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Feb 17

Blogging Like a Boss

Today is the day, kiddies. It’s my 9 year Blogiversary. I wanted to do this whole theme where I talked about all the things that come in a set of 9. But all I could come up with is a cat’s nine lives, and a stitch in time saves 9. So that didn’t really work out too well. Did I miss anything? I was thinking the Police Academy movies, but can you believe they stopped at 7???



Oct 12

Pew Pew Pew

This past weekend I got together with my homies Bill & John, and we shot some guns. I have never fired a gun before, so this was all brand new to me. It wasn’t too bad, although I think I like the handgun better than the big huge ones. I don’t remember what any of these guns are, but here are some pics. Click for larger.

Big Gun and a targetPew Pew Pew 281/365

There is also some sweet videos over at TrishTube, but I can’t embed them here for some reason. TrishTube is not getting along with WordPress. You’ll have to make do with a link, so here it is: I shot a big gun!! There are tons more pictures at Flickr, and also a few more vids at TrishTube, so be sure to peek around.

When I saw my BFF Bill on Saturday, he loaned me his belt sander. I got to try it out on Sunday and it’s sooo much faster than hand sanding. That dresser is still going to take me a while though. It’s so much fun, and I’m really really excited to see what it looks like when it’s all done.

That’s it for now, kids. May all your dreams come true.


Feb 17

I’d Like to Thank the Academy

Today is a very special day here at Trish’s World. On this day, way back in 2003, trishsworld.com officially hit the internet. So today is my Blogiversary. Can you believe I have been babbling to the internets about all kinds of ridiculously boring drivel for EIGHT YEARS?? It seems kind of crazy, but it’s true.

This WordPress blog actually only goes back to 2005. All my earlier posts were lost after a tragic data management incident sometime in 2005, but they existed at one time, swear. Anyway, I thought today would be a good day to take a little trip down memory lane. Because my record keeping skills have sucked royally, I don’t have a clue what the timeframes for these images being used are, but I used all of them at one time or another over the years. Keep in mind that around the turn of the century (2003-2005ish) I actually wrote all my own HTML and designed my page layouts by myself. I know, right?? Shocker.

This might be one of the last designs I actually did myself. I didn’t create this image – I stole it from somewhere on the internet and then re-colored it so the cats look like Nemo & Buffy and made the general colorscheme more girly. I still really like this image – This is pretty much what my mornings look like, so it was a good fit for me.

This one is another stolen-from-the-web image that I really liked. I know, my image theft at that time knew no bounds. I think I started using this one around Valentine’s Day but ended up keeping it for a long time – a year or so. I designed this layout myself too. I pretty much wrote the HTML for all the layouts I used in the early days, and then once I switched over to LiveJournal for a while I never really went back to designing. It was difficult for me because I didn’t do it often enough to get good at it or even to stay on top of changes to HTML and things like that. I never even used CSS because I didn’t know how!

This guy is one of my all time favorite designs I did. This image was made just for me by my good friend Rick, and I used it for a loooong time. I re-colored the kitty black and used a vibrant purple backdrop. Still love this kitty! Rick is amazing.

Ok, I also want to mention some of the folks who have helped and continue to help make Trish’s World a reality. I would never have been able to make this happen without the help of my super good friend and all around nice guy, John. He has been holding my hand through all of the technical behind the scenes stuff that makes a blog go from day 1, and he still helps me today. From writing the PHP script I used to blog back in the day to helping me transition to WordPress (and still helping me when I can’t figure things out) more recently, the dude has been there for me the ENTIRE time. He has my eternal gratitude and my undying love and affection. Smooches!!

Other people that have helped me in huge ways and deserve a big round of applause – Rick, for making me my adorable kitty cat and not accepting any kind of payment whatsoever. Tom, for helping me out with hosting when I needed it. Andre, for emergency HTML help when my blog was totally broken and I couldn’t figure out how to fix it.

If I forgot someone, it’s not because I don’t appreciate your help, I’m just a forgetful jerk. And I really did appreciate it, swear.

PS – I renewed my domain last week for TWO MORE YEARS. I’m going for a decade, dudes.


May 24

That Was Just A Dream

It’s been a while, and I know, I’m totally lame. I’ve actually been pretty busy for a jobless waif!

Houseboating last weekend was awesome as always! I didn’t take many pics because the landscape really hasn’t changed, plus it was rainy and/or overcast for most of the trip this time. The weather has been better, but trust me, none of us cared. We made the best of it and still had a ball. Shawn & I finally decided that we are equals when it comes to drunken Scattergories. So the grudge match is finally over and we can all rest easy. Pics are over at my Flickr, and here’s a video that I LOVE. Casey & Mike are singing along with 90’s on 9 and it’s so great. You’ll love it. Click here: Just a Dream. NSFW because Mikey says a naughty at the end. I know, I’m disappointed, too. 🙁 I would have loved to embed it BTW, but Flickr and WordPress can’t seem to play nice. I am having some kind of ongoing issue with uploading stuff to WordPress. Super frustrating! Grrrr.

