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Dec 02

Musings on Friendship, Love & Family

I’m having one of those days where I feel like I should just crawl into my bed and pull the blankets over my head and just stay there and be all by myself. I’m safer there. Protected. If I don’t let anyone in, nobody will be able to hurt me.

I’ve had lots of time to think lately while I’ve been recuperating. It was interesting for me to be in a position where I suddenly needed other people. Asking for help is not one of my greatest strengths, but I never even needed to. I was completely blown away by the love, support and friendship that surrounded me. There are some truly amazing people in my life and I am so grateful and appreciative for all of them.

This was also a very enlightening experience. I came to some pretty profound realizations about a few of my relationships. Needing other people can shine a very bright light on how much they value you. In some cases I was shocked to find that I had always been in the dark, in others the light showed me exactly what I had always known was there. Some of these epiphanies hurt me more than I can express, but others were wonderful surprises.

Thanksgiving this year was really fun for me. My cousin and her family came from Texas. She’s never lived here, she grew up in Texas and doesn’t really know much of the expansive family here in Michigan. We celebrated Thanksgiving at another cousin’s place, and most of the family was there – around 75 aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, brothers, children, grandchildren and more. I had a really great time. I chatted with family members that I rarely see unless there’s a funeral, and I realized that my cousin from Texas and I aren’t that different. She was separated by distance, but I don’t even have that excuse.

My mom loves to talk about how when she was a kid, all of her aunts and uncles and cousins were so close and they all spent tons of time together. Things are just different now. I hardly know these people. One of my cousins died a couple of years ago. He was very close to my age and he died very suddenly. I knew him when we were kids, but as adults, I hadn’t seen him in years. He only lived 30 minutes away, but I barely knew him. When he died I was wracked with guilt because I hadn’t made an effort to know him and see him and spend time with him. But the truth is, he hadn’t reached out to me either. That doesn’t make it right or make me feel better about it, but it’s the truth.

I guess I don’t even know what my point here is, or if I ever had one to begin with. I’ve just had these things on my mind lately. From this surgery and forced downtime I’ve certainly learned that no matter how much I care about someone else, they may or may not reciprocate. Relationships are so complicated and exhausting and you may never get what you want or expect from them. And even blood doesn’t guarantee anything. You have to work hard and fight to keep those relationships strong and healthy. At the same time, no matter how hard you try and how much you want it, the other person has to do their part, too.

Maybe it IS just easier to hide under the covers.

One of my cousins had copies of this photo printed for the entire family at Thanksgiving. This is my great grandparents, Jack & Sarah (seated), surrounded by all 9 of their children.



Nov 21

Thankful & Blessed

Hello lovelies! Happy Friday! I’m particularly stoked today because I get to start WALKING tomorrow!! 4 more days on crutches or so and I’ll be actually walking on both feet again. Surreal. I actually managed to scoot down the stairs on my butt last night and I went into my lair for the first time since surgery. It was really really nice to have a change of scenery.

I’m so thankful for all of the visits, home cooked meals, well wishes, and everything else. My friends are pretty flipping amazing and I’m a lucky girl. I feel incredibly blessed and I sincerely appreciate every single one of you.

It’s Friday Five time, too! Here are my answers to this week’s holiday themed questions. Enjoy!

1. Do you make for special arrangements for Thanksgiving, aside from the usual shopping and decorating? I’m going to say no. I don’t decorate for Thanksgiving at all, and my involvement in the meal is usually just bringing a side dish or an appetizer, so that’s not a big deal. This year, my cousin Kassie will be coming to stay with me along with her husband and 2 kids, which I’m really excited about. They’re driving here all the way from Texas! But even still, we’re having Thanksgiving at another cousins house, and it’ll be huge – probably around 75 people or so. I’m supposed to bring a dish to pass, but since I can barely walk, I’m hoping I can get my cuz to cover for me.

2. What is the one food that says the holidays to you? My mother in law makes this incredible cranberry salad that I love. I could literally eat buckets of it. It’s just the right amount of tart and sweet. She only ever makes it at Thanksgiving, so the holiday isn’t complete for me without it. Sadly, she will be out of town for the holiday this year, but hopefully we can have a mini Thanksgiving makeup. 🙂

3. Is there something that is always served that no one eats, but it always still there? I guess you haven’t met my family. We’re kind of super professional eaters, so there’s no way we’d waste precious table space on something nobody likes.

