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Aug 14

Party Rock

I downloaded this video editor app called Magisto, so I made this quick little vid to try it out. It was fun! I hope you like it!


Jul 26

Worlds Collide

My journal is the story of my day to day life. Usually I combine drawings with words to express an idea or feeling or even just to remember an event or a moment. One of my favorite things to do is to go back and look through the books to remember those moments that I might have otherwise forgotten.

I’ve been thinking for the last several weeks about how I can incorporate more into my journal. For example, could I work a video into this totally analog format somehow? Or a song? Maybe a voicemail message someone left me? A photo slideshow?

I decided to try using QR codes. I used one for the first time this week and I think it worked out great. Since Beer Prom was all over social media, that seemed like a great chance to give this a whirl. So I made my journal page for Beer Prom, and I included a QR code in the corner. The code links back to my blog post here at Trish’s World, which has photos, the itinerary, and a great video about the experience.

 High Tech Journal!!

I’m excited about this, and I think it opens up lots of possibilities for my journal. It gives this totally analog format a bit of a tech spin. 🙂

In case your curious or if you’d like to do this in your own journal, I created my code with this generator.


Apr 22

Pinball Wizard

When I was in 5th grade, I lived with my grandparents. My grandmother worked part time at a local Laundromat, and every day after school I’d go over there and hang out until she finished work. There was a Ms. Pac Man pinball machine, and my grandma would give me a roll of quarters every day, and I played that thing for what seemed like hours. I loved it! I’ve loved pinball ever since.

Me & the Pinball GorillaThis past Friday night, Mike & I went to the Pinball at the Zoo Expo at the fairgrounds. I was pretty excited, as you can imagine. All the machines were set to free play, so I wandered around and played a bunch of different games. My favorites (Shocker!) were the Star Trek machines. There were 2 TOS machines, and a TNG machine. I got to try them all and they were SO COOL. One of them was for sale and oh, how I would love to have a Star Trek (or any!) pinball machine in my basement!! But alas, 2600 bones is a little more than I am willing to part with. 🙁

I also enjoyed looking at all the pieces and parts – there were lots of vendors there selling balls, flippers, playfields, and tons of little bits and pieces that can be used to repair, build, and/or modify pinball machines. It was cool! Here’s some more pics – mostly of the Star Trek machines, natch.

Star Trek Pinball

Me playing Star Trek Pinball

Star Trek Pinball 1978

 Star Trek Pinball


Oct 30

The Darkside

This past weekend, we went to Detroit for the Detroit Fanfare Comicon. It was really fun, and full of cosplayers, which I love. Here are a couple of amazing photos:

 Me, Darth Vader & his Stormtroopers

I met THE Darth Vader. He’s a sith of few words, but he seemed nice enough. 🙂

 Mike & Slave Leia

Mike achieved a lifelong dream of meeting Slave Leia. As I was taking this photo, I couldn’t help but wonder…..Is she wearing underpants? If so, where? And how? Anyway…

We had a ball. There were tons of really cool artists there, and Mike & I got some great prints. I also got something I’ve been looking for for quite a while – a vinly decal for my car! I found this great little decal that’s a cartoony Catwoman head. It’s so great, I can;t wait to get it on my car! I also got a Wonder Woman decal that will go on my Nexus 7 as soon as I procure one.  There was a TON of Star Wars stuff, a wee bit of Harry Potter, and very little Star Trek stuff. This show really made it clear to Mike & I that we need to do a Star Trek con. We are very seriously considering the Chicago con next May.

Another really cool thing I picked up is an amazing sketchbook made from an old Disney hardcover book. There are so many things that are great about it – first, the covers are old and look well worn, which I just love. Second, the paper inside is incredible – it’s a heavyweight bristol, perfect for markers and inks. Third, it’s ring bound, which means I can move pages around, and best of all, refill it with new paper when it’s all gone. Fourth, it has a clear plastic sheet that you can place behind the page your working on so ink and markers don’t bleed onto the next page. I am just in love with this thing!! If you are interested in taking a look at these books yourself, the website is here. I met & talked to this guy myself, and he is a paper geek just like me, so I can tell you that his products are all top notch.