The week went by super fast since we didn’t get home until late Monday night, then Mike had Tuesday off. That left me only 2 days to get all of my usual stuff done before Friday!! So I was pretty busy with chores & such. We had another busy weekend, too. Sunday we had the latest edition of Crappy Movie Sunday – the dance classic Breakin’. Our rehash will be on the CMS blog in a day or 2. After the movie we grilled some yummy ribs (that Clovis made) and some burgers. It was quite a fiesta! We had a full house and tons of yummy eats. After we ate, the whole gang, except for Mike & I, headed downstairs to watch the big Lost finale. I’m not caught up yet and Mike has no interest, so we went to the man cave and had a romantic date watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We’re about halfway through season 2 and it’s really starting to get good. As for Lost, I’m about 2/3 of the way through season 3. Man, is it a crazy and intense show.

My friend Dawn has convinced me that I need to sign up for Netflix so I can get all the sweet TV shows streaming. You know I love television, so it was pretty easy to sway me. As soon as I finish season 3 of Lost, I am going to sign up for the 2 week trial thingy and get rolling on season 4. I can’t wait to get a look at hat my options will be!! I’m really really excited about this.


Mar 10

Forbidden Forest

As I mentioned, my crock pot lid shattered on Sunday, ruining my dinner, and also my crock. On Monday morning, I called Rival’s customer service department to see if I could buy a new lid. I had looked around online and wasn’t able to find the right one. The girl I talked to asked me a few questions, and then asked me for some codes on the bottom of the crock. Then she gave me the bad news: the model I have is no longer being manufactured, so no lids are available. Also, my warranty was expired. I was bummed. Then she said, ” What I can do is offer you a brand new crock pot at no charge.” Ummm, wah? That is NOT what I was expecting at all! My crock was a 5 quart programmable. All she had was a 5.5 quart. I told her I’d rather go smaller than larger, so she offered me a 4 quart, but cautioned me that it wasn’t programmable and she was very apologetic. Wow, she was apologizing for giving me something for free that was not as good as my 6 year old one that was outside of warranty. I happily accepted the 4 quart un-programmable, and I couldn’t be happier!! Rival’s customer service rules. I was more than pleased by this outcome, I was blown away. The girl I talked to was probably the nicest customer service rep I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with too. If you need a small appliance, you should totally choose Rival.

Speaking of small appliances, I have been continuing to make juice just about every day. I even made a cucumber toner for my face using real cucumber juice! It’s awesome. If you want the recipe, comment or email me. You don’t have to have a juicer either, you can do it with a blender.

Yesterday I met up with the ZPDK peeps for knitting and coffee. It was a blast! I had a great time, and I even managed to finish a sock, which is awesome. I loooove this colorway, this sock turned out so beautiful. I bought this sock yarn by the pound at Stitches Midwest in August. It’s a superwash merino, and I think I paid about $15 for around 250 grams. That’s enough for about 3 pairs of socks, so it was definitely a bargain. It could be a tad bit softer, but I think once I run them through the washer & dryer, they will be awesome. I call them Forbidden Forest, because the colors definitely look foresty and also, I heart HP. Anyway, here’s the first sock, still need to make the mate:

Also, I changed my theme, and I like this one a lot. Very crisp & clean. I am feeling pretty BA because I changed it all by myself! I hope you dig it too.


Oct 28

Voldemort’s Birthday

It’s been a while since I made a REAL post, so I have quite a few things to recap. Last Friday we went to Zazio’s to meet Marc & Heather for dinner. We were surprised to see Casey there, because we didn’t even know he was joining us. What an awesome surprise! He also had his new girlfriend, Emily, with him, and she is a doll. She is a Team Edward girl, so of course, we got along famously. The 6 of us had a fabulous meal (butternut squash ravioli! Holla!) with even more fabulouser company. After dinner we decided to hit the haunted house downtown above Monaco Bay. When the girl was letting us in, she told us that as long as we didn’t touch the actors, they would not touch us. This put me at ease right away! I was not nearly as scared knowing that nobody was going to touch me! I was actually fine until we turned down a dark hallway(like pitch black) and someone was on the floor grabbing my feet and legs. NOT COOL. I should have known right away that the earlier warning was a set up designed to put me at ease. Well Played, Monaco Bay Haunted Attraction. Well Played. We intended to hit another haunted forest type of thing, but they closed at 10 (Seriously? On a Friday night?) and we were too late so we headed home. It was a fun night, but we are such old fuddy duddies that we were home in our PJs by 10:45!

