out to be quite the adventure because when I say bus, I actually mean bus.¬†We didn’t exactly make the clearance, and after leaving the drive-thru lane by driving¬†over a median in a bus, Marc ended up having to get all of our food by¬†walking through the drive-thru on foot.¬†It was all pretty funny. ūüôā¬†

Snozzberry 49/365Saturday we lounged around in the AM, went out for brekkie and then did some shopping. We hit the mall and a few other places. The Grand Traverse Resort has it’s own little mini-mall, so I looked around in there, too. My favorite store was called Dylan;s Candy Bar, and it was the coolest little candy shop!! Here’s Mikey licking the candy wallpaper. There was another store I dug called American Spoon, where we bought some TC cherry butter, and also some amazing portobello mushroom relish. ( Read more )


Feb 01

Work it Out

¬†Things are pretty boring around here lately. There isn’t really too much going on. One thing of note is that Mike & I are trying to find a gym we both like. This is not an easy task. We have 2 things that we really want from a gym – 1) a pool 2) racquetball courts. The pool is mostly for me because I LOVE swimming.¬†I have been missing it so much since we moved to this side of town and left our old gym. Racqetball is for both of us because it’s something we both really like to do together. Finding a gym that has both is pretty tough.

There are really only 2 options – Bronson Athletic Club and the YMCA. Both of them are farther away then I would like, and both are somewhat pricy. Especially Bronson, I swear the monthly fee is as much as a car payment. There is a place right down the street from us that has a pool but no racquetball, and the price is reasonable. We just started a 2 week trial there, and I went swimming on Sunday. It was so great. However, no racquetball and a few other issues make this not an ideal option either. I’m frustrated by the whole thing. I think I’ll just ride out the trial and just try to get as much use out of it as I can and then go back to working out at home. Blah.

Another bit of excitement is that I got pulled over and got a ticket on Saturday. I haven’t been pulled over in like, 30 years! Well, probably more like 10, but still. As it turns out, my car is in Mike’s name since he handled buying it while I was on a business trip. Since his birthday was last week, my plates were expired by 6 days. I had honestly just forgotten the plates were in his name and didn’t really think about it. So, $105 later, I learned my lesson on that one.

In case you live under a rock, there’s a blizzard headed to SW Michigan. The media has hyped it to be like the 50 year storm from Point Break or something. We’ll see. I have plenty of food, TP and firewood in case the power goes out, so I think we will make it. I don’t plan on surfing.

I’ve been reading the first Kathy Reichs book, Deja Dead. This is the series of books that the TV show Bones is loosely based on. Bones is a great show, but I’m not very impressed with this book so far. I’m about halfway through, and I’m pretty sure I know who the killer is, and it’s kind of boring. I’m at least going to finish it but I don’t have high hopes. Right now, halfway through, I’d rate it a C-. We’ll see if it gets better.

I’m officially one month into my 365 Project. For fun, here’s a slide show of January’s photos:


Aug 08


Things honestly haven’t been that great lately. That’s why I haven’t had much to say, and I truthfully still don’t. But I don’t want to leave the entire internets wondering what’s up with me. I know¬†everyone is¬†waiting with bated breath to hear all about what I’ve been up to. And by everyone, I mean the 3 regular readers of this drivel. My mom, and MAYBE 2 other people. ūüôā

So here it is: My mom has been having health issues, and that really sucks. The job hunting situation has been stressing me out to the point of not sleeping and being a super foul crankypants. Mike is gone to California for 5 days, which means I’m super sad & lonely. There has just been a lot to deal with, and it has taken it’s toll on my sanity.

On the upside, my¬†family & friends¬†are super awesome, and I don’t know what I would do without them. They have consoled, supported, listened, celebrated, commiserated, advised and so much more for the last couple of sucky weeks, and it makes all the difference. Even if I’m still a super foul crankypants. ūüôĀ


Mar 30

Home Sweet Home

Wow, Mike & I had kind of a crazy weekend. Like the kind you have when you’re 23 and full of energy and can drink unlimited quantities of beer and liquor and still function the next day. Except we toned it down a little since we’re in our early thirties.

We bought a grill (FINALLY!!) on Thursday, so on Friday Mike put it together. Then we hit the grocery and bought an assortment of smoked sausages and buns. We came home and Mike made magic happen. Well, actually, he just grilled some smoked sausages, but it seemed a little magical since we didn’t have a grill for so long.

After we finished eating, we heard from Clovis, who decided to stop over. He & I ended up MST3K-ing the original Clash of the Titans while Mike slept on the couch. It was fun!We also made plans to hit up Marmalade Dog the next day and see Hot Tub Time Machine.

OK, Marmalade Dog is a gaming con that happens at WMU every year. We heard about it a few weeks ago and decided this would be the year that we check it out. So Mike, George, Clovis and I headed ver there. First of all, there was a costume contest, which is always sure to make it entertaining for non-cosplayers like ourselves. Since we weren’t actually playing any games, and just wanting to look around and check out the vendors, we got in free. SCORE! We were there for about an hour just checking things out, and it was pretty cool. There were lots of cool things to see, and plenty of costumes for us to gawk at. As soon as we rolled into the Bronco Mall there was a Guy dressed up in a long red cloak and a pimp looking hat waiting in line at Subway, so we knew we were in good hands. Anyway, I met a Jedi! Yes, really. Look!! And the second pic is a dude called Pyramid Head or something from a video game. Mike knew¬†who it was supposed to¬†be. To me, it was just weird.¬†

After Marmalade Dog, we decided to grab some lunch before the movie started. At the theatre, my homegirl Dawn joined our little posse, and we went in to see the movie. It was AWESOME. If you have not seen Hot Tub Time Machine, you totally should. It is so worth it. Excellent movie. Right up there with Old School in my opinion.

Once the movie was over, Dawn needed to watch the Kentucky game going on with this March Madness thing. They were in the Elite 8, so she was nervous and thought it would be better not to watch it alone. We went to Gallagher’s and she waved her foam finger. Sadly, the Cats did not win, and Dawn was very sad. We decided to ply her with booze to make her forget her troubles. We all went over to our place and played Would You Rather for a little while, but then ended up in deep discussion about life and love until the wee hours. I think Dawn DID forget her sad loss, but then the next morning it all came crashing back to her – along with a bad headache and a deep resentment of beer.

We all went out for brekkie, sans Clovis who decided to sleep in (good man). ¬†Sunday afternoon, we decided to start a new tradition – Crappy Movie Sunday. Basically we will all get together and watch an awesomely bad movie. We decided to start huge, with the mother of all awesomely bad movies – Flash Gordon. Dawn had never seen it! I know, I was shocked, too. She was in awe of it’s awfulness, of course, but you can’t help but love the rockin’ Queen soundtrack, glittery, shimmery, sequin-rich costumes, and the Hawkmen. So this one was a winner. Next time, we are screening Conan. Clovis totally sold Dawn and I when he mentioned James Earl Jones with Rick James hair turning into a snakeman.

So that was our kind of crazy weekend. I am sort of hoping this weekend will be a little more low key. Sidenote – I am all finished with all 5 seasons of Weeds, and I just started watching Lost (thanks Clovis!). I’ve seen the firt couple of seasons before but then I stopped watching. Re-wtching season 1 is kind o a chore so far. It’s really boring. I’m not sure why, maybe just because I’ve seen it before. However, I watch the same stuff over & over with zero issues, and this is exceptionally boring. I am trying to stick with it. Wish me luck!