So that’s the story of our exciting trip to Detroit. The con was great, we had a blast! I think we will plan to go again next year for sure. 🙂


Jul 24

Nothing is Ever Black or White

I had a couple of MRIs done earlier this year – in April and May to be exact. I finally got copies of the films recently so I can share them with yet another doctor that I will be seeing in a couple of weeks. Anyway, here’s what my guts look like. Pretty cool, huh? The MRIs were of my spine – first the thoracic and then the cervical. The software was somewhat confusing, so I’m not sure which MRI these images came from or even if they came from the same one.



Mar 09

Crazy Cat Lady

It’s been another crazy week! Buffy is still in seclusion, which sucks bigtime. Plus, on top of the baby aspirin we’ve been giving her, the doctor also prescribed an antiobiotic this week. We are now giving her aspirin every 3rd day, and a liquid antibiotic twice per day. Poor kid! I think she’s starting to hate the sight of me. 🙁

Speaking of Buffy, I finished my painting last weekend! I’m pretty pleased with it. Now I just need to figure out where to hang it since it’s HUGE. I did start a new painting in class this past week. Since there are only 4 classes left (3 now!), I chose a very small canvas – only 8×10. I’m painting an allium, which is a beautiful Dr. Suess looking purple flower. You can see my reference photo by clicking here. It’s nice to work on such a small canvas size – I feel much less nervous that I will make a mistake or screw something up. My Buffy painting is really big – 26×28 I think. Anyway, here’s a slideshow of the Buffy painting from start to finish. If you want to just see the final painting, click here.


I also want to tell you about the AMAZING new handmade cover I got for my Nook. My friend Suzee custom made it for me, and she did such a great job! I told her I like pink, purple and cats, and asked her to include a pocket on the front to hold my booklight. Viola!! Check this thing out! It’s so adorable, and absolutely perfect!! Click to see larger photos, and be sure to check out Suzee’s Etsy shop – Applehead Threads. You won’t be sorry!

New Nook Cover!New Nook Cover!

Toodles, kids! I hope your weekend is the best!


Sep 08


OK, first off, I’m loving this fall-ish weather! Sunny but chilly, which is pretty perfect for me. Today is gray and rainy, but I happen to also love rain, so I’m ok with that too. I’m going to a hard cider festival this weekend, so I hope it’s at least a teensy bit chilly so I’ll be in a cider-y kind of mood. 🙂

I got a new phone over the weekend. I was so ready to get rid of that POS Palm Pre! I really really wanted a Blackberry, but they are way too expensive, so I ended up with an HTC Evo 4G. Downside – It’s HUGE. Seriously, it’s a dude phone. My dainty girl paws can barely manage to hold on to this thing. Upsides – it’s got a great camera (front facing too!), and it can stream Netflix. I’m not sure I’ll get a ton of use out of that, but it’s available to me.

The other day, we had a bit of excitement when I saw a possum walking through our backyard. His fur was kind of jacked up and he was limping along. He’d walk a few steps and then lie down in the grass for a bit, then walk a few more steps. I know possums will play dead, but he looked sick. I called animal control and they sent an officer out to look at him. Unfortunately, before the officer got here, Mr. Possum crawled under the shed. Since the officer couldn’t get to him, she told us to keep an eye out and to call them again if we saw him. I haven’t seen him since. I really hope that the little guy makes it, and I definitely don’t want him to die under my shed. I’d never seen a possum that close up before, and he was pretty cute.

Sleep Graph

One of the things I did with my fancy pants new brick phone is to download a sleep tracker app. This does a couple of things that interest me. First, it will wake you up when your sleep is at the lightest, instead of waking you up at a preset time when you are deeply asleep. Secondly, it graphs your sleep, and also helps you keep track of how much sleep you are getting. As soon as you wake up it asks you to rate your sleep and add optional comments. I have problems sleeping so I’m excited that this might help. Anyway, hgere’s my graph from last night. The bottom of the chart is where sleep is the deepest, the middle is REM sleep where you are dreaming, and the peaks are the periods of light sleep or waking. The stars at the upper right are my rating. Last night was my first time using it, but so far, it’s awesome. I woke up when the alarm went off with no problems, and I didn’t feel super groggy. Anyway, I’m on a 14 day trial, and then if I decide to pull the trigger it’s $1.49.