Saturday we had a birthday party for Bill at our house. He & Deb got here around 7 and we went to Hunan for some yummy Chinese. After that we decided to play games and drink. Bill & Deb brought they’re awesome MP3 game, and we played that for a while. Then the lovely Nancy appeared, and she joined the festivities too! We switched to Would You Rather, the craziest drinking game ever. Bill had to do lots of challenges, including breakdancing for 60 seconds, doing a cheer for 60 seconds, and giving Mike a lapdance. Bill is a good sport, but his dance moves leave a little to be desired, I must say. He tried to do the move where you lay on your back and then spin around but he had to have George grab his leg and spin him. I know the pics are super blurry, but he was moving really fast, and I was laughing way too hard to hold the cam steady. I was not immune to the challenges either, and was forced to enthusiastically sniff George’s armpit for a full 30 seconds. There is no photographic evidence of this, which is excellent. Oh, and I used my mini crock to make homemade spinach & artichoke dip, which was a huge hit, and really easy. I will definitely be making it again soon. I hope that Bill had a fab birthday party! I didn’t even get him a card or anything, so I am definitely a loser, but hopefully the party made up for it a little.

Sunday morning we all got up and around and hit the brekkie buffet at OCB. It was actually pretty good! After brekkie, my mom and I hit KMart, because I was desperately in need of some new dishes. I love the set we got for a wedding gift, but over the years we have broken several pieces and are always running short on plates and bowls. We were actually down to only 2 bowls!! Our set is quite expensive, so I decided to get some inexpensive “every day” dishes so I won’t feel so bad when they get broken. I got a plain set of dishes in red and another box in black. So know we have a full service for 8. I put our wedding dishes into boxes and packed them away. I love them, and we will definitely pick up another box of those, but it’s also nice to have something different. We are having either Thanksgiving or Christmas here, so I will bust out my fancy dishes then for sure.

 As you know, we had a leaky window in the master bedroom last weekend, and also a leak in the ceiling in the main floor living room. We have also been dealing with the woodpeckers, which is frustrating to no end. On Sunday night, Mike & George decided to make a quick run to Blockbuster to return a video game, but the garage door wouldn’t open. We realized that the huge spring that distributes the doors weight had snapped in half. Nice. So I had a guy here about the window on Monday, and another guy here yesterday to fix the garage door. I am waiting to hear back from the roof guys to find out when they can come and check out/repair the leak in the roof. I swear, it seems like things are falling apart all of a sudden!
Also, WordPress is so annoying! What is up the the weird spacing? I can’t fix it, so I guess I’ll just have to deal. And so will you. 🙁


Oct 01

Bang the Wall to Ward off Peckers

So things are a little different around here. With the help of John Vargo, my blog is now powered by WordPress, which means I have lots of cool gadgets and features I can use. I don’t know how any of them work yet though, since this is my first post. I’ll get there in a jiffy, I’m sure. I know things look a little weird and unfamiliar, but trust me, it’s the same old Trish. But now with SpellCheck, so watch out! So welcome to Trish’s World Version Eleventy! All the posts from my previous blog are under the category “Vintage” in case you are interested in reading the oldies but still goodies.

I also wanted to let my peeps know that I reopened my Etsy store, peep it out at Fuzzy Paws Knits . I got the PayPal issues as sorted out as they are going to get, so I am back in bidness. Don’t forget to hit me up for snazzy holiday gifts or warm winter gear for yourself. I have totally been rocking my handknit hat and scarf this week. Not sure if you noticed, but it’s freezing!

Yesterday afternoon, I was in my office working like a good little slave. I heard this weird noise in the closet, like a knocking with an intermittent fluttery sort of noise. So I listened intently and waited for it to stop. It went on for like 20 minutes. I made The George come in here and listen and he heard it to. He is very brave so he actually went outside to see what was causing the ruckus while I peeked out the window cowardly to make sure that if he was savagely attacked by an animal I could dial 911. It turns out it was a stupid woodpecker and the damn thing pecked a hole in the siding through to the insulation! Stupid bird. I heard him at my closet wall a couple of more times yesterday and I banged on the wall and he took off. So that is my plan, bang the wall to ward off peckers.

Mike worked late last night, so I knew he wouldn’t be until around 7. I decided to use my free time to go to the grocery store. I went through my mental checklist – doors locked, keys, list, pen, bags. Oops, I didn’t have the bags. They weren’t where I expected, so I had to hunt around. While I was hunting, I put my keys on the counter. I found the bags and headed out, locking the door to the garage behind me. Oops. As soon as the door shut, I knew. My keys were still on the counter. Rats! I checked all the doors and they were indeed locked. What a big dummy. Mike wouldn’t be home for at least a couple of hours, George was at work and wouldn’t be back for hours. I did the only thing I could. I called my mommy, and she came over right away and let me use her key. But for about half an hour, I had a blast hanging out in the garage. What a big stupid face. I definitely learned a valuable lesson here, and I sincerely hope that this won’t happen again. But I know myself pretty well, so I am sure it will.