4. What is your favorite after holiday dinner tradition? Dessert. Duh. But I hate pie, so it has to be cake or cheesecake or something. I love the day after Thanksgiving because that’s when I get to put my Christmas up. I’m 85% sure we’ll be doing the chintzy tree this year which is my favorite.

5. Have you ever gone out to a restaurant for your holiday dinner? I remember going out to a restaurant once with my mom and my grandma and my uncle, but I was just a kid, and I don’t remember the circumstances as to why we were out.  I do remember the food being a disappointment, though. Even as a child I had a very discerning palate.

I hope that your Thanksgiving is spectacular, and filled with love and happiness. And let’s not forget great food. 🙂



Nov 16

The Game is Afoot

I had surgery on Tuesday and it went very well. I didn’t have a general anesthetic, and apparently I kept waking up and asking questions, but I only vaguely remember it. I do remember at the end as I was coming around, I kept saying “My foot is hot. Why is my foot so hot?” They would explain that it was the plaster they were putting on and then 3 seconds later I’d ask the same questions again. 🙂

I’m pleased to report that I had almost no pain at all, in fact I only took Tylenol once, and nothing any stronger. I had X-rays on Friday and everything looks perfect, plus I got a real cast. I can’t put any weight on my foot until this next Saturday, but overall things are good. I’m pretty bored and sick of sitting around, but I’ve been really spoiled by The Best Husband Ever and some really really great friends. I’ve also been doing lots of drawing, which has been fun. Here are a few doodles from my daily journal.




I guess that’s it for now. Back to drawing and watching all of Netflix. I started watching Scandal – it’s really quite good. XOXO


Nov 08

Mixed Messages

As I prep for surgery, I’ve been spending lots of time in my underground lair. I’ve been feeling an influx of creativity lately, but I also know I won’t be able to get down the stairs for a while. When I’m sad, I don’t usually feel like making art. Probably because I’m drawn to bright colors and when I’m sad they just don’t fit. I’ve honestly been feeling so happy lately that the creative juices are just gushing. It feels so great! I’ve been working in my new Yearbook Journal quite a bit, and I thought I’d share some of my recent work. I hope you enjoy it! These are all VERY mixed media. Everything from acrylic paint, collage, markers, pens, oil pastels, colored pencils and even nail polish. 🙂

7 in 7


Out Crowd



Nov 03

Angels & Demons

Things are happening around here! I’ve had so much going on, but it’s all been good. The big news is that I’m working again! It’s such a relief to not have the burden of being jobless anymore. I’m pretty excited, and very happy.

There’s been some pretty crappy stuff going on as well. I was SO sick all last week. I had just a terrible head cold and a sore throat, which eventually settled into my chest. I’m finally feeling better which is amazing. I also had some personal drama that was pretty ugly, but has finally resolved itself once and for all. It weighed on me pretty heavily for a while, but I’ve let it go, which feels awesome.

I’m only about a week away from my foot surgery now, so I’m trying to pack as much fun in as possible! Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to:

My bestie Dawn and I met up in Detroit last weekend for the Michigan Brewer’s Guild’s Fall Beer Festival. We’ve done several of these fests and they’re always amazing. I made us pretzel scarves and even beer can lid earrings!! We had an absolute blast as always.

Beer Fest Besties

Dawn & I at Slows

I went to a Wine & Canvas event last week with a girlfriend, and it was pretty cool. Here’s my painting:


Mike & I went to a killer Halloween party with some friends, and had a ball!

Me, Sherry & MikeyThe Devil

Halloween 2014

That’s it for now, but I think I’ll have some artwork to share pretty soon! XOXO


Nov 06

A Bunion Ain’t One

One year ago today, I had surgery on my foot to correct a bunion. Of course, I drew pictures of my experience. 🙂

 Surgery Day

Surgery Day! Damn, I made that gown look good.

 Crazy Driver

I went to Target and rocked a Smart Cart with Mike & Clovis.

 Foot Jail

I had to keep my foot elevated at night, which I HATED because I’m a side sleeper. I called it foot jail. Buffy usually sleeps by my feet, but with foot jail all up in her bidness, she started sleeping on my torso.

