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Oct 10

Memory Lane

It’s that time again! I haven’t done the Friday Five in a while, so here goes. I picked these questions from a different Friday Five spot than my usual – these are from LiveJournal (talk about a blast from the past!). This week it’s all about toys!

1. What was your favorite toy when you were younger? When did you get it, do you still have it, etc? I remember BEGGING my parents for a Snoopy Snow Cone Machine for Christmas when I was a kid, and I got it, but I honestly don’t remember even playing with it. I was a Barbie girl, and I had the Barbie Dream Store, and that’s what I remember playing with the most. I had 3 favorite Barbies – Crystal Barbie, Peaches & Cream Barbie, and Miko. Miko was Barbie’s exotic island friend, and she had this beautiful inky black hair that was long and straight. I loved her because I could twist that hair into the most glorious updos, 

2. Do you still sleep with stuffed animals? If you do, what kind? I do, actually – I have a gray stuffed Mouse named Mousy that I sleep with every single night and even take with me when I travel. He squeaks when you squish his belly, and I’ve had him since I was a little kid, probably 6 or 7. My dad gave him to me on Valentine’s Day and he had balloons in one paw, and a small arrangement of fresh flowers in the other paw. Here’s a drawing of me sleeping from a couple of years ago, and there’s my Mousy:

Sleepy Time!

3. Have you ever collected beanie babies, barbies, matchbox cars, etc? Hmmm, I had a few Beanie Baby cats, but I wasn’t all crazy over them or anything. I had lots of Barbies, though. 

4. Have you ever collected toys from the kids menus of fast food restaurants? Again, not really. I love toys and I’ve gotten fast food toys in the past, but I’m not really a collector per se.

5. Did you ever get rid of your childhood toys? Were you sad when you got rid of them? How old where you when you got rid of them? I really don’t remember what even happened to most of them. My Barbies are long gone, and I don’t know when or how that happened. A few years ago, Mattel re-released Peaches & Cream Barbie, and my mom got one for me for my birthday. It’s amazing, because she’s exactly like I remember her – frothy peach gown with big ruffles and fluffy stole. She came with a stand and she sits on my desk so I can see her everyday. 

What was your favorite toy when you were a kid? XOXO, Trish


Dec 08


Wonder Woman saves the day


Today, Mike & I went to the Grand Rapids Toy & Comic Expo. Its always pretty fun, but this year we got a superhero photo taken. It was really fun, and I can’t help but laugh every time I see this picture. I’ve always wanted to be Wonder Woman, so this was my big chance. 🙂


Mar 22

Pink Kitty Cat

My friend Suzee from AppleHead Threads is an amazing seamstress, and she was blogging recently about a family friend that had passed away. The family gave Suzee some of their loved ones old flannel shirts and asked her to make some memorial items from the fabric. She ended up making some really great stuff that I know the family must have appreciated SO MUCH. The thing that caught my eye (naturally!) were some stuffed cats that she made. They are just adorable! Once I saw them, I asked Suzee if she could make me a flannel cat, too. SAhe agreed, and my kitty cat arrived lte last week. I am so in love with her! Of course, Suzee bought flannel for my kitty, and she found this cute pink & black plaid. I hope some day I can sew HALF as well as she does. Here’s a pic – I actually swiped it from Suzee because I’ve been too busy to take my own photo.

 Flannel Kitty!

SO CUTE, right?? I’m still trying to pick out a name for her, so I’m open to suggestions. You can find AppleHead Threads on the web here and here.

Thanks again, Suzee!! She’s puuuurrrrfect! 🙂


Dec 07

We Have To Stop Meeting Like This…

Mike, Clovis & I went to the Grand Rapids Toy & Comic show last weekend, and it was a good time. I love to look at the old toys, and it’s always cool to meet some comic artists as well. I met this really cool guy that does an autobiographical comic, and it was very interesting. To me especially, because it’s similar to what I do in my journals, only I don’t do it in a comic form. I think I might try to do more comic strip types of stuff, though. I was inspired! I never really put the two together, and I’m not really sure why. This guy, Ryan, was very nice and his book was super interesting. I am kicking myself for not buying a copy, honestly. Anyway, check him out if you get a chance, his website is www.elephanteater.com. There are some really cool sample pages on the comics page, so be sure to check them out.