US 1270070Another one of my postcards was received – this one went to China. I used watercolor and ink.

ETA: If you are interested in trying a sleep tracker app, the one I’m using is called Sleep-as-an-Droid from the Android Market, and there is also an iPhone app called SleepCycle that I’ve heard really good things about. Sweet Dreams!


May 25

Out With The Old

I got a Nook. I’m still sort of reeling because it’s not my trusty old Sony, but I’m slowly getting used to it. The biggest adjustment for me is the lighting situation. How can all these readers not be backlit? I just don’t get it. My Sony wasn’t backlit, but it’s like 100 years old, so what’s with these new-fangled ones? For the Sony, I had the case that had a built in light and it worked awesomely. The Nook also has a light case, but it’s basically a case with a clip on light inside it. I can get my own clip on light and save a ton of money so I didn;t go for that one. So I am using a clip on light and it kind of sucks. The problem for me is that I like to read before I go to sleep, and if I have the lights in the room on, they are in my face and I get a headache. Maybe I should get a lamp? I don’t know, but I’ll figure it out. Anyway, I got a Nook and it’s pretty cool so far. Oh, and I didn’t spring for the fancy new color one, I just got the regular old Nook.

We got some other new stuff at the end of last week too. I got a new phone line installed for my office as well as a new phone. It’s all kinds of stellar to be able to call people and not be worried that they won’t be able to understand me. I got a new headset too, and I’m not crazy about the way it fits. I miss my old one. Between this and the Nook can you tell that I totally fear change?? But I’ll get used to it in time, I’m sure. We also got a new bedroom window last week. The one we had was too small for the space, and whoever installed it wedged pieces of wood along 2 sides to make it fit. The wood got wet, and then it got moldy and after a few years, gaps formed and rain started to leak in. Now we have a window that is the proper size and installed by a professional. It’s in, but we are waiting to have it finished until we know for sure there are no leaks. We are also waiting to get curtains or blinds or something for it, so in the meantime I’m having a ball changing my clothes in the closet. 🙂

So, now to the really crappy thing that’s going on – my car. It’s been in the shop since April 18th. The main computer is fried, and that alone will cost about $1600 to fix, just to get the car running. Beyond that, there is more work that needs to be done in the somewhat near future: new rotors, the ABS system isn’t functioning at all and needs to be repaired, the power steering needs to be fixed, and maybe more stuff that I don’t even remember at this point. The bottom line is that it’s going to end up being in the $4000 range when all is said and done. The blue book value is just barely that much. The mechanic sort of gave me the impression that the car wasn’t worth getting all of this work done.  So I’m sort of at a loss. My friend Casey is trying to help me out, but I’m at his mercy and that makes me uncomfortable. I don’t want to bother him, and I know he’s busy with other things AND he is doing me a favor, so I don’t want to be all up in his grill. But at the same time, I want this whole thing to move along and come to some sort of resolution and be over with. Will my car get fixed? Great, let’s do that. Should I call it a day and look for another car? Sounds good, let’s find one. I just want this over. I am so sick of dealing with it. I loved my car and I loved driving it, but now I don’t have anything at all. So, I don’t really care how this works out anymore, I just want it to work out one way or another SOON. Part of me wants to just call the mechanic and tell him to fix everything and I’ll pay the $4000, because at least that will be the end. But I’m sure it won’t be because the car will just break again and I’ll be in the same boat. Cars are stupid. I wish I could ride a bike. My friend Sam says I should get a motorcycle, but I think I’m more of a Vespa girl, honestly.


Feb 17

I’d Like to Thank the Academy

Today is a very special day here at Trish’s World. On this day, way back in 2003, trishsworld.com officially hit the internet. So today is my Blogiversary. Can you believe I have been babbling to the internets about all kinds of ridiculously boring drivel for EIGHT YEARS?? It seems kind of crazy, but it’s true.