All in all, the foot surgery was a great experience. My foot still hurts on occasion, but it’s really mild. The trade off is that I can wear normal shoes without pain every single day. My feet are still flat so I do have 99 problems, but a bunion ain’t one.


Feb 19

Butt Cookies & Warm Toesies

Here’s a quick recap of what’s been going down lately:

  • Mike has become a prolific baker. And by that I mean he buys refrigerated cookie dough and bakes it into cookies that are sometimes shaped like butts. He makes a dozen or so, leaves me 2, and then takes the rest over to Sam & Steph’s when they watch Walking Dead on Sunday nights. This is the perfect arrangement for me – I get 2 fresh baked cookies, and don’t have to look at the rest of them because he never brings any back home. This one time he put the dough globs a bit too close together and the cookies came out looking like butts. Behold: butt cookies.
    Butt cookies
  • I wore a sweater dress last week. That’s a big deal. I think it looked ok, too. I was in sort of a panic at first, but then I just got over it. So that’s pretty exciting. I bought the dress when I was in Texas in January 2012, so I’ve been hanging onto this thing for a while. Anyway, I feel pretty victorious.
  • Mike & I went to the eye doctor last week and we both got new glasses. I picked out Coach frames! They’re pretty sweet. I’m hoping to pick them up sometime this week.
  • I picked up my mug on Friday. It turned out decent for my first try, but I think I could do better now that I’ve gotten my feet wet in this whole ceramics deal. Here’s a terrible pic of it in awful lighting:
    My mug after firing
  • I bought a pair of slippers. I used to wear shoes around the house, because otherwise my feet hurt. Since I always had real shoes on, I was never able to wear any cute slippers. Since my foot surgery I’ve been wearing just socks, but my feet are always cold. So I bought some furry leapord print booties that have little tiny leopard print pom poms on them. They are super cute and now my feet are warm!
  • Sunday was the TENTH anniversary of this blog. I feel like there should have been a bit more fanfare or something, but I never really got anything together, so there it is. Happy Blogiversary to me!
  • As of yesterday, Mike is back to working 2nd shift, which SUCKS. We can’t go to the gym together anymore, and I have to eat my dinner alone during the week. He’s working 12-9, which is better than 3-11 by far, so at least there’s that – he gets home before I have to go to bed. It’s only temporary, but we don’t know exactly how long temporary is just yet.
  • I had the day off yesterday for President’s Day, so I did a bit of shopping and went to the pool with my mom. It was a beautiful day – cold but sunny, so it was fun to be out & about. 🙂

So that’s pretty much it around here. I hope all of your dreams come true this week.


Jan 25

Cherries in a Bucket

This week was Mike’s birthday, so we got together with some friends last weekend to celebrate. Mike rarely drinks, and when he does, he is a champion sipper – he can nurse a drink for a good long time. The birthday party was a 90’s theme, and Mike decided to party like it was 1999! He bought a mason jar full of some sort of cherry flavored moonshine. It even had a ton of cherries floating around at the bottom. It smelled like rubbing alcohol, but apparently, Mike reeeallly liked it. He spent the entire evening drinking moonshine straight out of the jar, and occasionally switching off to mixed vodka drinks in a red solo cup that he had named Bocephus. There were some Goldschlager shots in there somewhere too (this was a 90s party after all). Mike had a great time at the party! Predictably, he paid the price for that fun later in the night, but I don’t think he has any regrets. Here’s my interpretation of the evening, from my journal:

 FUN FUN FUNThe Price of Fun

In other news, I decided that the C25K plan isn’t right for me at the moment. I just don’t think my foot is ready for it – it was hurting it pretty badly. I wasn’t in love with the running anyway, but I think I could have stuck it out longer and given it more of a chance if my foot had been less painful. I definitely want to give this a try again. Maybe in the spring when I could actually run outside. I just need more time. It’s only been 10 weeks since the bunion surgery after all.

In addition to the attempts at running, Mike & I are trying really hard to eat better and exercise regularly. He is still doing the C25K, and actually enjoying it, so GO MIKEY! I’m back to doing my regular workouts – elliptical, arc trainer, racquetball, swimming, and more. I like variety – it keeps me interested. So far, I’ve lost 6.5 pounds, so things are going well. Since I quit smoking last March, I put on 25 pounds! I’m trying to shed that weight plus quite a bit more. It’s so much easier with Mikey on board, I can’t even tell you.