Seriously, though, I think Darth Vader is stalking me, you guys!! He just can’t seem to take a hint. I tried to tell him at Fanfare in Detroit last month that we should just be friends, but I think he’s hoping his Jedi Mind Trick will eventually work on me or something.

 Me & My Homies

Here’s Mike with Starscream, too. This dude’s costume was so cool! I was extra-impressed.

 Mike & Starscream


Apr 11

Bunny Hop

Easter Eggs!This last Saturday, I colored Easter eggs with my nephew, Noah. Since he is now the ripe old age of 9, I wasn’t sure he would want to do it this year, but he did. Usually I bring bunny ears for us to wear while we do it, but he thought they were uncool last year so I left them home this time. We had a really fun time, and made 3 dozen colorful eggs. This week, Mike & I are trying to eat our way through a tub of egg salad. 🙂

On Sunday, We got up bright and early and headed to Grand Rapids to visit with Mike’s family. We had a yummy ham dinner as well as an Easter egg hunt for the younger kids. The kids had a great time, and each found all of their eggs. While we were there, Mike also took the opportunity to reclaim all of his old childhood toys. We loaded 4 huge boxes into the car to take home – including Castle Grayskull AND Snake Mountain. This week, Mike has been going through his newly rediscovered loot. There are lots of Star Wars toys, including Boba Fett’s ship, Slave One, completely intact and with all the parts. He even has a huge AT-AT that is also complete with all of the pieces.

Mighty Men & Monster Maker!!He gave me all of the coolest toys, though. First, a tiny little action figure of Perseus from the original Clash of the Titans. Next, he gave me a Skeletor action figure with his staff AND the furry purple Panthor for him to ride on, complete with saddle! It’s SO sweet. The third thing he game me is a playset called the Mighty Men & Monster Maker. It’s basically Fashion Plates for boys – you can mix up the plates to make heroes, monsters, or a combination of the 2. Here’s my first stab at making a dude. It would be SO COOL if I could mix these with my Fashion Plates, but the plates are all different sizes. Total Bummer.

We also joined a new gym this week. We finally left the crap hole we were at for the last year. I was super frustrated because the pool was hardly ever working, and the staff there were all very rude and never knew anything when we asked questions. Plus it was just kind of dumpy. But it was inexpensive and very close to our house, which are the only 2 good things I can say about it. Our new gym, on the other hand, is super swanky. I go in there in my ratty old t-shirt and feel like I need to get some fancier workout threads so I don’t look like a hobo in there. The pool is ridiculously awesome, but the one time I went it was crazy busy so I need to figure out when the off times are so I can get my swim on. Plus! They have racquetball. Mike & I love to play racquetball (very poorly) together. It’s so much fun, plus it burns a ton of calories. Maybe for Mother’s Day Nemo & Buffy can get me my very own racquet. Pink please.

I hope that your Easter holiday (or regular old weekend) was full of excitement and adventure.


Apr 03

Sith Lords Beware

Mike & I

This past Saturday, Mike & I headed to Grand Rapids for the Toy & Comic Expo. There was a costume contest, so I was extra excited because I love to see people dressed up. The contest turned out to be kind of a dud as there were only about 3 contestants, but the show was still pretty fun. We had a great time looking at all of the old toys. I saw a booth with a Castle Grayskull playset and I got all excited, then Mike told me he still has his old Grayskull set from when he was a kid at his mom & dad’s house. Can you guys believe that he’s had this thing all along and never even mentioned it? He’s been holding out on me for all these years!

There were not nearly as many Barbies as I expected, but there were lots of Star Trek toys, which I always like to look at. I bought a small plastic Enterprise that I am going to try to make into a ring. We also fought off some Sith lords with our light sabers before escaping aboard the Millenium Falcon. So, you know, just another Saturday.



Sep 14

Make It Work

When I found out that Mike had to work late tonight and we had to cancel our training session at the gym, I did what any other normal thirty-something girl would do: I busted out my old school Fashion Plates and went to town! Man, these things are fun! Here’s my favorites:
Pink HairGreen Haired Freak

I probably should have gone to the gym by myself and gotten in at least some sort of workout, but I was feeling way too creative. Plus, I’m sure that now that these are on the internet, Tim Gunn will be calling me any day to try out for season 10. I can’t sew, but hey, neither could Anya. I think they’ve mentioned it once or 5245886 times this season.