This WordPress blog actually only goes back to 2005. All my earlier posts were lost after a tragic data management incident sometime in 2005, but they existed at one time, swear. Anyway, I thought today would be a good day to take a little trip down memory lane. Because my record keeping skills have sucked royally, I don’t have a clue what the timeframes for these images being used are, but I used all of them at one time or another over the years. Keep in mind that around the turn of the century (2003-2005ish) I actually wrote all my own HTML and designed my page layouts by myself. I know, right?? Shocker.

This might be one of the last designs I actually did myself. I didn’t create this image – I stole it from somewhere on the internet and then re-colored it so the cats look like Nemo & Buffy and made the general colorscheme more girly. I still really like this image – This is pretty much what my mornings look like, so it was a good fit for me.

This one is another stolen-from-the-web image that I really liked. I know, my image theft at that time knew no bounds. I think I started using this one around Valentine’s Day but ended up keeping it for a long time – a year or so. I designed this layout myself too. I pretty much wrote the HTML for all the layouts I used in the early days, and then once I switched over to LiveJournal for a while I never really went back to designing. It was difficult for me because I didn’t do it often enough to get good at it or even to stay on top of changes to HTML and things like that. I never even used CSS because I didn’t know how!

This guy is one of my all time favorite designs I did. This image was made just for me by my good friend Rick, and I used it for a loooong time. I re-colored the kitty black and used a vibrant purple backdrop. Still love this kitty! Rick is amazing.

Ok, I also want to mention some of the folks who have helped and continue to help make Trish’s World a reality. I would never have been able to make this happen without the help of my super good friend and all around nice guy, John. He has been holding my hand through all of the technical behind the scenes stuff that makes a blog go from day 1, and he still helps me today. From writing the PHP script I used to blog back in the day to helping me transition to WordPress (and still helping me when I can’t figure things out) more recently, the dude has been there for me the ENTIRE time. He has my eternal gratitude and my undying love and affection. Smooches!!

Other people that have helped me in huge ways and deserve a big round of applause – Rick, for making me my adorable kitty cat and not accepting any kind of payment whatsoever. Tom, for helping me out with hosting when I needed it. Andre, for emergency HTML help when my blog was totally broken and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

If I forgot someone, it’s not because I don’t appreciate your help, I’m just a forgetful jerk. And I really did appreciate it, swear.

PS – I renewed my domain last week for TWO MORE YEARS. I’m going for a decade, dudes.


Jan 12

Angry Thighs

My photo project is going along swimmingly. If you aren’t sure where to find my photos, click here. There’s also a link on the sidebar over there ——–>. It’s been really fun so far, and I’m enjoying it.

Poor Mikey has been sick for several days. He worked from home yesterday for about half the day, and he is home again today but not even working. I think he might have bronchitis, but getting him to go to an actual doctor for a diagnosis is difficult. I am going to try to get him to go this afternoon, so we’ll see. Hopefully, he will have a speedy recovery & be feeling better soon.

Over the weekend, we got the EA Sports Active 2 fitness program for the Xbox that also works with the Kinect. We got it all set up and created our profiles on Sunday, then on Monday I did my first actual workout for the 3 week cardio kickstart program. Seriously, it’s SO hard. I know I’m out of shape, but damn. That trainer chick is in love with squats, and now everytime I try to sit down or stand up I want to cry. Going up and down the stairs is wicked painful too. Today is a rest day thankfully, but tomorrow I’m sure she’ll have me squatting like crazy again. I know it’s all for the best, but I can’t wait until I get over the hump and it isn’t quite so painful. My poor thighs.

That’s pretty much it. There really isn’t anything all that exciting going on around here this week. I will leave you with this cool picture I took the other day. This wasn’t for the photo project, this was just me messing around and trying the painting with light thing again, but this time, using the fire in my fireplace as the light. This one turned out pretty cool, I think.

I hope you’re having a great week. Rock on!

Painting with Fire