Happy Birthday to Mikey, Johnny V, my little neice Renea, and my sister Kassie this week! XOXO


Jan 04

Oy With the Poodles Already!

The last couple of weeks have been sort of eventful, so here’s a catch up of the haps. After Friday 12/21, I was off work until after the first of the year, as was Mike. We started our vacation off with a bang – The Peaches were in town, so we got to spend some time with them, which is always a pleasure. Peach Pit is still a complete jerk (yet somehow lovable) and Peach Fuzz is still adorable & sweet. I sure wish those kids still lived around here so I could see them more often. Anyway, the old gang hit the town and we had a ball. Also, I wore a dress! That’s pretty big news! I only took one picture the entire night, but it’s a DOOZY. Peach Pit is so pasty white that I think the flash scared him.

 Peach Pit

We spent Christmas Eve at our house with my family, and it was nice. We ate, opened presents, ate dessert, and then chit chatted for quite a while. It was a very nice afternoon. Christmas Day was spent in Grand Rapids with Mike’s family, and that was really nice, too. It was a madhouse with a zillion people, but a really great madhouse. The kids got walkie talkies so that was fun!

The day after Christmas I woke up and my throat was sore – I felt like I swallowed broken glass. I shook it off fairly quickly though, and Mike & I ran a few errands. My throat never felt great, but I managed. Well, things went rapidly downhill from there! I got worse and worse and ended up spending the rest of the week and the weekend either in bed or on the couch. I was MISERABLE! It was completely horrible to spend my vacation sick. I was able to catch up on all my DVR’d shows, though, which is the only plus. I am still a couple of Vampire Diaries behind, and I haven’t watched any of this season’s Gossip Girl yet, but what the hay, it was cancelled anyway so I’ve got all the time in the world now, right? I also got sucked into a Gilmore Girls re-watch, and man oh man, do I love the hell out of that show. I think the entire series is up there with Veronica Mars season 1 for best show ever ever ever of all time. I managed to get some work done on my sock yarn binky as well. It’s coming along nicely.  

So, I rang in the new year with Mike at home – we watched the ball drop, and I drank about 3 sips of a beer before deciding I couldn’t finish it and dumping it. So yeah, I was THAT SICK. Mike did drag me out of the house on New Year’s Day – it was our last vacation day so we went out for lunch and made a quick trip to Target for some supplies, but we headed home right afterward because I was still feeling pretty pooptastic. I DID score this amazing furry hat/scarf combo that has ears AND a hot pink lining. I am definitely wearing it to the Winter Beer Festival next month. I know this is an awful pic, but I was wicked sick and the lighting was bad, and you will just have to deal:

 new hat

I am not even 2 months past my foot surgery to correct the bunion, but Mike & I have decided we want to be runners, so we are going to start the Couch to 5K program next week. I am not 100% sold on the idea that I will ever be a “runner” but I think it’ll be fun to try. I honestly have no idea how my foot will do, but hey, I’m going to give this a whirl and see where it takes me. Everone I know who runs has said that they never thought they would be a runner or enjoy running and then they ended up being in love with it. Maybe that’s me! I have a sneaking suspicion that it IS NOT, but we shall see. And again, there is the whole question of my foot – I am not sure that it’s even up for it. I’ll know more next week when I try the program for the first time. I’ll give you a full report.

I think that’s it for now. I hope your 2013 is freaking epic.


Nov 27

Curse You, Foot Jail!

Some stuff from my journal. I hope you like it!

 Foot Jail

While I recover from foot surgery, I have to sleep with my foot propped up on this foam wedge. I hate it! I call it foot jail. See my sad face?

 Crazy Driver

When I finally got to go out of the house, I went to Target so I could cruise around in the little golf cart. It was less fun that I expected. People do not treat you nicely when you drive the cart. People actually glared and rolled their eyes and such. I was very excited to be out & about, but the mean people totally ruined my fun. 🙁

 Sleepy Time!

While Mike was in Chicago doing some training, he went to the Sanrio store and got me this super cute Chococat sleep mask. 🙂


We saw Skyfall over the weekend. It was quite good. I really enjoyed it and I like Daniel Craig – he’s a great James Bond.

So that’s it. Things are starting to get crazy around here with the holiday season in full swing. I hope whatever holiday you’re into is rad. Merry & bright and all that. Cheers!