May 10

The Big Apple

I went to New Jersey a couple of weeks ago for work. I had a rough time getting there after a few cancellations and delays, but I finally made it. I like New Jersey – especially in the spring. It was a little warmer there than it was at home, and the trees were greener, which was nice. I spent all day Wednesday and Thursday at my office, and things went well. I feel fortunate to work for such a great company that treats me so well. I was also introduced to Dunkin Donuts which is literally, on every street corner there. They have really good coffee, and I also had one donut that was quite good as well. Overall, the trip was great, and I think I’ll be going back again sometime in July.

TSQ 119/365I also went into the office on Friday, but I left right after lunch with my company’s driver, Harold. He took me to the airport in Newark where we picked up Mikey! I was very happy to see him. Once we had fetched Mike, Harold drove us into New York City. I’m SO glad we weren’t driving ourselves – it’s kind of a mess. But Harold has lived in the area his whole life so he handled the traffic expertly. He took us to our hotel, the Millenium Premiere on 44th between 6th & 7th. The hotel was nice, our room was pretty small (which we expected) but overall was nice. They had robes! Plus free beer every night between 5-7 PM! I’m not so sure that I’d stay at this hotel again because we did have a few issues, but the location was awesome – we were literally half a block from Times Square. ( Read more )


Apr 03

Hold on to Your Butts

On Friday night, Mike & I went to see Jurassic Park on the big screen. One of the local theaters was showing it just for kicks, and since I’ve always loved Jurassic Park, we thought it would be really cool to see it in a theater (again!). We even convinced George and Clovis to go along with us.

The theater was pretty busy considering this movie is 15 years old! Sadly, the movie started and the audio was totally janky. All you could hear was static-y sounds. People in the theater began making up their own lines of dialog, which was quite amusing. They stopped the movie a few minutes in and we waited about 5 minutes. They started it again – same thing. They stopped it and this time they turned the lights up. BAD sign. This went on and on, and after about 30 minutes or so, the manager came in and told us that we could not see Jurassic Park because it was totally broken. I was really sad! But hey, at least I got some delicious movie popcorn. We ended up all coming back to our house and watching Jurassic Park on DVD. Which was fun, but not the same. 🙁

Saturday Mike & I ran some errands and did a little shopping. We stopped by Goodwill to browse, and I scored some GREAT CDs to listen to in my car. I got 2 different BSB albums which are really key since I only have a few more weeks to learn their songs for the big show next month. Plus – the Joey McIntire solo album!! I also stopped into HoLo and used a gift card to buy some new colored pencils. I got a huge bargain as they were on clearance AND came with a set of 12 markers for free as well. I really need to start making some decent art at this point. I kind of suck, but it sure is fun.

Today, my brother in law stopped by with a few of his kids and they all hung around with us for a few hours. It was really nice – we don;t get to spend time with them nearly enough. The 2 younger boys, Manny & Jordan, put together a couple of mini Lego sets – a sea monster and an Easter basket. Uncle Mike had to help us a lot, but they turned out great. Here’s a couple of pics:

JordanManny 93/365

That’s about it. It’s been a long day & I’m beat! Off to bed. Have a fab week!


Mar 07

Chore Boy

Mike DustingI finally drew a picture of someone else! I’m really proud of it too. I think it turned out really good, although there are still a few things about it that bother me. Anyway, behold! Mikey helping me with the dusting! This is colored pencil and ink. I think my little cartoony people are getting better all the time, and that makes me happy. 🙂

We had a pretty lazy weekend for the most part, which was awesome. On Saturday I went out to lunch with my mom and then we did a little shopping. I scored Star Trek Scene It at Big Lots for $10! So, of course that night Mike, George & I had to give it a try. I even wore my Starfleet uniform shirt that Dawn gave me, so I was totally ready. I smoked those fools, of course. It was pretty fun, but like other Scene It games we’ve played, replay value is not that high. But for $10, it was totally worth an evening’s entertainment. And who knows, we may even play it again sometime.

Yesterday Mike & I picked up all the limbs and branches and twigs that fell from the ice storm because the city was coming around and doing a pickup today. It wasn’t too bad, it only took us about an hour and a half. It was nice to be outside working in the yard. It’s been a while. The weather is pretty nice today and man oh man, I can’t wait for spring! I can almost smell it in the air.

I leave you with a collage of photos from our awesome game night. I made this in Picnik. Pretty sweet, huh??

Trek 64/365